Thursday, August 17, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 18th

Dan by Claus Pelz
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Happy Birthday today August 18th

Happy 55th to model Brian Buzzini!

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Brick House

Fans of Phil Fusco may have noticed that after a brief hiatus, he has posting and sharing images again on Twitter. Phil seems to have some projects coming down the pike including a new site called Curious as to what shows Phil will be airing...

Instagrams That Inspire

I am late to the George Stults Instagram bandwagon! It's not that I don't think George is incredibly sexy, more so since spending time watching his many videos, it's just that I was not really that aware of his work. I remember seeing George and brother Geoff in magazines and thinking they were hot, but I never really watched 7th Heaven, nor think, (except for an episode of Friends) seen any of his work.

Well, I've been catching up on George's work, or his workin it, on his Instagram. George has one of the hottest pages due to his many butt sharing videos and habit of taking his phone into the shower with him. There is nothing hotter than a guy who really doesn't care, and just like to have fun. George's posts are so hot, Instagram actually deleted one of his birthday images with George wearing his popular 'dong sarong'. I will certainly be keeping my eye out for future George projects as if they're half as entertaining as his Instagram, they will be worth the watch!

George and brother Geoff

George's birthday 'dong sarong' pic was a bit too hot for Instagram

'boraborageorgeThanks instagram, females can wear nothing and post all day and night but Georgie boy posts one pic of himself wearing a dong sarong on his b day and you remove it! 😘'

Dog Days of Summer: Dan by Claus Pelz

'I wanted to capture Dan's great smile and personality as well as his sexy body.'

As you can beautifully see from this set of images, photographer Claus Pelz more than met his goals during his shoot with Dan. One of the first things (well maybe second...) I noticed when enjoying Claus images, was Dan's adorable and completely captivating smile. Dan's smile could certainly light up any room, and that smile, not to mention his bewitching dark eyes, shine through in each of Claus's shots.

'The Farrah image was a joke I had in my head for no reason and Dan was a good choice to do that with. You can tell that we get along well and we had fun doing it.'

After seeing of photos of Dan on-line from a Burlesque fundraising photo shoot, Claus contacted the Chicago model about working together. These images from their two shoots together. You might notice that Dan has a bit longer hair in some of the shots which are from the first time they worked together.

During the second shoot, which occurred three months later, they decided to go a 'little more artsy' with the black and white nudes and some green screen work for the video above. At the time, Instagram only allowed short videos up to 15 seconds, which is why it is so short, but it's purpose, to give a brief introduction to Dan, certainly has you wanting to see more.

In addition to his great look and sexy body, Claus did an incredible job capturing the fun loving and engaging piece of Dan's personality. An animal lover, Dan describes himself as a cat owner, and a dog walker. Dan has channelled his passion for animals into a career, starting his own business,  'Danny's Dogwalking and Petcare'.

Although Claus shoots many types of men, his focus is often on fit muscled men. The first time I featured Claus work, I was drawn to his unique and creative way of shooting the muscled male form. Not content to just shoot skin and muscle, Claus not only brings out the personalities of the men he shoots, but also how great their bodies look while wearing clothing.

If you remember my previous posts featuring Claus' work with Brian, (HERE: & HERE:) you'll remember that although Brian looked fantastic in little clothing, the shots of him in tight jean shorts and work boots were amazing, and some of the hottest shots from the shoot. Claus has assembled some of his favorite shots of muscled men, all shot on the beach, for in a 2018 calendar. You can check out the calendar on Amazon HERE: Be sure to bookmark the page for later when you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift!

The self described urban athlete maintains his muscled body, and those beautiful lines and curves, not just from walking those many miles with his furry friends, but also from running. Although the vegetarian tries to eat healthy, his love of beer means regular exercise is a must.

Claus describes Dan as open to new ideas and easy to work with which helped in the creation of so many different looks and themes. I love how complete Claus work with Dan is, capturing not only classic physique shots but different sides to Dan's personality from light and fun through more intimate and beautifully quiet erotic moments.