Thursday, September 28, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 29th

Fletcher by Studio1x
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The Bottom Line:

 It may be Autumn, but it was warm enough today to maintain those tan lines for a little bit longer.

Reward Challenges:

When I was a kid, I used to get so excited about the premieres of new shows in the fall.  I loved the TV Guide fall preview issue, the ads, the promos, the new and returning show.  This year, with the writers and actors strike, I realized how little I currently watch on network television.  Except for a couple of sit-coms, Abbott Elementary and ocassionally Bobs Hearts Abishola, the only network show I really watch is Survivor.

I always look forward to a new season of Survivor, and watched enjoyed the first episode of season 45.  I know the networks are trying to fill their prime-time hours, but I'm not sure the show needs 90 minute episodes.  I liked the quick pace of 60 minutes, and already sense I'll be recording so that I can fast forward through all the filler.

I learned long ago not to judge a book by it's cover, and also learned not to judge a Survivor player by their official cast photo and bio.  This year, no one in the cast really drew me in when the players were first announced.  After episode one however, I was drawn to, and crushing over a couple.  I really like 22 year UPenn student Drew Basile.  I think Basile might just end up being his season's unexpected sex symbol...  we'll see...

Austin Li Coon

26 year old Austin Li Coon has a great smile, and certainly provided the eye candy in the first episode.  Every season, the show gives us a few scenes, (usually in the first few episodes) of a few of the players in their wet boxer briefs.  Austin got that edit in the first episode while searching for an immunity idol.

King James:

But I don't care cuz all I wanna do, 
Is cash my check and drive right home to you

I actually started a post on Kevin James and King of Queens over a decade ago.  I started it, then abandoned it, leaving it on the blog in draft form.  I went back to it this week after the meme of James went viral.   Although I can't say I loved the sit-com, it was mostly something I had on in the background, I was always a fan of James.

I remember watching The Today Show years ago and heard Hoda Kotb describe liking 'big burly' guys and using Kevin James an example of a big guy who was sexy.  I remember thinking James was simply just sexy, and it had nothing really to do with his size.  James has a handsome face, and was always really photogenic.  Over the years, his weight went up and down on the show, but his handsome face and charisma never waned.

James appeal made up for many weak scripts over the years.  He also held his own against Leah Remini, who often plowed her way through scenes.  Leah's character Carrie started off like many sit-com wives, the nice and pretty one.  By the time the show ended, Carrie had turned into someone so unlikable, anything Doug did to cope with her bossiness was alright with the audience.

Being a network sit-com, there wasn't a lot of skin on the show, but there were several times that James and his cast mates were required to shed their IPS driver uniforms.  One of the most fun was the season three episode, 'Work Related.'  There were a lot of practical jokes going on, and one, was asking Doug to post for the Men of IPS Calendar.   Doug ends up getting hit on by the photographer, but only as a joke set up by his co-workers.

'Wrap those linebacker meat hooks around me, and pull me into da huddle.'

Multiple Plots (season 6)

Although he only made a few appearance, the show always seemed to get the studly Angelo Pagan, (aka Leah Remini's husband) out of his clohtes.

Victor Webster and Gary Valentine

Doug trying to turn off new perspective friends

The Full Experience: Fletcher by Studio1x

'This shoot wasn't for a modeling portfolio or an OnlyFans.  Fletcher really wanted to experience modeling nude, and the images were mainly for himself, to share as he saw fit.'

Sometimes the best shoots are ones with any specific goals except to push one's boundaries, and feel and experience what it's like to shoot nudes. Fletcher really made the most out of his time with Jim, exploring his sensuality without any boundaries or inhibitions.  They say you should  'dance like nobody's was watching', and Fletcher really seemed to express himself like there wasn't a camera, or a photographer in the room.

When you first saw Fletcher, what struck you about his appearance?
Fletcher is a very striking young man, nice toned slender body and strong facial features. He was a swimmer in his school days. 

Were there any goals on his part of the shoot? 
He had not done any modeling or a photoshoot before so we just wanted to get him some great photos for his personal use. 

Was the nudity any issue at all for him? 
He had no issues with getting nude for the shoot. He was familiar with my type of work and had seen a few of the photos I had taken of his friend. He wanted nudes so was ready for the full experience.  

As you know my work doesn't start off with nudes, we work into it for a few reasons. My photos are taken to tell a story, not just a photo so I take them through the build up of getting used to the camera while dressed. Then moving to the undressing set and by the time they are nude, they are usually quite excited and comfortable for the rest of the shoot

What was your favorite part of working with Fletcher? 
I always love working with new clients who are open and wanting to have the experience of a shoot. It is a very liberating experience to have them see themselves the way others see them. He was open minded, took direction well. So to pick a favorite part is hard to do. I think it was just the overall shoot, his looks, his body, the way we connected. 

Did you participate with any direction or encouragement..
lol In my initial talk I always do mention that I am a hands on guy but will always ask before touching them. As I mentioned before him being a new client not doing this before, he did require some hands on attention in helping him pose and get into the right position and ready for the shot. 

I could have worked with Fletcher all afternoon but he needed to pick up his friend from the bar. it was a couple of days after our shoot, I received a call from him asking if he could come back for another shoot that he enjoyed himself so much and wanted to explore more. We then did the second shoot a few days after the first. He came prepared and ready and was much more at ease this time.

All of these images are from Fletcher's first shoot with Jim.  In those thousands of images Jim sent on, there were images and themes from both their first and second time working together.  I'd say that given this was Fletcher's first nude shoot, he took to it quickly and quickly relaxed, and got fully into the experience.  There is one more theme from the first shoot I want to share, but don't worry, shots from the second shoot will be shared in the near future.