Sunday, June 17, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 17th

Michael by Dennis Nauert
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The So-so Son Of A Stormtropper

Some of you, those who read my rambling amongst all the purdy pictures, might remember that although I grew up in a fairly big city. At 26, after ending a long term relationship I decided my life needed a shake up and left a good job in the city, and moved to a small rural town about two hours from my family and friends. I get to the city often, sometimes a couple of times a week and see my parents on a regular basis. Today, as I walked through the fields with my dogs, for the first time in my life I questioned what kind of son I am. I sort of always had it as a given that I was a good son, but today I realized that is not exactly true.

I drove home yesterday to see my father for father’s day. I chose Saturday, instead of today, so that I could hit a few stores which would not be open today. I helped my father lay some sod in the back yard, took he and my mother out for Chinese, and left a cute card and some chocolate covered cashews. I did everything I was supposed to I guess, but I know it was more duty than heart felt. I love my father dearly, I was blessed with a gentle father, one who never judged or criticized me (that was my mothers job). He was supportive and was the person who role modeled for me that there is no room for cruelty in this already difficult life.

Despite all of this, all through the laying of sod, the Chinese, the visit... my thoughts were mostly focused on time. I did not enjoy, or give the moment over to my father. I was waiting for dinner to end so I could leave, hit the places I wanted to visit, and hit the highway for the two hour drive home. I put in a day, like I would a work day, because I was supposed to, because it was the expected.. I realized thinking about my yesterday that my rating as a son would be closer to average, more so-so than stellar. With each year that passes, it often seems life pulls you hard to think more and more of yourself and less and less of others. Not sure if this is just for me or a universal fight but it is one I think I need to prepare to fight much harder in the future.

Blue Briefs: Christopher Schram in Requited

Above: Christopher by wagnerLA

FH favorite, actor and model Christopher Schram, stars in Requited which headlines the new DVD Blue Briefs. Blue Briefs (which also features Christopher on the cover) is a collection of gay themed shorts with a focus on relationships and the pain that often accompanies true love.

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Christopher by HNS Imagery

Precise: Michael by Dennis Nauert

There is definitely a incredibly sexy vibe surrounding boys with guitars. The mind drifts instantly to the many well known wild, crazy rockers often photographed holding their instrument. The life of a rock star is well documented; on the road, frenzied nights on stage, the groupies, the drugs, and of course the sex.

24 year old Austin musician Michael does spend a lot of time on stage, in fact he reports this time on stage actually helps him with his comfortably in front of the camera when modeling. Michael's life on stage however, isn't as wild and free as that of a typical musician. In Michael's case the guitar, and the music he plays, is classical. With Classical guitar, movements are less frenzied, and the player must ensure their finger movement are precise. Plucking replaces strumming, and timing is crucial. The reach of notes is far greater than that of a typical pop or rock song. Skill becomes as important as passion within performance.

Photographer Dennis Nauert has been shooting the male form for only about a year, but precise is a word I would use to describe both his work and this shoot with Michael. Although the male form is a relatively new focus, Dennis has been taking photographs for as long as he can remember and six years ago moved to the world of digital. Until recently, most of his work was travel related with shots taken in Austin and the surrounding area. Dennis felt however that his portfolio was lacking something, a subject he felt one of the hardest to shoot, that being subjects of the human form.

'I joined a Meet-Up group here that photographed the male model. Robert San Roma is the leader and has helped find our group some of the best models. I was hooked after the first photoshoot and knew this was the direction I wanted to take. So far we have had the pleasure to work with over 50 models. I have learned so much from these workshops from how to convey my ideas to the model to setting up lighting.'
Dennis Nauert

Included in the 50 models Dennis has shot so far have been a couple of FH favorites including Quinn Christopher Jaxon and Hunter Steel Cherry. Dennis clearly has a skill at bringing out the unique characteristics of the models he shoots. I love how he, not only shot Michael with his guitar, but with his sheet music. The poses, lines and position of the instrument create a seamless symmetry between image and the model within them.

'Michael's shoot was one of the first at my home studio with my new strobe lights. Michael had said he was a classical guitarist so I worked off of that to create a theme for the shoot. He was great to work with and played a few pieces for us during the shoot. It was a real treat! The only bad thing was that he had scheduled a shoot for the next week that required him to remove all body hair and he had done a full body shave before our shoot. He had quite a few bumps but Photo Shop will take care of almost anything.'

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Favorite Revenge Surprise: James Purefoy

It only took only a week but I am almost done devouring the first season of Revenge. With all the twists and turns, one of the nicest surprises was when the elevator in the loft opens and Victoria meets up with the shirtless Dominik Wright. (does he where one at all on this show?)

I love me some James Purefoy and he has me pulsing every time he shows up on screen. Purefoy, as Dominik, is the perfect tortured artist looking for an outlet for his creativity, energy and passion.



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