Friday, February 15, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 15th

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Happy Birthday today February 15th

Happy 34th to actor Nick Eversman!

Check out more of today's Birthdays HERE:

Hellraiser: Revelations (2011)

Some of you might recognize actor Nick Eversman from his roles in The Duff, Billy Boy or the mini-series When We Rise. I first saw Nick in the 2015 short Pretty Boy which is available on Youtube HERE:

Pretty Boy (2015)

Electric Dreams (2017)

Pants Dropping Views!

A Feverous February ☀️

It has become tradition, that every winter, just as most of us are praying for summer, photographer Gordon Nebeker summon's the September sun for his annual Photo Exhibition in Fort Launderdale.  There is no better time to look back on the past years work, especially when some of that work includes images from the shoot in Lake Powell.

If you're in or around the Fort Lauderdale area starting this Saturday, drop in and check out Gordon's work on exhibit at the Broward Art Guild.  Gordon will be on hand at Saturday's opening reception to discuss his work or sign a copy of his most recent book, Lake Powell III.   As part of the tradition, Gordon usually invites a model or two he's recently worked with to be on hand so yes, the beautiful model in the poster below, (who FH readers will remember from my October Utah posts) to meet, greet and share his experiences shooting in Lake Powell.

Gordon Nebeker

Photo Exhibition
Broward Art Guild
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Saturday February 16th thru Friday February 22nd

Lake Power III
Recent photographs and selections 

Warmth & Personality: Antonio Franco by Strong Hands Photos

'Just a 23-year-old boy. I like to try out the news things that I haven't tried.'

One of those things, the 23 year New York based model wanted to try, was nude modeling, and as FH readers are aware, I love featuring models who are stepping in front of the camera, and out of their clothes, for the first time.  I find it fascinating to explore the thought process and the varied emotions that go both into the decision to shoot nude, and those that float through their head prior to the lead up to the date of the shoot.

Over the years, models have shared feeling a range of emotions, from excitement and nervous anticipation through to full on panic and nearly crippling fear.   Regardless of how much experience some of had being naked,  with sports and locker rooms or nude beaches, there's a different level of risk with being photographed naked.

Society today seems almost taught to judge, especially with images we see on-line. Regardless of how confident you feel about your self and your body, there's a vulnerability that I respect and admire with those who choose to take the leap of faith.  One of the things most models share, is the careful research they put into choosing who to work with the importance of having trust in the artist on the other side of the lens.

'The shoot was great. It was my first time doing a nude shoot and I wasn't experienced at all but I'm so glad I did my first time with Kim because he made me feel incredibly comfortable. Kim gave some directions from time to time but wasn't demanding and let me do my own thing.'

'I edited the photo (above) that way both to try something different and also because I really liked the way the muscles in Antonio's arm looked. (almost like an angel's wing)... I wanted to emphasize that without losing the rest of his beautiful face and body.'

I think Antonio made the right choice in choosing Kim from Strong Hands Photos to work with for his first nude shoot.  I first contacted Kim last fall after seeing one of his images on ModelMayhem. Although the images was a full nude shoot, what was so striking to me about the image were the models eyes and how Kim so clearly wanted to his focus be greater than just the  models body and their body parts.

Having worked on FH for awhile now,  I've developed a fairly acute eye and feel for images shot by photographers whose artistic intent goes beyond shooting bodies, but who also desire to capture the essence and a piece of the man in front of their lens. 

When Kim sent on his work with Antonio, I could both see and feel a bit about Antonio beyond just his incredibly body.  Through his use of lighting and pose,  Kim's edits ensures Antonio's beautiful brown eyes are always a focal point, and in almost every photo, Antonio, keeps those beautiful eyes directed at the viewer, creating an intimate connection with his gaze.

The Illinois based photographers says that he considers his photographer mostly a hobby and his artistic outlet, and certainly not a formal business pursuit.  Kim travels a great deal, often internationally, for both work and pleasure.  When he's in a city, Kim likes to check out the models, especially models just starting out, who may want to connect for a shoot.

 'When I see something in their photos that catches my eye and intrigues me, especially models with limited portfolios consisting of only selfies or poor-quality shots, I want to  see if I can bring out more of their potential through my work.  When I first saw Antonio Franco's portfolio, all of the photos were from one shoot and they struck me as somehow distant and cold. I wanted to see if I could capture more warmth and personality.  I was pleased with the first shoot, but I look forward to more shoots with him to see what more I can bring out.'