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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 21st

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Happy Birthday today January 21st

Happy 25th to actor Booboo Stewart!

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Memorable Men: Andy

Since first getting on-line, (for me, it was the late 90's,) I've encountered many mouth watering and memorable men. For me, Andy was most definitely one of them. Check out an early test shoot Andy did with JW Johnson on Page 2 HERE:

Just Because: John Mulaney

There's something about comedian John Mulaney I find incredibly sexy.  Tall, thin, smart and incredibly hilarious.  He also reminds me of a slightly older Grant Gustin.  Although Mulaney has been in show business for awhile as a writer, actor and comedian, I really only took notice last year.

It was Mulaney's 2018 appearance on Saturday Night Live that had my crush begin, and my hunt to see more of his work.  His SNL opening had me in laughing out loud, funny, and incredibly witty and original.  I think it was the most laughter SNL gave me all last season.

SNL (2018)

As for this season, I got my biggest laughs this past week when Mulaney joined Pete Davidson on Weekend Update.  Weekend Update has become one of the weakest parts of the show.  I used to find Colin Jost and Michael Che funny, but lately (the EMMY'S anyone????) have really lost their mojo. It may be fatigue with Trump and political humour, or that the show usually hits the news in the cold open, leaving Update to repeat or joke about issues people have already sickened of.

SNL (2019)

Last night however, With Mulaney and Davidson, weekend was a highlight, their review of Clint Eastwood's Mule had me laughing again and wondering.. did the almost 90 year old Eastwood really give himself two threesomes in the film?

The 24 Hour Musicals

Mark Henderson: Breaking the Logic

First Six Image from Paul Mansfield

'From the second I could speak/walk/think I was a performer and headed STRAIGHT to it.
I wanted to pull off my diaper and pose!'

I first introduced FH readers to model and actor Mark Henderson this past Christmas as the daddy of all of St. Nick's. (St. Nicholas' Day) I loved the erotic mix of vintage Santa looks with a magical and distinctly modern feel he Mark and photographer YogaBear Studio created during their time working together while shooting in Toronto.

Although Mark's been working in front of the camera for decades, the vintage Santa costumes he wore were the only thing out dated about the shoot.  Despite his vast experience, and the hundreds of shoots under his belt, Mark remains current, striving to find to challenges, new artists, and new ways to expressive himself creatively in front of the camera.

Mark with Starla

When I was checking out Mark's work on Instagram, I was especially drawn to this recent shoot with photographer Paul MansfieldI loved both the solo shots of Mark, and the shots with Starla.  I loved dynamic poses and the bodyscapes Paul captured with both models together . Although those suspenders may remind of you of your grandpa or uncle, Mark's body, and the rest of his look, hopefully does not!

'As an adult, my first ever audition was for musical theatre.  I walked in to face a panel of only men. They said, "Show us what you got.... " I removed all my clothes and stood there growing a proud hard on... One guy picked his jaw up off the floor said... "any music...?"   I GOT THE JOB. We did shows as a troupe every 2 yrs for more than a decade and raised several million for Canada's first AIDS Hospice Casey House.'

Eclectic Experiences:

'Last spring I was painted up for 4 hrs to look like a deer. I then jumped into banana-clip tail and NOTHING else and shimmied by Subway to a Toronto ravine. When the photographer showed up with her friend- they were two high school girls.  I had thought the IG owner shooting me was a man of some age and skill in the biz...  

Almost naked with 7 foot antlers spanning my head I lead them to a river and posed where she then announced  " Oh I am using a vintage Polaroid- hope the film still works"  4 HRS OF MAKE FOR 10 SHOTS I was frantic and impressed... She knocked it outta the park.  The pics turned out Great. Unusual but great.'

Remaining images from YogaBear Studio

'YogaBear is a playful youth, a teen, a curious hippie. I am ALWAYS surprised how someone who builds such huge imagery and evokes such strength from men, is disarmingly quiet, soft and serene. I trust him with my life.'

Modeling Musings

'I don't take ANYTHING PERSONALLY..  Today for instance,  I was at pole dance class, and fellow student said she liked that I "wasn't terrific and was often clumsy, and you are recognizable too"  It gave her permission to release herself.

I started really young and as a result I did strike some great names off the list.  Eve Arnold shot me with the same lens she shot Marilyn Monroe. and Herb Ritts had myself and 2 other men in south beach, he took a huge dislike to me on sight. I was sidelined and finally at 'wrap' I begged him to let me in ONE shot. He acquiesced and its the ONLY shot Gaultier used. Ritts never forgave me, nor liked me. Funny thing is THAT day of watching everything was a huge turning point for me and I still use the lessons from his genius now.

Body image is a constant negotiation. Aging is a new twist in the road. As I age I want to embrace being elderly and CELEBRATE THAT BEAUTY.  Penis size was never a concern and I still have a hot ass so I guess "I am a model with a future BEHIND him. ha.'

Naked Evolution

'My father loved was a very sophisticated man who loved Greek/Roman/ Medieval sculpture. I was raised to appreciate the human form. This plays a huge part in how I am almost entirely free from shame or guilt.

