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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 15th

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Soap Studs

Actor Christian Le Blanc (Y & R) recently posted a series of shots on Instagram parodying The Golden Globes Fiji water girl. Christian posted a series of images but this shot, featuring his TV son Fen, actor Zach Tinker, was (shock) a favorite.  Zach looks amazing, but seems slight irritated with daddy's antics.

Prime Time Supporters: Scoot McNairy

If you caught Sunday's third season premiere of HBO's True Detective, you wouldn't be alone if you didn't initially recognize the actor playing Tom Purcell. I know I didn't immediately know that behind the scowl and the facial hair of the grieving single father was actor Scoot McNairy, an actor I've loved and crushed over in many of his previous flm and TV appearance.

McNairy is known o be one of film and televisions most useful and intriguing actors and although incredibly good looking, is a chameleon, physically transforming into the characters he plays looking completely different and often almost unrecognizable from role to role and project to project.

If you don't think you've seen McNairy before, my bet is you probably have.  The Dallas born actor has appeared in seventy plus projects including lead and supporting roles on film in movies including; Argo, Monsters, Killing Them Softly, 12 Years a Slave, Frank, Gone Girl, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. On television you may know McNairy from his roles in Narcos: Mexico,  Halt and Catch Fire the last season of Fargo, and the Netflix series Godless.

Initially, McNairy made the move from Texas to Los Angeles to attend film school due to his interest in cinematography and photography.  McNairy dropped out after about a year and began working in film production and working in movies doing carpentry and building sets.  This led to him getting work as an extra which led to commercials and eventually film and TV.

True Detective (2019)

If you're interested in where the name Scoot came from, it stems from a nickname his father used to call him. Born John Marcus McNairy, Scoot's dad started calling him Scooter when he was only two years old.  'A lot of people are like, oh, it must be some amazing story. But it's because I used to scoot around on my butt.'

McNairy with Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff

Godless (2017)

Classically Contemporary: Baker Model by Cooks Photography

'Thinking about the old marble statues I took my classic stance, but also added a bit of awe and wonderment as if I was a nude native in the past and come upon this future with motorized vehicles, bridges.'

Yoni's comment above, stemming from his work with photographer Hal Cooks, (Cooks Photography) beautifully sets the stage. Yoni perfectly sums up what I love so much, not just this set of of images from Hal, but the unique qualities Yoni brings to all of his work. The phrase 'Modern Classic' may seem a bit contradictory, but in many ways, most images of the naked human form are a nod to the past, a nod manifested so powerfully within Yoni's look and poses.

Art doesn't necessarily earn the 'classic' label, simply because it's old. It must have an artistic quality that expresses both a beauty, and a truth about the time it created. A classic isn't just a glimpse of the past, it stands the test of time, representing the period, the artist, and most of all, the qualities of man and life of the time.

The first time I featured Yoni imagery, in his work with YogaBear Studio, I was struck at the beautify of Yoni's sculpted physique and the classic bodyscapes he created. It was almost as if a Greek Statue was jettisoned far into the future, pulling visual pieces of the past into the present with him. Yoni has always had a focus on pose, and even put together a artistic anatomy pose book, Heracles which I featured on FH last summer. (Sculpted)

I especially love the contrast Hall captured between Yoni's powerful classic poses, with the vibrancy and color of the graffiti surrounding him. Graffiti, or at least a form of it, has been around for thousands of years, from early cave drawings to Ancient Romans and Greeks who wrote their names or a poem on public buildings, usually as a form of protest. Graffiti as we know it today however, is said to have originated in the early 1960's, with the art form really taking off in the 70's. Yoni's strong but still and deliberate poses not only contrast, but in some ways are a visual variance to the more frenetic and spontaneous lines designs around him.

'The shot was a very unique experience. Its quite a thing to shoot on location like that. It was private until the lone hiker came upon us and made a quick u turn ! I think the odd thing is being organic and having to pose with something so man made and structural like concrete . It was difficult to relate to the substance, and really couldn't read any of the graffiti. I personal favorite of mine :) was great working with Hal on these, creative and personal.'

Cooks Photography on

Year in Review: Photos that Pop!

Every early January, I contemplate doing a best of, or favorite piece featuring images, models and artists from the previous year.  Every late January, I abandon the idea.  First off, I hate the thought of anyone feeling left out, or wondering why their images weren't included. In addition, given the F in FH is for favorite, all of the images I feature are favorites, most I sought out directly from the artist or model to feature on the site.

This year however, I decided to move forward, not with the 'best' images and not with my favorites. I decided to focus on Photos that Pop, images that stood out, or grabbed me for one reason or another. With this as my guide, many of my favorites images and stories, didn't even make the cut.  Still, it was hard to narrow down. My initial list from last year had over 60 images in it, my goal was to narrow to as close to 12 as I could. 

