Thursday, February 26, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 27th

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Happy Birthday today February 27th

Happy 35th to actor Brandon Beemer!

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Guys With Guitars

I didn't intend a theme for today's postings but after writing the piece on Seth Swink, then finding the image of birthday boy Brandon Beemer, a theme was born. I have profiled many musicians over the years on FH, including the talented and hot Brett shown above. Below are just a few of my favorite pieces featuring Guys With Guitars!

Power Chord: Seth Swink by Studio R9 Tampa

We all of have types, we like blondes, or gingers, tall guys or men with muscles. The interesting things about types I have found, is how the fluctuate. The type of guy I have been drawn to has shifted many times over the years changing with my age, circumstances and experiences. When I was in high school, I think I was primarily drawn to jocks, basketball and hockey players especially.

The thing about types however, is when your hit with an antithesis attraction, the intensity can be much more powerful. As I walked the halls of High School, my eyes ready to look/not look at any hot jock walking by, it was Jon who always provoked an expected reaction. Jon, who hated when teachers called him Jonathan, was a musician and played guitar in alternative rock band. He had shoulder length brown hair which usually covered at least one eye. Jon was always always in jeans and a jean jacket a black t-shirt, was thin with a really sexy walk. Although generally he was serious, he would occasionally flash an incredible smile. Although that smile was never directed at me, it still managed to have an effect.

When I saw Rick's (Studio R9 Tampa) images of 23 year old model Seth Swink, it was those high school moments that came flooding back. From the leather necklace to Seth's great body and beautiful blue eyes. I was no fan of Jon's music, but loved watching him strut around the stage during performances at winter carnival and Battle Of The Bands. Musicians, like most artist, have particular and specific sensitivities to sight and sound. In addition to his work in front of the camera, Tampa's Seth Swink is an amateur photographer, his focus landscapes and still life.

'I am an amateur artist in many different mediums, such as charcoal, water color, pencils, and more. I have interests in building and designing Cosplay products, as well as modeling them. One of my many aspirations is to be an Artisan of sorts...'

One of things I love about researching my subjects is the interesting things that come up. In Seth's case it was Sitka Alaska. Although currently living in Tampa, Seth was born and raised in Sitka until his move south in 2013. A quick search of Sitka uncovered a few things I had not been aware of. Formerly called New Archangel while under Russian rule, there was a transfer of power with the Alaska Purchase in 1867 with the land mass becoming part of the United States.

Seth loves living in Florida and quickly after his move was asked to model. It was Rick who provided Seth his first professional step and he is anxious to take on new modeling opportunities and has an adventurous mind in brining visions to life! Ricks says working with Seth was great, and was especially impressed given it was his first shoot. 'Seth was extremely nice, easy to work with and a whole lot of fun!'

Classic Playgirl: The Tomcat's Back!

Tom Burgess
Playgirl: July 1992, Man of the Month
Photography by Robert Cunningham

'Tom is one tough-looking but tender-hearted dancer and rock musician who still regards fidelity as an absolutely essential component to a man-woman relationship. That's not to say he's never made a mistake, but who's keeping score? The important thing is the 5'10" package of charisma has lived, loved and learned. And while he's always been one to make an alluring promise here and there, he now makes sure those promises are fulfilled...completely.'

I'm not exactly sure how tough looking the dancer and rock musician is, but Tom is one of my favorite guitar playing, (or at least guitar holding) men from Playgirl Magazine.