The first time I posed nude it was for a well known Canadian painter.  I was just 14. I was was rock hard with a raging uncut erection for the entire three sessions, much to his fascination. He kept saying we will paint around that and get it later when things settled down. Things never settled down and finally he DID paint it. I have no idea if that painting is still in his portfolio.

'As a late teen ++ I would wear skirts often so that as I bladed/boarded around especially  late at night or early summer mornings. I could just doff the covering and feel the gods and breezes wafting over my body, I am always disappointed when I have to cover up.

I lived in Key West when I modeled for Jean Paul Gaultier and we would go out to sea and the tides would make vast sand banks that would appear and disappear over several hours.... the boats would all tip, the boaters would all walk for miles naked and be very hedonistic till the sea returned.  Each time the sea came back part of me would grieve... part of me celebrated how much I loved being alive on this planet.'

'I doubt I thought anything about being naked much. It is never about them... or them seeing or thinking... it is always about me FEELING , connecting to my body, a self sensual thing'

At a bar for a premier night of a TV show I was in I suddenly remembered "Crap I have a nude scene in this episode" when it played I froze.  Then, all around me the crowd koo'd.... Lets just say the night ended the next morning... I wasn't at all shy after THAT.'

'For me, modeling's a calling. I tried being 'normal' it didn't work. This WORKS.  I have never been on the A list. I am even more not on the B C or D list. My life is on the F'd list ha!

When shooting especially in editorials with several models, it is often my experience  that leads to my 45 minute, within their 3 hr shoot,  with images that they actually use commercially.   I see each gig as a character. Fashion is beautiful but CHARACTER is where I am a viking. Great photos like great characters.'

'While I am still here on earth with years of world class modelling experience I would WELCOME a shoot with someone who’s just a newbie. One of my best shoots was just with a friend and his cell phone which yielded terrific grabs and got he and I out first calendar deal.  I dream of skinny dip shoots and similar things.... but in the end, the dream I carry daily is to be a disciple of love and truth. If I can put those into a photo... I have done my best work.'

'If you want the boy next door.... GO NEXT DOOR. I am always outside the box and try to lure photographers and ]try to use make-up, wardrobe and such to break the logic. If you asked the Photographers who was the odd/strangest model...hands down they would all say HENDERSON!'

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 20th

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Just Another Mendes Monday

Seasonal Sightings

Like so many this past week, myself included, model Derek Bolt got hit with snow, rain and lots of wind. Unlike myself, who except for a bit of shoveling, snuggled inside to sand down my kitchen cupboards, and binge You on Netflix, Derek got outside to make the most of the dangerously beautiful weather.

Test Shoot: Andy by JW Johnson

During my anniversary series of posts, celebrating the sites 10th year on-line, I featured a few of my favorite shots of Andy.   If you'd don't know the name, I'm sure many of your recognize the face, and the body.  Depending on which magazine or website you discovered him on, you may know him as Andy, as Cody, in some places as Brittain Harcourt and for his shoot with JW Johnson and a few other photographers, he was simply known as Danny.

It was last month, that I spotted a couple of shots of  'Danny' on JW's site while searching for some images for Christmas.  I immediately recognized the model and video actor I'd enjoyed during my early days of surfing the net.   JW shares that he lost much of his work with Danny after a computer crash several years ago, but feels lucky he still had these images from an early test shoot.  I felt lucky as well, and grateful JW sent them along to share with FH

'Danny was a bit of an enigma...a real puzzle to figure out much of the time, and I think that was because he was a quiet kid.  When I was first interviewing him on the phone he was talkative cas he was very interested in modeling, but at the time, he had never done it.

He was athletic and nicely toned and soooo easy on the eyes due to his heritage...a real combination of good looks...I found him online one day and we talked for a good hour, then another hour or so on a second call.  I let him know I would be up in KC shooting some advertising print work for a video producer and could test shoot him one day up there if that would work for did and I set it up. '

JW first discovered Andy in late 2004 or early 2005.  JW was working doing advertising for CF at the time, a few years after the website got it's start on-line.  CF hired many of JW's discoveries the first few years, and he shot some of their promotional images until the site got their own full time photographer a few years later.  When the owner and producer of CF came up to meet Andy, they loved his looks and Andy (credited as Cody on CF) quickly became a viewer favorite on the website.

Richard Rothstein: First Saturday of the Year

'His drawings of the male nude are incredibly sensual. You get the feeling of his hand all over the body. If all we knew about Michelangelo was his drawings, he would still be hailed as a genius.'
Hugo Chapman


Given I featured Richard Rothstein's images of TherapyNYC's last Sketchy Saturdays from 2018, (Last Saturday of the Year) I thought it only fitting to featured his images from the first Saturday of the new year.

Six pm, Saturday January 5th, 348 W. 52nd Street New York City.. Sketchers, not to mention lovers of the form, were inspired by the posing stylings of models Glen and Valton.  I have loved featuring Richard's images from Sketchy Saturdays the past year, and especially love the voyeuristic intensity in the images Richard captures with some of the artists and patrons in the background.


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