Sunday, February 28, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 28th

Peter Le by photographer John Hough

Note: I got ahead of myself yesterday posting birthdays for the 28th on the 27th. All fixed now.

Kudos to Edie Falco and Nurse Jackie

From the moment I first saw Edie Falco on 'OZ' so many years ago you could see the woman was special. Talent beyond what you would have expected and an ability to play scenes in a way which continually surprise the viewer. I was not a huge fan of 'The Sopranos' (not a huge fan of James Gandolfini and I cannot understand the appeal of the talent free Lorraine Bracco). I did love Falco in that show however and if they ever had a DVD release of just her scenes I would be there.

Just finished the first season of Showtime's 'Nurse Jackie'. Falco again does not disappoint. This is a hospital like you have not seen before (yet most likely more realistic than we might want to know). Great acting, great storytelling, great show. I highly recommend it. Great supporting turns by Peter Facinelli, Eve Best, the wonderful Anna Deavere Smith, Paul Schulze and especially Merritt Wever as the new nurse.

Just Because: Peter Facinelli

As stated, 'Nurse Jackie' also stars one of my all time favorite actors the talented and oh so hot Peter Facinelli. So...I don't need an excuse to post some of my favorite Peter Caps. I have loved Facinelli's work in most of his projects from Nurse Jackie, Damages, Foxfire, Fastlane and Six Feet Under.

Facinelli in 'Foxfire' (2006).

Facinelli in 'Honest' (2000).

Facinelli in 'Supernova' (2000).

Mirror Mirror From Hans Fahrmeyer -Part 2-

-Sunday With Hans-
-Mirror Mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all-
-Part 2-

Hans Fahrmeyer gives us a special Valentines Day treat two weeks ago with the theme of mirrors. Here is the second part of that post. Hans uses Mirrors often in his work, sometimes showing his model two three or four times within one image with the use of mirrors. It is amazing to me how different mirror images can look when reflected back. When one looks at themselves in the mirror it is impossible to see what is actually there. When looking at oneself our preconceived notion of what we look like/who we are often gets in the way. It is truly only those who really know self see what is actually there. Mirrors can be our friend or our worst enemy, but with Hans they allow us to his models through not just through his eyes, but the often, the model as well.
Thank you as always Hans!

Uploaded by Hans4257. - Check out sexy vids. Caution - NSFW!

Male Model of the Day: Matt Gentile

27 year old model Matt Gentile is currently living in New York and Los Angels pursuing his dreams of modeling and acting. Obviously by looking at Matt you can tell he is a body builder. Matt has an amazing body he obviously works hard at. Matt also works as a personal trainer inbetween modeling and acting jobs. You can check out his myspace page HERE:

Matt Gentile

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Hazel
Skin color: Tanned
Experience: Experienced

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