Monday, August 2, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 2nd

Above: Great shot of model Jonny Blucker.

Favorite Birthday Boys for today August 2nd

Happy Birthday today August 2nd to:

Actor Edward Furlong turns 33 today.

Skater Michael Weiss turns 34 today.

Above with John Zimmerman and others from Stars On Ice.

R.I.P Peter O'Toole

Favorite Click Of The Week: Big Brother on Casperfan

As US Big Brother producer Allison Grodner tries to save her stupid 'saboteur' twist, producers of the Uk version try a much simpler plan. During a recent competition, the house guests had to ignore series of random events happening in the house and try to not to react to any of them. One of them, brought to us, video included by the amazing Casperfan, is when a man walks into the house, strips off and showers in front of the group. The man, known as Stevie Tease, has one of the most amazing backsides to grace tv screens on either side of the Atlantic. Allison Grodner needs to take a page from some of the other versions of Big Brother and stop wasting our time with her silly twists. Thanks to Casperfan for the amazing video!

Import of the Day: Alexis Georgoulis

35 year old actor Alexis Georgoulis became known internationally last year due to his role in 'My Life In Ruins' but Alexis was already a huge star in Greece long before the release of that movie. Alexis first gained attention in Greece after his participation in the 2001 Greek Television Series "You Are My Mate" (Eisai To Tairi Mou).

Alexis graduated with excellence from the Drama School "Jasmine", which had been established by Greek actor Vasilis Diamantopoulos. Besides acting, Alexis is also a director having directed stage plays as well as the short film, 'From the other Side'. Alexis also recently appeared on the cover of the internatial version of Mens Health.

Check out more of Alexis at his official site HERE:
Thanks to Braxnis for some of the shots!

Below: Alexis in 'The Bubble' (2002).

Favorite Face Of The Day: Joel Dixon

Above: Joel by Mark Vercammen

26 year old Joel Dixon says he is a mix of French, Italian, and Bohemian which provides a "different" high fashion look to an artists vision. Joel is just starting out in the industry but his 'look' has already led to some high profile ads and campaigns. I love Joel's look, especially his beautiful dark eyes. Joel's look can also change dramatically based on his hair length as well as facial hair. Check out more of Joel's portfolio at his Myspace HERE:

"At first dealing with rejections was really hard, you take it very personal. After a while you understand that if you are being rejected for talent then you just need to work harder, if you are being rejected for looks then you have to understand that you are just not the look that was being sought after. Feedback is important, take rejection and just filter it into feedback so you can improve and move forward."
Joel Dixon

Joel Dixon

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 155 lbs
Waist: 30
Shoe: 10
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Black
Experience: Experienced

Below: Joel by Adam Bouska.

Below: Joel by Ashland Thomas

Below: Joel by Eric Gregory.

Next three images by Miguel Benitez.

Remaining images by Tuan Le Soleil.