My criteria was simple, I wanted an image that stood out to me in some way.  An image I remembered and one that popped with a specific power, energy or story.  Here are my picks. I'm sure many of you have some others that grabbed your attention, were maybe saved on your desktops in a folder, and maybe for awhile, held that coveted spot as your screensaver. 

Eruptive Exertion by Gordon Nebeker 

The sexual energy flowing between Yorgen and Jay during their work out was hot!  So hot in fact, Instagram made it difficult for Gordon Nebeker to share the entire series.  Instagram's loss was FH's gain.  The eye contact between the two models was intense, and one of the reason the series, the image above especially, was so powerful to me.

Hide & Hair by Bob Burkhardt

In Hide & Hair, I loved the focus of photographer Bob Burkhardt;s images of model O.J Simmons.  Far too few images focus on the inviting allure of a beautiful patch of pubic hair. 

That Extra Kick by Palm Springs Men

Sure, I love a great butt shot, that's not a surprise to regular FH readers, but the shot of Mark Summers above had that extra special something...  Might be those knee high socks, a staple of my teen years, but whatever it is, the shot from Palm Springs Men remained my screen saver for a long while...

Provincetown Light by Anthony Timiraos

Yes, their bodies are often strong and muscular, but it's the lines, and especially the curves the male form can create that draws my eye, and my attention.  Photographer Anthony Timiraos beautifully captures those curves as he did with Tanner, one of the shots of Anthony's that really stood out for me last year.

Under the Illusion by Greg Tsontakis-Mally

In addition to images, stories are at the core of FH.  Many of the stories are created, stories from the imagination of the artists and models that create them.  Some stories, like the one above of Mr. Davis captured by Greg Tsontakis-Mally, is painfully, very real.

BedRock: Trent by The Third Eye

I always look for artists who see beyond the surface and seek to capture the essence of the man in front of their lens.  The Third Eye's Rick goes deep and dark, never content with capturing just what's on the surface.  Rick looks for the beauty below, the good, the bad and the ugly, the scabs and the wounds that make us human and make the photographing the male form far more than just a collection of body parts.

Witchful Thinking by Studio1x

FH readers know how much I love holiday imagery, especially Halloween.  Most are aware of the erotic witch hunt I've been on the last two year.  Studio1x brought the hunt to a close (at least for 2018) with not one, but two witches!  Holden above, (Witchful Thinking) and also Ethan. (The Witch in the Window)

Chester, sitting atop Hansel Wellington's beautiful backside was a visual highlight from this years Easter themed posts from Tom Nakielski from Lights On Studio.  Tom has been creating holiday themed images for FH for a few years now, and loved that he went out and borrowed a bunny for the afternoon shoot!

Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed

Autumn's End by JW Johnson

I love the colors of Autumn, and I especially love when they're blended with the beauty of the male form.  One of the images that stood out most to me was the beautiful shot of Ryan above from JW Johnson.  Beautifully blooming, almost as if ascending from the colorful fall leaves.

Zackary: Erotic Elongation by Cooks Photography

I was fortunate to feature several models and shoots from Cooks Photography over the last few months, including today's piece with Yoni Baker.  If you check out the pieces, (HERE:) you might be as taken as I was with the incredible long body lines Cooks Photography so beautifully captures.

Chris Bell: Energy Equivalency

Richard Rothstein is one of my favorite artists to feature, and am thankful I have been able to feature so much of his incredible work this past year. There were two images that really popped for me, the first, the combustive energy captured forever within the shot of Chris Bell. (Above).

I have loved all of Richard's shoots challenging the heteronormative narrative, but especially some of his images in Richard's Beauty & the Beast themed shoot. The image below especially proved for me the importance of Richard's theme as I was stunned at how impacted I was with the romantic power within the shoot and the image.  We see a lot of images of men together sexually, but it is still rare to see images rooted in romance.

Tale As Old As Time

Mark Leighton: A Quiet Heat

Mark Leighton's work always combines beautiful male models with breathtaking locals.  Although not taken outside, I was struck by the body architecture in the image above from A Quiet Heat.

Utah (2018)

The annual Utah shoot is always a favorite of mine to feature, with every image from Gordon Nebeker, Mike Tossy and studioMGphotography a visual feast of man, body and nature.  I always especially enjoy the 'behind the scene' shots.  If you missed this years BTS piece, check it out HERE:

John Cooper

Many of the models I have featured turn the camera on themselves to take self portraits. These shots from John Woods and Stephan Tobias were two of the most spectacular.

The Forces of Nature: Stephan Tobias