Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 29th

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Happy Birthday today January 29th

Happy Birthday today to actor Tom Selleck!

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Whenever I'm putting together a birthday post is search back to my previous posts for  birthdays on that date.  Partly, it's to decide who to feature and to see what images I have used.  Although I settled on featuring model Diego Barrueco for my birthday post for January 28th, it was also Joey Fatone's 42nd birthday and when looking back, I came upon the image below of NSYNC.

I had such a crush on Justin Timberlake in the late 90's when NYSNC was on the rise and loved any shot of the boy band with any hint of Timberlake skin, especially his lickalicious stomach in view.   It was clear as time went on, the group, or their management, were not as comfortable with the guys showing skin in their promotional images, and most of the shirtless shots were from their first few years together.

Thankfully, when NYSYC ended, Timerblake again chose to show a fair amount of skin in the early days of launching his solo career.  It had me thinking that in America, we still like to pretend boy bands, and especially their imagery, is geared towards prepubescent teen age girls.  Although young girls certainly make up the bulk of the boy band fans, in other parts of the world, the bands and their management seem more open about aiming to a more expansive fan base.

Take That was one of the fist groups I remember discovering, not initially from their music, but the skin they showed in their videos and promotional images.  I never became a huge fan of the group, but the images did lead me to check out and sample their music.

Take That

When I first got the net in the late 90's, it was the uncensored version of Do What You Like that had me lusting over 2 (well, maybe 3) members of the UK based boy band.  The unedited video had their butts on full display for their fans, and would be fans like myself.

When it comes to selling sex and skin, even with boy bands with members in their early to mid-teens, sex and skin are apart of the package.  Many groups, for the most part, UK or European based bands, give more than a flash of stomach ala Timberlake in NSYNC, but use nudity, well... implied nudity, to increase their fans and sales.


Flashing a bit of skin almost always gets a band a flash of attention, an image in a magazine, or a spot on the news.  It isn't however, an indicator of success.  If you check out the images below, some of the bands you may have heard of, but not all had the talent to rise to the level of interest in the skin they flashed to promote it. 









A Boy in Bed: Kyle by Brenton Parry

'It’s very rare for me to have a guy as beautiful as Kyle in my bed. On this occasion it was purely for photographic purposes.'

I first noticed, and  began following, fellow blogger Brenton Parry after seeing some of his nude selfies, including a great nude on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.   Brenton's site, (Aussielicous) has become of my favorite sites to check regularly check out.  Although it's Brenton's self shots and writing that initially drew me to his site, it's Brenton's increased focus on his photography that's become one of my favorite parts of my regular visits.

Last month, Brenton introduced readers to his work with Kyle, a model he'd first seen when he came across an image on a networking site.  Through following each other on Instagram, Brenton and Kyle were able to create some opportunities to get work together.  Brenton first featured his work with Kyle in a series entitled Blue Skies, a series of shots of Kyle on the beach, one of which I used as today's pic of the day.

A few weeks later on Christmas Eve, Brenton gifted Aussielicous readers with this series, A Boy in Bed.  Both shoots were completed on the same day and both, Brenton shares were completed quickly with both done, and lunch eaten, but about 1 pm.  Brenton attributes the quickness and ease in large part due to Kyle being a complete professional who knows exactly what he's doing in front of the camera.  You can check out more of Brenton's work with Kyle, as well as more of his recent photo sets available to purchase and download on Brenton' site HERE:.

'Kyle has a bunch of tattoos now in an ever increasing collection that he didn’t have when I first came across his images but they really suit him and they certainly weren’t a problem for the shoots we did. They are fairly simple shoots, no fancy concepts here. One we did down at the nude beach and one was him in a bed. Both locations suit him down to the ground and he looks comfortable and beautiful nude. To be fair he could be just about anywhere and his infectious smile would brighten up the location.'