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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 27th

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Seasonal Sightings

Cover-Boy: Julian Fantechi

Every February 16th, I go on the hunt for images of model Julian Fantechi for his birthday post.  It's usually a fun expedition given the many shoots Julian was a part of.  During the 2000's, he was one of the most popular cover boys for adult male magazines.  He appeared in Playgirl, both on the cover and inside, in close to a dozen different issues.  Check out some of my favorites shots of Julian on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Blast from the Past: Jim Youngs

I had never seen 1986's Youngblood until last week.  Sure, I downloaded the scene of Rob Lowe in a jockstrap, but that was the only scene that I'd seen.  Last week I saw it playing on my on demand 80's movie channel and decided to DVR.  I'm glad I did.

In addition to Lowe's gratuitous jock strap scene, there were also many moments of hot men.  The film also featured Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves and an actor I'd seen before, but not really focused on until seeing this film,  The gorgeous Jim Youngs played Kelly Youngblood, the older brother of Rob's character Dean.  Although he only had a handful of scenes, Youngs was a highlight.  Not only was his character pivotal in getting Dean back on the ice, Youngs beautiful face and sexy eighties hair had me wanting to see and find out more. 

The Secrets of Midland Heights (1980)

Youngs got his big break in the late 70's starring along side Ken Wahl in The Wanderers. (1979)  He went on to appear on television in TV movies including The Executioners Song, Splendor in the Grass and the short lived prime-time soap The Secrets of Midland Heights.  The nighttime drama was cashing in on the success of Dallas and also featured Linda Hamilton and Lorenzo Lamas. 

Youngs was back on the big screen in 1983 and had supporting roles in a string of box office hits including Youngblood, Hotshot and as Lori Singer's boyfriend in Footloose.  Incredibly talented, good looking and charismatic, Youngs roles on screen began to diminish as the 80's went on. By the time the 90's rolled around, Youngs was back doing guest shots on television including roles with former co-star Wahl on Wiseguy, and turns on NYPD Blue, Babylon 5 and Silk Stalkings.

Hotshot (1986)

Youngs last official credit was sadly back in 1995.  It's always difficult to understand why some actors, especially those as talented as Youngs hit a wall, especially have his string of hits.  There were rumors of projects in 2012, but thus far, nothing has made it past the pre-production stage.

Footloose (1984)

In researching Youngs, I could only come up with one nude scene, and it's not the greatest.  Youngs had a brief flash of butt in the 1985 teen drama Out of Control.  You can check it out on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

The Wanderers (1979)

Youngs with Ken Wahl

Youngblood (1986)

Randy Wesley: FaVorites

Last December, I profiled Tampa based model Randy Wesley. (In The Midst Of) For the piece, I decided to spotlight Randy's work with one of my favorite photographers, David from YogaBear Studio.  While putting the piece together, I spent a lot of time checking out Randay's Flickr page. I love the variety of images Randy has showcased, including many images from his very first shoots.

The photo above is actually a shot Randy took himself with his first digital camera.  I loved looking at the changes in Randy over his many shoots and over the years he's been modeling.  As adorably hot as Randy appears in those early images, there's such a beautiful progression of confidence and sexual expression with some of Randy's hottest shots, being from his most recent shoot.  I choose some of my favorites and Randy graciously shared a bit of the story behind each one.

Randy by Mike Smarro

I did one shoot with Mike Smarro in Fort Lauderdale. We got together one Sunday morning and spent a few hours driving around to his favorite locations. He would do a few shots of me in all those places. As I remember, I took along several changes of clothes to get some variety in the shots.'

Randy by Don Nelson

'I have a friend in Indianapolis who did a lot of male nude photography as a side business. I wanted him to photograph me on a farm because my husband often refers to me as his farmboy. We found the perfect place and did some amazing shots that day. One is enlarged and on a wall in our home. This particular shot was part of a series that ended up in DUDE magazine. The photographer's name is Don Nelson, but he doesn't do any photography work any more.'

Randy by Joseph Ransom

'I've done several shoots with Joseph Ransom. He has captured some of the more erotic images of me. This pic was taken in a small park in Ruskin FL. Lots of people were around, but we still got several semi-nudes and a few full nudes that day. I've always loved pics of guys with the cocks barely showing or with their cocks full exposed with pants around them. This one of me fits that image well. I love the light effects and how that makes my body look.'

Next 2 images by Flash Studio Inc

'I worked with Kevin Kerdash 4 or 5 times after I moved to the Tampa Bay area. These pics are from my last shoot with him, and I think he captured the mature me very well. We did this shoot along a river and not too far from the parking lot for this park. We had to keep watching for people, but it was fun to get naked and let him capture me however he thought best. Kevin did many portraits of me, and the one above in my opinion, is one of the best .'

'Modeling is an affirming experience. For a slightly overweight kid who never thought he was good looking, it's been a way to make me feel more confident and proud of myself. It's also been an extraordinary record of how my body has changed over the years. I love looking back at the young Randy and then I marvel at the mature Randy of today.'

Randy by Michael Kilgore

'One of my all time favorite images of me. A group of photographers and models got together for a couple of days of shooting at a local gay guesthouse. I was only able to go for a few hours and worked with a couple of photographers. This shot is by Michael Kilgore.'

Randy by Jude Ribisi

'I love this image. I did one shoot with Jude Ribisi. We met at his home and tried various looks. This particular shot is one of my favorites. The combination of the t-shirt and the emphasis on my butt turned out well I think.'

Randy by Noel de Christian

'I did a couple of shoots with Noel de Christian. This one was a particularly fun shoot on a bay near Key Biscayne. We walked quite a ways to get away from people. Once we found a secluded spot, we did several shots of me in and out of the water... in speedos and naked and hard. I thought he did a great job of making me look better than I really do'

Randy by Greg Weiner

'Greg Weiner had a website, which has now morphed into a site. In the original site, he had a Real Man of the Month feature, and he shot me for that. I was so excited to work with him! I wrote about that experience in the first post you did on me'.

Randy by Greg Lindeblom

'I did 3 shoots with Greg Lindeblom over the course of a few years. This shot was in a public park in the middle of an afternoon. It was a fun outdoor shoot, but I remember falling off a tree trunk and got scuffed up a bit sometime during that shoot'

Last 3 shots by YogaBear Studio

'This was the shoot I did with my friend Samuel for Yogabearstudio. Samuel and I have always had a mutual attraction to one another, and I was happy we finally got to do a shoot together. There's more about that shoot in the first post you did on me.'

'I've probably worked as many times with Matthew Naglich as any photographer. The image below is a great shot of my butt. We often sent photos from our shoots to various gay magazines in the hopes they'd be interested in publishing them. That never worked out for us, but we did get me into Playgirl's Real Men section one time.'

Randy by Matthew NaglichRandy Wesley on Flickr