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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 31st

Pierre by Saki
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Seasonal Sightings:

Better Protected....

'Get Better Protected from Mayhem'

I know I'm not the only one who see's actor Dean Winters in those Allstate and thinks back to his time on OZ.  Dean may cause lots of mayhem in the Allstate ads, but none of it comes close to the mayhem he created as Ryan O'Reily on the HBO drama.

I especially think back to one of my favorite scenes from the episode 'A Word to the Wise.'  In the season 4 episode, Winters as Ryan gives us a great view as he rises from his bunk to look out over the prison though the glass of his cell.  The directors of OZ gave us a lot of great 'through the looking glass' views of the male cast members. 

It's also nice to see Dean's real life brother, Scott William Winters, joining him in some of the Allstate ads.  OZ fans will remember that Scott also played Dean's brother Cyril O'Reily on OZ.   Now, if we could only get the show remastered in HD, it's time HBO, it's time!

OZ caps via ausCaps

Thiemo: Dating Hautnah

In this dating show, we go back to basics and start where a good date often ends....

I still enjoy watching the various incarnations of Naked Attraction, the naked dating show that originated in the UK.  Some of the other versions are actually even more enjoyable, especially if I can find a copy with English subtitles.  Sometime, the body language is enough, making the subtitles unnecessary. 

My most recent viewing was of Naked Attraction Germany: Dating Hautnah.  I found several recent episodes on-line, some with subtitles, some without.  This piece involves the episode Sarina, and did  not have subtitles to accompany the show.  They weren't really required, Sarina was a bisexual woman who was presented with dating options of both genders.

Sarina wants a better look at Thiemo's behind

The host of German version is actor, performer and presenter Julian F.M. Stoeckel.  The fact that Julian is male and also bisexual adds an erotic cmnm element to the show.  In this particular episode, Sarina narrows her choices down to two men, one of whom is the adorable Thiemo Lörtscher.  It took me awhile to figure out his name, but eventually found him on Instagram. 

It wasn't surprising to find out the fit hottie was a male model who seems to have experience shedding his clothing for the camera.  What stood out about Thiemo wasn't just his good looks, but his hmmm... excitement with making it to the final round.  If you check out the clip, it seems pretty clear little Thiemo is on alert with the male model sporting a semi during most of the last few minutes of the show.  

Ironing Out The Kink: Pierre by Saki

'The hat and harness were mine, the leather (cap and accessories) belonged to Pierre.'

Anyone who's done much dating, know how important it is to make a good first impression.  I'm not taking about meeting a stranger at a club or bar for one night stand, in those cases, the determining factors and expectations are less stringent.  I'm talking about an actual date.  A scheduled time with either someone new, who you haven't met before. A date with a meal and time for conversation to get to know one another.  A date that one or both parties hope might lead to something further, possibly even a relationship. 

Research tells us that most people, upon meeting someone new, make their initial impression in the first 10 seconds.  10 seconds.. that's not a lot of time to impress someone who might be a part of your future.  So... for most of us then, we arrive well groomed, well dressed, and share positive anecdotes about job, our life and our previous relationships.  We usually leave the kink, to iron out later.

For many models, the same principals apply.  For a first shoot, we want to make a good impression.  Maybe it's not necessarily about impressing the the artist or photographer, but on the many sets of eyes who may see the final shots.  Like that first day, we shower and shave, get our hair just right, and arrive arrive with clothing to wear to look our best.  Even if it's a nude, or implied shoot, we want to wear, and then strip off, flattering fashions. 

One of the most important things to include, is a selection of flattering underwear.  Most models don't pose in faded, well worn or torn undies.  Not that there's not a large audience for that...  Most models wear new undies in photo shoots, either ones they brought themselves, or one supplied by the photographers.

When Pierre first stepped in front of Saki's camera, he wanted to make a good impression.  Pierre is clearly very handsome, and When he asked to pose for Saki, the Paris based artist gladly accepted his offer to shoot.  Pierre was looking for relatively 'tame' shots that showed off his face and body, but that were not overly sexual.  For that first shoot, he wanted to hold back.  Pierre wanted to make a good visual first impression.  His goal, to create sensual images, but without his penis not be visible in the final shots.

Those images, from his first shoot with Saki, comprise the first set of images in this post.  As you can see, there were facets of Pierre's personality and interests, he wanted to hold back until a later date.  Those he save for his second time in front of Saki's lens. 

When I first contacted Saki about featuring his work with Pierre, he sent on the images above from their first time working together.  I thought that's all they were.  Whenever a photographer sends on a shoot without frontals, I always have to ask why.  I certainly don't require frontals for post, and some of my favorite shoots are implied.  I am always curious however, how the decision was made, so I asked Saki if it was his choice, or a boundary set by Pierre.

Saki answered my question by sending on images from second shoot with Pierre.  As you can see, by this time, Pierre had made the initial impression that he wanted, and had worked out the initial kinks involved with his first shoot with Saki.  It was now time, to share, explore and expose, other sides of personality and passions.

As you can see, one of those sides includes leather.  Although Saki supplied the harness, the other pieces of leather were owned, and brought by Pierre.  Saki shares that in both sessions, the more reserved first shoot, and the leather clad second, Pierre was the same.  Pleasant and enjoyable to work with.  Saki did note, that in their second shoot together, Pierre seemed a little less reserved, and took more initiative with suggesting some of the shots and poses. 

I was really taken with Pierre's first impression, it was the visuals from his first session with Saki, that let me to ask about featuring his images.  I equally loved the second set of shots, specially that they put a curve ball into that 10 second first impression that I initially made.  I also loved that both sets show different parts of Pierre, both physical parts, and parts of his erotic identity.