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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 24th

Phillip by YogaBear Studio
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Happy Birthday today February 24th

Happy 32nd to actor Wilson Bethel!

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Below: Wilson for Cosmo by Eric Ray Davidson

Lights, Camera, Anthony Triolo

'I didn't really realize it was going to be such a big part of the movie until I saw the trailer and all the promos and commercials!'

Many FH readers no doubt recognize the adorable and sexy Anthony Triolo who I first featured in 2012. I was first introduced to Anthony's work as a model, and have featured his work as both a model and a singer and musician. Anthony's talents don't stop there! The last year has found the New York based artist in front of the camera with some of Hollywood's biggest actors with roles in Nurse Jackie and alongside Ray Liotta Jennifer Lopez in Shades Of Blue.

Earlier this month, Anthony hit the big screen with a small role in How To Be Single. Originally Anthony auditioned for a role simply titled 'denim guy', but casting called him back for another role and asked to him to bring a suit and come in for a fitting. At the fitting, Anthony wasn't give much detail about his role, only given a time and date to return to shoot.

'The day of the shoot I didn't really know what to expect. We shot some other stuff in that club in the meatpacking area and then that scene was finally up. Everything went smoothly, the director told us what we would be doing and Dakota & Rebel were great sports and really fun to work with!'

Shades Of Blue

Nurse Jackie

Shirtless in Short Creek

When searching for images to celebrate actor Christopher Atkins birthday this past Sunday, I became interested in these promo shots from Child Bride Of Short Creek. In his first role post Blue Lagoon, Atkins joined Diane Lane, Helen Hunt and Conrad Bain in the 1981 Television movie. They don't make TV movies like they used to. In the 80's and 90's they were a great place to find actors in fun and silly projects (think Making Of A Male Model and For Ladies Only) that would never make it on the big screen.

I have not watched this film yet, but skimmed the full version available on YouTube (HERE:) to make of clip of one scene. Atkins is an engaging, likeable and incredibly sexy man, but he did not win the hearts of so many because of his acting skills. Atkins was hired to provoke the fantasies of both sexes, and looks deliciously juicy picking plums in the scene below.

Comforting Creatures: Phillip by YogaBear Studio

'What I get from modeling is comfort, creativity and experience.'

It is always fascinating to look at why an image, why an artist or why a specific model grabs my attention. Having worked on FH for close to nine years, you would think I would have figured it out. Despite the site's focus on the male form, it is rarely that form that draws me in. Yes, it certainly may be a body that first draws my eye, but in order to grab my attention, and especially to be able to hold it, there has to be more...

The more I write about images, and those who create them, the more I understand part of what grabs my attention is often more about me. My state of mind and mood, my libido level and the degrees of desire I am open to, or have time to let in. Most mornings, I drive to work and barely notice anything or anyone along the way. Other days, the back of someone walking away, even far in the distance, can activate a state of arousal that has me driving around the block a few times before being able to head to my office.

Great artists to me, are those able to create a nexus. To form a connection between what they see and capture, and the emotions and experiences of the viewer. These connections aren't always permanent, they beautifully fluctuate, their flow linked organically with the commitment of artist, model and viewer. Good photographers and models are able create hot visuals that provide joy and stimulation. Great artists, tap into pieces of a model's personality, essence and spirit, that creates that nexus with the viewer.

I felt this instantly earlier this year after seeing YogaBear Studio's images of Phillip. Although Phillip has a killer body, it was the image at the top of this piece that motivated me to ask YogaBear's David about featuring his shoot with Phillip. David's portraits of Phillip capture not just his incredible smile, beautiful eyes and great hair, they also capture something that for me, had me wanting to see and learn more.

I often ask models what draws them to the field, and I think Phillip is the first, and only person, who responded by including the word comfort. Although it may be difficult to imagine modeling, especially if you're modeling without a stitch of clothing on, as comforting, but I knew instantly what he meant. I remember being in plays and musicals, and the long, and sometimes difficult, hours of rehearsals. Even when I struggled with a line, or to find the right note for a moment, there was comfort. The comfort came in the creative process and knowing I was doing something that I really loved. The process fed my soul, unlike so many other jobs people must do, which sadly and slowly, work to deplete it.

'I am more and more comfortable with every shoot I go into. I am comfortable with my body, being naked, and comfortable with my sexuality. I have gotten to know my self more. As I go into more shoots and do various things with photographers and other creative artists. I find art can be a messy thing, art can be all about timing, art can be a virgin mistake that turns out to be a masterpiece. Above all I am learning art is all relative and the same is to say about life.'

Phillip began modeling a couple of years ago and describes it as an eye opening experience. His eventual goal is to be a professional actor. Modeling has been a great compliment to his acting, both allowing Phillip to explore creativity and character. 'The creativity I learn from modeling is very put together on the spot. It's what you have, or what you've gathered that makes the work of art what it is. It's a very "let's try it out" kind of business which is the same with the film industry.'

David saw Phillip's work on another photographer's website and really loved his look and approach to posing. 'He certainly didn't disappoint—he’s very professional and put a lot of energy into the concepts I wanted to do.'

'The work I did with David was fun. When I go into a shoot I like to get to know the photographer a little bit and what I learned with David is that he is meticulous and takes his time. This makes sense because he is also into ceramics and making pottery is also very meticulous and time consuming. David also works quickly. You realize right as you step into his studio. He knows what he wants and just like clay he molds you into a shape. He has a few concepts that he has planned that out before hand and ready to get them into the lens.'