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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 9th

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Room With A View

Lovely shot, model and pose.  I tried to identify the photographer without luck.  Anyone have any idea?

Update: Thanks to all those who helped!  Check out more of Ian on FH HERE:

A Cultural Criterion

 'Art is the behaviour of hooligans. Why can’t you paint something else? Why bother to draw people not wearing anything?'

The comment above was written on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter.  It was posted after Pang Maokun, the principal of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, was shown in images teaching students to draw a naked woman during one of his drawing classes.  Most of the comments however, were overwhelming positive.

We tend to think the Western world is far more liberal and advanced when it comes nudity, sexuality and issues of gender and race.  In truth, there are huge differences for sure, but every country and culture struggles in various ways with moving on from the past.  The past few years especially, have proven no culture or country is perfect.

When I first saw this set of images, I have to admit that I was surprised to see a nude male model posing for the class.  A little research told me however, that nudity in art, is not nothing new in Chinese culture.  Nudity in art is not new, and was not an uncommon sight in ancient China, figure drawing.  The study of the human form in its various shapes and poses, was introduced to China as a modern western art  back in the 1910s.

Although there may still be struggles, China has experienced their own sexual revolution over the last few decades, leading to many changes, including nudity within mainstream media.  We often tend to think of ourselves as advanced, but in some ways, many part of America remains behind so much of the rest of the world. 

'It’s not necessary to make a fuss over it because it is approved by the authorities, it is scientific and legal. It is a common practice at fine arts schools around the world.' 
Pang Maokun

Bosom Buddies

Last month, after watching the first episode of Big Brother Canada, I featured Tychon, one of the season's hottest players.  (HERE:)  I stopped watching after the first week, but started back up again this week after catching a few video clips of Tychon and Jedson, his equally hot partner  in crime.

Tychon and Jedson are sailing through the game right now, in part due to their alliance, and their trouple with Beth.  Although Beth seemed to have initially had a crush on Tychon, according to those watching the feeds, she and Jedson did the deed last week.  Unfortunately, nothing was shown on the feeds.  Big Brother Canada opens it's feeds free to anyone, therefore taking advertisers on to earn revenue.  With advertisers come restrictions, including censoring pretty much any and all nudity on the feeds.

Fortunately for us, Tychon and Jedson have had a few 'slips', giving viewers a few seconds of skin before the cameras go off.  Tychon bared his glorious ass coming out the shower last week.  His butt look incredible under his boxer briefs, but seeing it without them was a sight to behold.


In addition to their regular morning wood in their undies, both Tychon and Jedson also gave us quick peeks with the undies off.  Tychon (below) likes to slip into bed to change after his showers.  The camera clearly wasn't prepared for the view he flashed below.  Although the cameras are on 24/7, the players still sometimes forget they can be clearly seen, even when it's dark in the room.


Jedson also gave a quick flash while adjusting his boxer briefs.  Little Judson was clearly at half mask, and needed a moment of freedom from those tight clinging undies. 

Will: No Tan Lines

First 2 images by WagnerLA

'Being from Europe I think nudity is more tolerated, on tv, dressing rooms with open showers and spa’s. I like nude beaches too. Most of the time they are more quiet and less touristic :-). And I hate tan lanes :-).'

As it usually happens, it was one specific image that drew me to Will's portfolio.  Given my love window shots, it shouldn't surprise viewers that it was a beautiful shot of Will standing nude in front of a window.  The image by photographer Chris Rathore, had me searching to see more of Will, and more of his imagery.  

Next 3 images by Bernard André

One of the things that I loved about Will's portfolio was the strength and maturity within his work.  Will seemed so natural in front of the camera, someone both confident and at ease with being naked and vulnerabel.  In part this might due to Will's growing up in Europe and the culture surrounding nudity.  In part I'm sure it's connected to Will's career as a dancer and choreographer.  Dancers have an acute connection with their bodies, and are in many ways forced, through training and performance, to face head on, and issues they might have.  That may not necessarily mean all issues fully disappear, but when in front of the camera, and especially when on stage, confidence and strength are essential in performance and the expression of emotion required. 

It was actually Will's passion as a dancer with first led him to modeling.  Like most performers, dancers need great headshots for their resume and auditions. Although his first experience posing professionally was for headshots, The Dubai base model has gone on to work with some of the best chroniclers of the male form. I loved the variety of looks and images within Will's portfolio.  

Some of  the images were from photographers I've featured and loved, (WagnerLA) others from new photographers to me, artists whose work I hope to see more of in the future. I asked Will about modeling journey and he graciously answered questions about the transition from headshots, to posing nude for photographers all over the globe. 

How did you get started and what was that first shoot like? 
I was really uncomfortable on my first shoot because it was at a photographer’s home apartment. It was just me and him. Once the camera was clicking however, I started to relax more and became more comfortable. We started with some headshots and then some topless shots. I ended up doing a lot of shoots with the same photographer over the years. I learned a lot about photography and posing. I think its magic when you’re in this awkward pose, too close too the light, and then when you see the results,  its real art. 

Next 5 images by Chris Rathore

What has been your favorite experience modeling thus far? 
I love outdoor shootings. Where you can be in harmony with nature I shot in the dessert, and in Europe in an abandon construction. Loved that! 

Any odd or strange stories from any shoots? 
My last shoot was in the dessert with Chris Rathore. It was a village taken by the sand. Really beautiful but also risky to shoot nude in an Arab country where this is very illegal. The photographer brought a friend who was on lookout and sometimes even in my pictures. I was in and out of clothes in less then 10 seconds several times. There was so much wind that i couldn’t even leave my eyes open. So it was really difficult to get in the game. I thought the pictures were going to be awful but they turned out to be some of my best! 

Have you had any what you might qualify as odd or strange offers or requests? 
I did a shoot once for a theater production poster that was shot all over my city. We were lying around nude with different models. I've done a lot of shoots where I was nude for limited people (photographer and maybe one extra person). But this was a bigger step, there was a big crew watching and there were both male and female models involved. 

What factors did you weigh before deciding to shoot nudes or implied? 
For me it’s was just very important that I can decide what to post and what not to. For the rest I think nudity is a beautiful art form and people should be less afraid of nudity. 

Is there a photographer you would really love to be shot by? 
I really like Dylan Rosser’s work but i think i would be a bit intimidated because he has worked with such high level models.

Do you have a dream scenario for a shoot you'd love to do? 
I would love to shoot on the most beautiful beaches. (In Thailand or Maldives).

What are your boundaries for a shoot? Have you ever said no to a concept or shot idea? 
I think it’s important to say no. I ‘m very artistic so like a good setting, good light, styling… If I’m not feeling the concept its just not for me! 

Why do you think you like modeling? 
I love to model because it’s such a crazy experience to see the difference between how the shoot is happening and what the images are showing. Its a true art form. It also gives me a lot of motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle and take care of my body!  My boyfriend models as well.  We even made a page together where we showcase our artistic shoots.

Last 2 images by Witzand

You can check out that page, and more of Will's on his OnlyFans HERE: