Friday, February 19, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 19th

Great shot of model Riley Christian by a favorite photographer of mine Jerry Buteyn.


With apologies to all the great television comedy writers out there...the funniest thing i have seen on tv all year was today's press conference... Really Tiger, how dare the media put your wife and family in such a horrible position. Really! Hilarious. If only there were not people out there who actually buy it. We will see him back on the golf course any day now.

Olympic Update: Men's Hockey

Canada's Sidney Crosby proved once again last night he is the leader of the Canadian team by scoring the winning goal in a shoot out at a nail biter against the Swiss. We shall see if his magic helps Canada on Sunday when they play the US.

Kudos to The Men's Olympic Figure Skaters!

I have to admit that I am not a regular watcher of Figure skating. I much prefer Hockey. That being said, I follow many of the top skaters and try to catch Worlds and do love to watch skating at the Olympics (except dance, sorry I still cannot get into that). Last night Evan Lysacek had a flawless long program to bringing another gold to the US. Amazing!

Here are the top 10:

1 USA Evan Lysacek 257.67

2 RUS Evgeni Plushenko 256.36

Evgeni Plushenko just didn't have the goods last night but still an amazing skater who I love to watch.

3 JPN Daisuke Takahashi 247.23

Daisuke was a joy to watch, what a solid and beautiful jumper!

4 SUI Stephane Lambiel 246.72

Although I do love Stephane Lambiel, if I had been a judge last night I would have put him at 6th under Chan and Weir. I just did not feel the engery in his long program last night.

5 CAN Patrick Chan 241.42

Canada's Patrick Chan is so sweet and adorable, such a great grin. Although the World's silver medalist must be disappointed he is still just 19 and has another Olympics ahead of him. His foot work is some of the best in the world.

6 USA Johnny Weir 238.87

Weir was certainly underscored by the judges, but not by much. His hard work paid off with 2 great performances and he should be proud. I did however think his long program lacked the grace and excitement of some of the other men. I certainly would not have put Weir up to third, but maybe 4th or 5th. I though Chan's footwork was far superior, but Weir put in one hell of a skate!

The final 4 in the top 10

7 JPN Nobunari Oda 238.54
8 JPN Takahiko Kozuka 231.19
9 USA Jeremy Abbott 218.96
10 CZE Michal Brezina 216.73

And of Course.... Brian Joubert

Although he came in 16th, I still love Brian Joubert. Joubert has blamed his poor recent results on unspecified problems in his personal life. French skating chief Didier Gailhaguet however has slammed former world champion for his decision to remain secluded at home in the small western French town of Poitiers, shunning offers to train with the world's best in the United States and Canada. Whatever the reason, he is always thrilling to watch.

Brian Training.

Pic Series Of The Day: Drev

I usually don't like posting pictures that I cannot credit. I am making an exception with the work of model Drev. Drev has spent the past several years working with a photographer/artist creating some simplistic yet beautiful images.


Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 180 lbs
Shoe size: 11
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: White
Experience: Some Experience