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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 13th

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Happy Birthday today April 13th

Happy 58th to actor Michael Leon!

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Pilate's Dream

'Then I saw thousands of millions
Crying for this man.
And then I heard them mentioning my name,
And leaving me the blame.'

My love for Sara Bareilles and especially Norm Lewis had me checking out Jesus Christ Superstar last Sunday night. I lasted less than hour before turning the channel. It seemed really well done, but I think I need to give it a shot at another time. Ben Daniels is a great actor, but my passion for the song Pilate's Dream stems from hours of listening to Dennis DeYoung's version on his 1994 album 10 On Broadway. The former member of Styx has a powerful voice that cuts to the core of a song and I listened to this cd for hours upon end when when I was young. I used the Tim Rice/Andrew Lloyd Webber song myself as an audition piece and although I never hit the last note with DeYoung's power, it helped get me a few roles.

The cd has been missing for a long time after many moves. Hearing the song again though, had me 'adding to cart' on Amazon today. If you want to listen Dennis' version for yourself, there is a concert recording on Youtube HERE:, but the best version is the cd version which you can listen to free, along with the entire 10 On Broadway album on spotify HERE:

Styx on tour (1981)
l-r Chuck Panozzo, John Panozzo, Tommy Shaw, James 'J.Y.' Young and Dennis DeYoung

Prime Time Supporters: David Call

I always crushing over an actor I believe I seeing for the first time, only to discover that I had seen him in many roles before. I think it's actually a good indicator of a good actor they introduce themselves through each character they inhabit. This happened last week when I was watching my DVR recording of The Good Fight. In the March episode, (Day 422) I was introduced to Drew, the hazardous material expert called in when a envelope with strange powder is opened at the offices of Reddick, Boseman, & Kolstad.

Actor David Call played the hazmat suit wearing Drew, but even under his mask, his appeal was crystal clear. I hope that I never have a strange poisonous powder on my skin, but if I do, I hope someone as soothing, supporting and adorable as Drew comes to my rescue. If you haven't been watching The Good Fight, you really should. Given it's on CBS All Access, I know many don't get it, but it's truly one of the best dramas on television.

The Good Fight, Day 422

Fast paced, incredibly well written with great characters, The Good Fight follows Diane Lockhart, (the great Christine Baranski) forced out of her previous firm, and dealing with losing most of her retirement saving in a financial scam. Diane ends up getting a job at a prestigious African American–owned firm riling more than a few feathers.

The show manages to pull from the current political climate, while at the same time providing a addictive escape from it. Like it's predecessor, The Good Wife, The Good Fight hires amazing guest stars, including many familiar faces from Broadway.

Actor David Call, and his character Drew will also be back on the April 15th episode, hoping I will catch up by then! The Washington born actor, and Tisch School of the Arts and the Atlantic Theater Company Acting School graduate has been busy since getting his first film in 2005. Some of David's TV and film appearances include roles on, Gossip Girl, Rescue Me, Smash, Army Wives, Fringe and The Magician.

Evening (2007)

Although I didn't know it when I saw him on The Good Fight, I had indeed seen David before. One of my favorite films is the the 2007 flick Evening. Although the movie has some story issues, the incredible cast had me hooked. Evening featured Vanessa Redgrave, Toni Collette, Patrick Wilson, Hugh Dancy, Glenn Close, Clare Danes and Mamie Gummer, along with Meryl Streep, Eileen Atkins, Natasha Richardson and Barry Bostwick. Hugh and Patrick also share a quick kiss!

In one of his first film roles, David Call played Pip. With that incredible cast, Call has his first, and only I believe, nude scene when Pip jumps off a high cliff during a skinning dipping scene.

Rhys Ryker: Visual Differentials

'The Best things in Life make you Sweat. I lift for the love of it. Plus love the looks when I take my shirt off at the club.'

The results of all that lifting, is a perfectly sculpted physique. His body is incredible for sure, but when I first saw his images, it was those eyes that had me wanting to learn more about model Rhys Ryker. If you look at the image at the top of this piece, you'll notice the beautiful eyes staring back at you are a light green. If you gaze into the eyes of a bearded Rhys in the image above, you'll be greeted by his baby blues.

The 26 year California model says that when he looks in the mirror, it's green he usually see's looking back. Rhys friends however, tell me they definitely go between blue and green, sometimes changing by the combination of his mood, how much he's exercising or what he's wearing. Another thing notably different in some of Rhy's shots is his beard. I love the contrast, and depending on the beard, Rhys' look, and the vibe from his images, is completely different.

'After six years in the Marines, I was done with the clean cut. I loved that I didn't have to shave every day because of some regulation. One day not shaving became a week which became a month which became a wild man in the woods beard.'

In & Out of Uniform

It was back in his clean shaven days, when he was in the Marine Corps that Rhys began modeling. The father of a friend of his in the Corps was a photographer and took his first professional shots. The decision to shoot nudes wasn't a big deal, with all the time and energy he put into getting a body he liked, Rhys enjoyed showing off the results of all his hard work.

Remaining shots from Jude Cooper

Although for the right photographer or modeling gig, nudity isn't an issue, Rhys has gotten a bit more careful with shooting more adult, mature themes since he's become a father. But... that doesn't mean the hot dad still doesn't love flaunting it for the camera when the opportunity arises with a talented photographer.

'I've been told my personality is warm, playful and persuasive – it's my triple threat that oozes sex appeal. I've traveled the world and love adventure and exotic, beautiful women.'