Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 29th

Gareth's Glutes by Virgin Islands Pictures
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Incredibility Gap

Bodacious butt cleavage

Wising Up

'Much beauty in the swamp, if you only look...'
Swamp Thing

I think the first time I saw Ray Wise on screen was during the original airing of Twin Peaks. As Leland Palmer, Wise proved himself an accomplished actor nailing just the right creepy notes as Laura's lecherous father. I can't say I initially thought of Wise as a 'hunk', that didn't occur until this past weekend.

On the set of Twin Peaks

I DVR'd the 1982 camp horror flick Swamp Thing when it aired on TCM movies earlier this month and finally watched it over the weekend. I hadn't known Wise was in the cast and was surprised when he appeared as Dr. Eric Holland, Swamp Thing, pre-swamp. 1982's Wise was adorable.

On stage in Sam Shepard's The Tooth of Crime (1983)

The 'good guy' is not a role I am used to seeing Wise in, and Wise still had a bit of a baby face, more youthful than the usual intense characters he has been playing the last decade or two. As far as Swamp Thing goes, I can't really recommend it. I know I love a movie if I think I would like to watch it again in the future. Although I enjoyed it for what it was, a second viewing isn't in cards.

Wise in Dallas (1982)

Robocop (1987)

Swamp Thing (1982)

Dare The Devil (1969)

Despite my research, about the only shirtlessness I could find was from Wise's big screen debut in 1960's Dare The Devil. I don't much about it, but the poster above sort of gives you a good idea of the tone, and what it's all about. Maybe one of these days I hunt for a copy, looks both disturbing, yet oddly interesting for a retro film.

Recent shot with Steve Burton on The Young and the Restless

FaVorite FiVe Danila Polyakov

In all professions there are ups and downs, and model Russian model Danila Polyakov knows this more than most. In 2010, he was featured in some of the worlds top fashion magazines and walking runways all over the globe. A few years later, modeling work disappeared, and Polyakov was walking the streets, homeless, looking for odd jobs to make a few bucks.

I love gingers, and especially love Danila's gender blending fluidity, and his expressive sensuality, not to mention the creative risks he often took in his work. I hope there is another 'up' in his career, if not in front of, then behind the camera so he can continue to express his unique creative vision.

Danila by Ira Bordo

Danila by Alexander McQueen

Virgin Islands Pictures: The Process Piece

'Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.'
Arthur Ashe

Some people live their lives through inspirational quotes and messages. I tend to be someone who rolls their eyes, (in spirit only of course) when I enter a room full of posters words of wisdom, usually with a image of a kittens or waves hitting the shore. What is powerful to me, is not reading a quote that inspires me, but discovering a quote by another, that speaks to who I am. Arthur Ashe's quote about the journey describes my life.

Some of you may remember that at one time I pursued acting. It wasn't until my second year at University that I settled upon the safer choice of psychology as my major. My reasons were many, money, security and parental pressure being near the top. Another reason, I have since learned is core part of my being, is that I am rarely satisfied with the payoff. When I was acting, the payoff was finally hitting the stage, the performance. The last piece of the long process of auditions, learning the lines, creating the character and he long hours of rehearsal.


Above, Sonny talks on the phone as Calder puts the finishing touches on the lighting and set-up. As you can see from the image below, Sonny looks pretty damn fine from the front. But for this modeling session, it was all about his backside. Sonny's perfect posterior was being used as inspiration for a sculpting workshop.

I finally gave up my desire to act professionally when I figured out that I loved rehearsing far more than I did performing. This theme of enjoying the build-up has followed me through most of my life. I enjoy the weeks before Christmas, more than the day itself, I enjoy the thought of summer coming, more than when it arrives, and I usually love looking forward to social events and time with my family and friends, more than the actual time itself.

I think this part of my personality is one of the reasons I love focusing on the process piece of art. FH viewers know I love 'behind the scene' shots, and a main part of my love of featuring images that I love is learning everything I can about their creation. Most times I feature a shoot, my initial questions are about how it came to be. How model and photographer connected, what the conversations were before hand about concept and theme, the degree of nudity discussed and the goals of each involved.

I first began featuring the work of Calder Van Gough (Virgin Island Pictures) back in 2013. In those first couple of pieces, the models (Julian and Marco) were hot outside. I loved that Calder didn't just capture a series of planned poses, but instead appeared to follow the models he was shooting as they explored their surroundings. Through this process of experimentation, magnificent images were created and captured.


Earlier this year, I featured Calder's shoot in an old abandoned, and visually haunted, house. (The Departed) The male model involved was Gareth, a model the North Carolina artist has enjoyed working with multiple times.

When Calder sent on the images, he included a series of shots of Gareth and other models taken in his sculpture and photography studio in downtown Raleigh.There were also a couple of shots of models posing for sculpting classes. I am always fascinated to interview models who pose nude for groups of people and love images of the process. I asked Calder if he would be ok if used them in a separate piece focused on process.

I know this is Favorite Hunks, but I especially loved Calder's shots of Gareth with a female model, which I included above. I loved the creative and spontaneous feel to the shots. There were also several shots of both models posing with a package of Skittles, something Calder included in many shoots in honor” of Trayvon Martin.