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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 29th

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Happy Birthday today June 29th

Happy Birthday to actor Ilan Mitchell-Smith!

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Hard to believe the cute kid from Weird Science is turning 53 today!  Check out more caps, and clips from his famous underwear scene, (which includes a Bill Paxton butt scene) on FH HERE:

Flash of Gold

Gold Medal
Matty Lee & Tom Daley
10-metre synchronised Dive

I'm not really watching much of this summer's Olympics, but I did have to catch a replay of Matty Lee and Tom Daley's Gold medal winning dive earlier this week in Tokyo.  Like so many, I've enjoyed watching their friendship through their diving, and what they've shared on-line.   In addition to Tom sharing a wee peek with a speedo slip while celebrating, Matty also shared that Tom got him a special gift just prior to the games. 

'He surprised me with this Olympic ring, which is something really cool and special because it's the exact same mold of his ring that he got years and years ago after his first Olympics. So regardless of how we did, he still had a little surprise he brought from England. It's so, so special that he got me that.'

Slight speedo slip....

Prime Time Supporters: Brodie Gallant

'You're a real asshole.'
Scotty, S&V

Last month, when looking for an actor to spotlight on Canada Day, I revisited three episode last season of Sex & Violence.  Ultimately, I chose to feature the beautiful and talented Alex Purdy who played Zach. (HERE:)  When watching however, there were several other actors, and several memorable scenes, that I wanted to spotlight. 

Model and actor Brodie Gallant appears briefly as Scotty in the shows very last episode.  In a brief scene with Finn, (Callum Dumphy) we can sort of guess that Scotty and Finn were fuck buddies, and Scotty's is ready for a repeat performance.  Ultimately it doesn't go anywhere, as neither has a place they can go to.  Given Finn is a serial killer, currently stalking young high school student Zach, Scotty probably dodged a bullet. 

When I saw Brodie in the scene, I was sure I knew him from somewhere.  Ended up, it was from his modeling work with Travis Dow from TWD Photos.  I was fortunate to have connected with Travis back in 2012, and featured his work several times in the past.  Unfortunately, Travis doesn't seem to be active on-line, and sadly, I haven't seen any new work.  I do however, continue to look and hope.

Brodie by TWD Photos

Although I never got to featured Travis' work with Brodie, I do fondly remember seeing a layout on the now closed site BeautifulMag.  BeautifulMag was a huge inspiration for my starting FH, and a site I used visit on a regular basis.  I remember the Nova Scotia models story and spread on the site, and was happy to have been able to find it again this week with the help of the Way Back Machine.

Sex & Violence (2017)

Architecturally Expressed: Nas by Lights On Studio

'Nas was so graceful and poised, not to mention a perfect physique.'

FH readers are no doubt familiar with Nas, and his work with photographer Tom Nakielski from Lights On Studio. I first featured Tom's work with Nas back in 2017 with a gothic shoot in a beautiful restored Victorian home. (A Victorian Life) I loved Nas' look, his incredibly tight physique, his strong face and beautifully expressive eyes.  I especially loved the poses and elegance Tom was able to capture.

I wasn't the only one who appreciated Tom's work with Nas, each time I featured his work with Tom, several readers would message and e-mail asking to see more.  Well, ask, and you shall receive.  When I shared these request with Tom, he went back into his archives and sent back dozens of new images.  Some of the shoots, I'd hadn't seen before, some, I just featured one or two images from.  Today, I'm featured images from two different shoots.  

This first set of images, were taken at the Broad Museum.  The second set, on the next page, was a nude shoot taken back at Tom's studio.  Both sets have a focus on architecture.  In this set, Tom contrasts Nas's strong physique with the architecture behind and around him.  In the second set,  it's Nas' incredible body and poses which are so beautifully architecturally expressed. In addition to sending on images, Tom also provided some behind the scenes info about their work together. 

How did you and Nas first connect?  What first struck you about his work?

I contacted Nas through Model Mayhem. I liked his look and he had some good professional pictures on the site.  I have an affinity for Asian models. I love their smooth bodies and when in shape, a firm compact body. 

Tell me about your meeting, and your first shoot together:

'Nas had no transportation so I picked him up at his student apartment. It was love at first sight when he came to the car. I told him we would be doing sensual and classic type of poses. I believe I sent him some sample images that I had done with the type of images I would want. I let him know that I usually start the session fully clothed and progress to nudes. That way it gives the model a chance to get comfortable with me. He seemed comfortable from the start and had liked the jock strap that I had just purchased so we started with that.'

How did the shoot at the museum come about?

'The Broad Museum , a contemporary art museum, had just recently opened and I was eager to photograph a model there. It is one of my favorite building by world renowned architect Zaha Hadid. (R.I.P. Zaha).  

Nas was not shy shooting in public. We did not do any poses that would be questionable by anyone passing by. . I think however, that Nas would have done something a bit more revealing if I had suggested it. But I myself was too shy to suggest it. The management did come out to tell us it was OK to continue but to stay out of the ornamental grass. My bad . Location sessions in public are fun. It puts a whole new atmosphere into the session. There is electricity in the air for these sessions.'

Shooting at the museum, meant keeping his pants on.  Something not required when shooting in Tom's studio. Check out the second part of Tom's work with Nas on the NEXT PAGE HERE: