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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 17th

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Seasonal Sightings

I always thought the drumsticks were the most appetizing set of legs at Christmas.   These shots from Immortal Form have me craving another set of limbs.  Santa's obviously been skipping the cookies and milk as his muscular north poles are in fine form! 

Progeny of a Cuchi Cuchi

Growing up in the eighties, I vaguely remember seeing Charo on an episode of The Facts of Life. The musician and actress was staple on television in guest star roles and on talk shows.  I hadn't really thought of Charo until recently when someone retweeted a video from her Twitter time-line.

First off, Charo looked exactly the same as I remember when I was a kid.  All the Cuchi Cuchi is obviously working out.  Secondly, I wasn't aware that she had such a hot son!  In the video Charo and her son Shel Rasten were wrapping up Christmas baskets full of citrus fruit.  Shel had a look and a cool vibe that he me wanting to know more.

There's not a whole lot on-line, but Shel has done some television acting, appearing on shows including Baskets, CSI Miami Anger Management, Workaholics and Parks and Recreation.  Shel appears to be primarily a musician like his mother and has a Youtube Channel (HERE:) with some of his music. 

Baskets (2016)

12 Days: Josh Swickard in A California Christmas

'With his carefree lifestyle on the line, a wealthy charmer poses as a ranch hand to get a hardworking farmer to sell her family's land before Christmas.'

I've been wanting to feature actor Josh Swickard for awhile now.  I don't watch General Hospital, and never saw him on the show, but I saw enough screen captures, not to mention Josh's modeling shots, not to notice the strikingly hot actor.   When I started researching Josh last month, I knew a 12 Days post would be perfect given he had an upcoming Netflix Christmas due for release.

A California Christmas was released earlier this week and I eagerly awaited it's Netflix arrival.  Josh was totally hot, and totally engaging as Joseph, the wealthy son who poses as a ranch hand in order to close a business deal.  The movie however, was missing something.  The camera work and cinematography were beautiful, but most of the supporting characters, especially the female roles, seemed... well unfinished. 

The acting for some of the supporting roles was also a little iffy in places.  This sort of surprised me given the film was written by Josh's wife, Lauren Swickard, who also played the female lead in the film.  One stand out however, was Ali Afshar as Joseph's majordomo. Afshar was also one of the movie's producers.  Leo scenes were a highlight and more enjoyable than the film's primary storyline.

Maybe I'm used to Hallmark movies where the female characters are generally the focus, but this story really needed a bit more time to flesh out.  Speaking of flesh, although there were certainly a few gratuitous shirtless scenes, Josh showed less skin than he did in all the screen caps I saw from his soap opera days.  All in all it was an enjoyable watch, but I really can't recommend it as a Christmas movie.  Sure, it was set around the holidays, but there were actually oddly few scenes with Christmas, and minimal Christmas decorations on display in most scenes.   Most Christmas movies almost 'vomit' tinsel and garland in every scene, and I was sort of surprised how much I missed it.

General Hospital

S2: All Eyes On Him

Below: Arwork by guysgoneartist

'I absolutely loved having all those eyes on me.'

We all have different levels of comfort when it comes to attention. Some people crave constant attention, others shy away from ever being the spotlight.  Most of us fall somewhere in the middle.  What I've learned most about attention, is most people are comfortable with it, only if they're in control.  Most of us can handle and enjoy attention when we're in charge and able tor regulate the degree coming our way.  It's when it's out of our control, that we often struggle.

This inability to control is one of the reasons I'm always fascinated to profile models who pose nude in front of a classroom full of students or any large group of strangers. Posing naked, even in front of one person can be a challenge, but with just one other person, a relationship can be built and negotiations can occur.  When you're posing in a room full of people, you're more than just naked.  The instructor is usually in charge, and group dynamics make it difficult to connect with every set of eyes cascading over every inch of your body.

Artwork by R Baer ChauDavis

Some models however, thrive with this intense degree of attention. Despite being in front of large groups of strangers, they're able to use their bodies, their poses, their confidence and attitude to thrive in their vulnerability.  It is this lack of control, so many nude life models learn to erotically appreciate and enjoy. When he was just 18, Stu (S2) saw an ad in the Village Voice that invited people to visit a nude club for a day.  Something about it excited the young student and he decided to give it a shot.  Although S2 wasn't initially sure why, once he got there, he felt immediately comfortable with his clothes off.  It was there, that he met a woman who was an art instructor and first asked if he would  pose for her class.

'The first posing that I did was for a college class of students who were all about my age.  I knew I had to be naked for the posing and I was nervous as hell as I took my clothes off in front of the twenty or so students.  But within ten minutes of standing naked in front of that group my nervousness disappeared.'

Artwork by Sven

When he was about five, S2 played a New Years baby in a community center holiday show. Other than that, and seeing a few photos and drawings in magazines, S2 had next to no knowledge of what modeling, especially nude modeling, would entail.  For the New Year's gig, he got to wear a pair of white underwear, but of his next gig, in front of the art class, the underwear had to come off. Fortunately, after he started, several art instructors understood he was a novice and offered advice and helpful suggestions.

San Deigo ArtGym and from the San Diego Gay Men's Art Group

'I liked taking risks and I enjoyed being naked.  Also, when I was a child I belonged to a YMCA where on men's days all boys and men swam naked. Seeing so many boys and men nude and thinking nothing about it convinced me that nudity was acceptable and not a big deal. So that experience, from five to fourteen years old, helped me be totally comfortable being nude in front of many people. Posing naked  also paid very well.  Art class models who posed fully dressed were at the lowest pay scale. Posing in underwear paid more. Nude posing had the highest pay scale.  I needed the money!'

'I was turned on by the idea but was worried about getting an erection. My sweat was steadily flowing and I recall wondering what the hell I was doing.  But once I started I quickly got over my nervousness and began enjoying myself.  It was a combination of loving the eyes on me and some form of meditation.'

S2 says in some ways it's easier posing for just one artist, they usually know what they want and typically give good directions.  In an art class, or a photo workshop, it can also work equally well if there's a good instructor who provides clear posing directions.  Sometimes, in an open group, there's no instructor.  It can be a bit of a free for all, with different people, often with their own goals, wanting different poses.  In those cases, S2 finds it easier just to take over and do his own thing.  That way he doesn't have to deal with any conflicting or unrealistic requests.

'When it comes to odd propositions or being shocked by a request, a couple things come to mind. One has happened more than a few times.... When someone I know, someone who didn't know I posed, walks into an art or photo workshop and realizes that I'm going to be their model. Fortunately in every case the embarrassment the person was feeling or showing abated quickly.  I found these experiences to be humorous and ignored the person's discomfort. And to help the person I would walk over to them during a break and chat with them to demonstrate that I was fine about being their model.  That strategy seemed to help.'

'I've never thought of myself as being more than having average looks.  I don't have the fashion model look by any stretch of the imagination. But that has worked for me as artists want someone posing who is able to hold still, who is creative with their poses and who is totally comfortable being closely studied while naked. I had one art instructor tell me that I'm a "natural' at posing since I held poses with ease and since it was clear that I was totally comfortable being naked for his classes.  He even suggested, in jest, that I should teach classes on how to be a nude model.  I guess the other compliment has been that I've been requested and booked repeatedly at different art schools over the years.  If they didn't like me I would not have become a regular at many art schools.'

In addition to finding modeling nude exciting and fun, S2 also considers it a form of relaxation.  When he holds positions for long periods of time, he actually slips into a type of meditation.  It also of course satisfies his exhibitionist desires.  S2 also shares the misconception that nude modeling is also something only for those in their twenties or thirties with perfect gym bodies.  S2's experience is that Art Schools want models of all sizes, shapes, colors, styles and ages.  His experience has been that as long as you're enthusiastic and skilled with posing, they're  happy.  S2 understands that most photographers want certain ages, looks and body types for their work but for art classes, posing well is the key to being a successful and sought after model. 

If you're thinking, as I did, that S2 has an especially insightful way of describing his time modeling nude in front of strangers, there's a reason.  S2 has spent a lot of time thinking back over his time modeling in order to create his new book Lights On-Clothes Off.  In the book, due for release this spring, S2 uses his personal experiences, from his initial anxieties, through his ultimate acceptance with being an exhibitionist.  Through his main character, Eddie Saul, S2 details the hidden desires and secret life of an unstoppable exhibitionist.  You can check out more, and pre-order the book HERE:

Artwork by Jaron Stokes