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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 6th

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Summer Hiatus

Just a note to FH readers that I'm heading off on vacation next week and will be away most of the rest of the month. Although I will be posting a little less often, thanks to some wonderful photographers and models, you won't have to go too long without a FH fix.  Thanks to those who sent on material and enabled me to prepare some great stories for posting while I'm away. Happy rest of July to you all!

Foxylady: August 1975

Given my love of 70's nudity, it's time for another issue of Foxylady.  I'm so glad I discovered this short lived, (just one year I believe) magazine, and look forward to featuring more issues. Today, check out highlights from the August 1975 issue on PAGE 2 HERE:

Peter Berlin

A Matter of Pride: Sergey by Richard Rothstein

'All men are created equal. Now matter how hard they try, they can never erase those words. That is what America is about.'
Harvey Milk

Although New York's Pride Parade took place last weekend, Pride events all over the globe continue over the next three months.  I love it that starting in June, on almost every weekend in July and August, there are parades on Main St in cities across the US and Canada.  Although parades may be the most noteworthy way to celebrate Pride, it's certainly not the only way.

If you been checking out FH the past couple of years, you undoubtedly have been following photographer Richard Rothstien's visual chronicling of Sergey's journey.  Since his first appeared on the site back in February of last year, Sergey has been constantly on the move, dancing, flying through the air, and modeling not only for Richard, but many of the best photographers of the male form.

Sergey does not nothing small, and June was full of Pride events and celebrations including last weekends parade, posing at a special night at Therapy NYC, and heading to Fire Island to celebrate model style with sun, sand, and a rainbow of colors.

Painted in not only red, white and blue, but orange, green, turquoise and pink, Sergey flaunted his pride through movement and dance and an exuberant expression of love and appreciation for the life he's living in New York.

As yo can imagine, Sergey's colorful naked beach romp attracted quite a bit of attention. Unfortunately, not all of the attention coming his way on the beach was positive. (scroll down...) See more of Richard's Fire Island Shoot with Sergey (sans paint) on PAGE 2 HERE:

When the cops arrives, it was time to wash off the paint anyway.  It was also time, to head to another location on the island, one a little, just a little, more private.  Check out those images on PAGE 2 HERE:

Favorite Clicks of the Week:

A few notable sites, stories and images that had me stop, stare, and right click and save image as over the last couple of weeks.

Pratt Crack

Chris Pratt's Instagram sunburn honeymoon pic had me wondering...  It's not that I mind a little of Pratt crack, I welcome it.   I just sort of wondered if Pratt might looking to reel back in some of his butt loving fan's who were turned off at the recent reports of the actor's church being anti-gay.  I'll just say, good start Chris, butt I look forward to what's next.

Sean Lamont

Most of you remember Sean Lamont from the Stade France Calendars.  Sean was a highlight of the charity project back when many of were still looking forward to purchasing the accompanying video. Sean's impressive frontal was a highlight from the 2007 Dieux du Stade edition.  Thanks to a poster at Dreamcap, we a get more recent look at Sean's sausage during his time posing naked at a Glasgow Life drawing glass. (HERE:) Proceeds are going to charity, and part of your admission fee gets you two gin and tonics!


The US version (meaning no nudity) of Love Island begins airing this month, but I'm enjoying checking out the highlights of the UK version on Casperfan.  Some of the hotties on the island this season include Joe (above) and Curtis and Callum. (below)  Check them out in action on Casperfan HERE:


DC's Men of the Moment

When Animal Kingdom first aired back in 2016, I posted about the show and the fetching Finn Cole. (HERE:)  Finn's ass looked hot in season 1, but a few seasons later, it's even more visually incredible!  Download the clip or check out more shots on DC's Men of the Moment.

Favorite Pic of the Day or July 5th

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Happy Birthday today July 5th

Happy 35th to actor Fran├žois Arnaud!

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Hip Hip Hurrah!

Highlights:: Foxylady, August 1975


August, 1975

Peter Berlin

Cover Model: Cal

'The heart may be a lonely hunter, but only if it's mortgaged.'

Cal is one of those California guys, blonde, well muscled nomad. A sensuous surfer physique. Flat stomach, well-shaped arms, a strong face. Like the image of L.A. fun and flash, Cal is the handsome face seen speeding by in an open convertible or behind the starmaker dark glasses at a Hollywood premiere.