Monday, January 13, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 14th

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Happy Birthday today January 14th

Happy 24th Grant Gustin!

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Naked News: Lets Get Loud

Man sues Jennifer Lopez for 'tricking him into sending her naked photos of himself

The music business is rough....

'In the suit, Ruiz says the singer mailed him a series of unsolicited letters, beginning in 2008, demanding he send her naked photos and demo CDs...'

Hat-trick: Best of the Rest by studioAtruong

All good things must come to an end, but hopefully this is not the last time I feature the work of Alain from studioAtruong. This, the third post in the series, does conclude my favorite images of Alain's work with the incredible Joey. In December I featured the first two installments (Figure & Form and Overalls). In this third and final post, I chose some of my favorite images and sets from the remainder of Alain's work with Joey.


Joey is really outstanding no matter where Alain pointed his camera and excels at posting and full body shots. Some of my favorites in this series however are the outstanding portrait shots Alain captured highlighting Joey's face and eyes. Hope you all in enjoyed the Joey Hat-trick as much as I enjoyed putting them all together.

Tearing Off The Tux

Most years, after the awards have been handed out I have written a review of the Globes. Today, between live tweeting and facebook, most of the reviews happen as the show airs, without the bother of having to look back and putting a little perspective on what was said. There is really not much to say, Amy and Tina rocked and should host everything always, Jacqueline Bisset came off as odd yes, but her career has lasted longer than most of the actors in the room and deserves respect for that alone. The jokes about her were old even before she left the stage. Some of the winners were head scratchers, but for the most part they were on point.

In the end, this is FH so my review is not so much on what was seen, but instead, the unseen. Most of the men gracing the stage have graced the pages of the blog over the years, and here is small sample of GG nominee's and presenters who look good in, and out of there tuxedo's.

Orlando Bloom

Channing Tatum

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Leonardo DiCaprio, getting better with age!

Chris Evans

Thor, the other Chris

And another Chris, this time Pine

I think people either thought he was dirty looking and odd or eccentrically hot. For me, Alex Ebert was hot!

Tina Fey's son Randy had a certain something something...