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Lemons & Limes

Ojos azules

Blue Eyes, 
Baby's got Blue Eyes
Like deep blue sea,
On a blue blue day

I have to admit, I've never actually seen actor Matías Assler on television or on screen.  Like so many of the men I feature on the site, my introduction came through a single images.  I was instantly drawn to his  head of sexy tousled hair, his beautiful face and his incredibly deep blue eyes.

I wasn't sure at first if Matias was an actor or model and it turns out he's both.  The Chilean born Matias studied acting at the Universidad Mayor in Chile and his talent and good looks soon caught the attention of casting directors.  In 2013 Matias got his big break when he made his television debut in the successful television series of TVN: Vuelve Temprano,.

Matias was cast by actress and casting director Moira Miller for the role Ignacio Goycolea.  Ignacio didn't stick around that long however, as after a party is found dead in strange circumstances, with clear signs of having been murdered. A soap mystery beings.... 

Matias continued to act on Chilean television and in films and his success lead to his start in modeling.  Matias, and his beautiful blue eyes, became the face of campaigns such as Optics Place Vendôme and Stones beers.

'Here how God brought me to earth. I hope we all do our bit to take care of it. I especially ask the people who run the country to put emphasis on protecting our nature by creating public policies that really protect what was given to us just for being human. Let us aspire to have protected glaciers, free rivers, controlled tailings, clean air, a clean sea. '
Matias, Earth Day 2020


How The Sausage Gets Made: Ash by Andrew Bowman

'Here's a few new edits of Ash from the hide the sausage game.'

FH readers are familiar with UK based model Ash.  I was first introduced to Ash by photographer Mark Leighton and I've had the pleasure of featuring his work several since.  A couple of months ago, I noticed an image of Ash I really loved by photographer Andrew Bowman. I knew that Andrew had  worked with Ash and the image inspired me to reach out about featuring their work together.

Andrew generously went back to the shoot and edited and sent on dozens of new images from his work with Ash. I featured the first set this past April. (The Clumps)  When Andrew sent on the shots, he titled the set, the  Ash hides the sausage game.  Andrew's comment had me curious...  FH readers know I love story, especially about process and the details about how a shoot comes together.  With Ash, I was curious not just about how the sausage was made, but why this case, it was mostly hidden.

If any of you purchased Mark Leighton's book The Journey, (HERE:)  you know Ash is not shy about frontals.   Some may have even spotted a couple in previous pieces on FH.   Sometimes however, both photographers and models like to switch it up a bit.  Ash is also keenly aware that too many frontal shoots can lead to viewers losing interest, and a quicker end to modeling career. So for for this shoot, Andrew and Ash decided they'd try to get a little creative.

 'I exchange messages with models before shoots to see what their limits are. Normally i can see from their profiles on Purpleport and Model Mayhem etc. Generally I don't pay models which can also be a factor, especially if other photographers offer them payment. I quite like doing implied nude on occasion - preferably if a few pubes are showing!'

I whole heartily agree with Andrew, and respect Ash's choice.  I know of many models who did dozens and dozens of full frontal shoots, all within a short period of time.  Soon, viewers were bored and it became more difficult for them to create anything new and unique to excite new viewers.  This philosophy is one I not only respect, but also follow with FH

I try to mix up my posts with full nudes, implied and physique and underwear shots. I know this helps sustain my interest and excitement in putting together new pieces, and hope it does the same for those who check out the site.    I would much rather a photographer send on a set of creative images with implied nudity, than an uncreative set of penis pics. There is a difference between images that tantalize and tease, and those that just just try to trick or exploit the viewer.  Andrew's shots of Ash certainly tantalize and provoke.  They also leave me both wanting to see more,  and at the same time, leave me completely satisfied and fulfilled

Grant Harvey: Model Behavior

It's fairly common when I'm researching an actor to find out they began their career as a model.  That doesn't mean though, that it's easy to make the transition.  Although we should know better by now, models, maybe especially male models, are still surrounded by negative stereotyped.  Most are not given the respect they deserve for their skills, talent and intellect. 

It seems to me, that's very hard for very successful models to become actors that are taken seriously.  Some, like Jamie Dornan, have done it, but the transition wasn't smooth, nor without struggles and complications.  Like many, I was first introduced to Grant Harvey on the reality show The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.  At the time, he was credited as Grant Whitney Harvey.

Harvey wasn't exactly a break out star on the series, and often played second fiddle to Brian Kehoe, who seemed a favorite of Janice and the producers.  Grant was always professional however, and always seemed to rise above much of the drama going on around him.  His goal of being an actor was also there from the beginning, and not something he just fell into due to h is good looks.

Since his days on Janice Dickinson, Harvey's acting career has had a slow but steady track.  Although incredibly hot, Harvey has taken on complex characters, playing against type often as unlikable characters.   As he was on the reality show, Harvey has mostly taken on supporting roles, wisely building an impressive resume and solid career.

Harvey started out with guest shots on shows ranging from daytime soaps like Days Or Our Lives, through primetime shows including; Hung, CSI: NY, Bones, NCIS, All Rise, 9!!: Lone Star and Criminal Minds.  Harvey also had regular roles on The Neighbours, The Crossing and Animal Kingdom.

I'd rather be naked than wear fur

Billy Boy (2018)

Harvey has also had some impressive film roles, most notably his turn as Mikey in 2018's Billy Boy. Although actor Blake Jenner garnered most of the films attention, Harvey had the films full frontal nude scene and he was so in character, I almost didn't recognize him until re-watching the credits.  Most recently Harvey took the lead role in last years All For Nikki and has several films in post production for future release.