Monday, March 23, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 23rd

Favorite Birthday Boy for March 23rd Richard Grieco

I still remember being about 15 or 16 watching 'If Looks Could Kill' at the theatre. That was when I fell in lust with Richard Grieco. I never watched 21 Jump St, but that underwear scene in Looks stands out to me as one of the hottest scenes I had seen at the time. Richard turns 44 today. (Search the site for more on Richard, including caps from 'If Looks Could Kill'.

Richard in 'Last Cry' (Sexual Predator, 2001).

Richard in 'When Time Expires' (1997).

Also Celebrating today March 23rd

Happy Birthday also today March 23rd to:

Beautiful and talented Steven Strait turns 23 today.

Brazilian model Caco Ricci turns 31 today.

Supermodel Jason Fedele turns 37 today.

Above: Jason with Tom Ford and model Ryan Locke

Favorite TV Hunk of the Day: Gregory Michael

To be honest, I have not really been a big fan of 'Dante's Cove'. The show is a bit much for me, but I have watched enough episodes to be a fan of some of the cast. Gregory Michael is a stand out, not only because he is a good actor, but because he has an interesting look that certainly appeals to me. Gregory has the combination of boy next door mixed with intelligence and maturity.

Gregory grew up in Pennsylvania and got his start like many young actors in musical theatre. Gregory had leads in The Music Man and Blood Brothers (one of my favorite musical soundtracks) amoung others. Soon after finishing his studies, Gregory moved to Florida and worked as one of the Disney characters at Disney World. Michael got his big break on 'As The World Turns' in 2003 and played Kevin on 'Dante's Cove' for close to three years.

Below: Gregory in 'Dante's Cove'
All 'Dante's Cove' caps via the brilliant Casperfan!