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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 17th

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Rooftop Receiver

Sunset Years

Xavier in West End Bares

One of the features I enjoy  putting together is actor and role.  I usually focus on a particular fictional character, (like Brick in Cat on a Hot Tinned Roof) and spotlight the many actors that have inhabited the role.  I've done it a few times, and it's especially interesting when it's a film role, that originated on stage, where many different actors played the part.

A few years ago, I focused on Sid Sorokin from The Pajama Game. (HERE:)  I chose Sid as in most productions, Sid appears shirtless in the musicals closing scene.  I was recently thinking of doing an update and started again to look for images.  I came upon the image below, featuring British actor Michael Xavier in the role of Sid.  Searching for more shots of Michael, led me to one of his more recent stage roles, playing Joe in the Broadway revival of Sunset Boulevard.

If you missed the show, Michael makes his Act II entrance coming out of a swimming pool in a tight pair of blue swimming trunks. It was easy then to decide which fictional character I needed to spotlight next. Check out more of Michael, and many more 'not your average Joe's' HERE.

Movie Night...

'Between these two I’ll have no more popcorn for the CBS Sunday night movie! Tonight is Raiders of the Lost Ark!'

It's always fascinating to me how certain images, on certain days, can have an impact on me.  The image above may seem fairly tame as far as FH goes, but when I saw it last week, I found incredibly hot.  The shirtless hunk on the couch is actor Zach Tinker, a former Young and the Restless star who I've previously featured on the site.(HERE:)

Zach posted the image from his girlfriend Cait Fairbanks page, plugging their networks new Sunday Night Movie.  Now I don't know who wants to watch an edited for television version of Raiders Of The Lost Ark with tons of commercials when you can watch the full film anytime, but CBS was really trying to sell it, including using it's stars to promote the event.  Regardless, there was something about an adorably hot Zach hovering in the background that had me wanting to pop the corn and cuddle in.

The Evolution Anatomy: Andrew by New Manhattan Studios

'Together, the two sessions track this striking California model at the end of his teenage years.'

One of my favorite parts of working on FH is the ability to follow progress.  With the site currently cruising through it's second decade, I've been fortunate to follow and feature both photographers and models through various years and stages of their creative careers.  Whenever I'm working on a profile, I enjoy looking back at an artist's previous work, especially their first time in behind, or in front of the camera for a professional shoot.

With models specifically, I've been fortunate to have been able to showcase many first shoots.  These often feature 18 or 19 year old models stepping in front of the camera for the very first time. It's fascinating to following their development and progress, observing visual changes in both their physical appearance, as well as their demeanor and confidence in front of the camera.  Although many models appear comfortable from the get go, many really shine with both experience, and when working with an artist they are able to connect and form an artistic alignment with.

In addition to following a model's evolution, is also following their work with a variety of photographers.   Wes from New Manhattan Studios has photographed many of the models I've featured and whose careers I've followed over the years.  FH readers are used to seeing regular pieces featuring new shoots with Bond, Alex, Renn and many other models captured by NMS.  Wes has either arranged a session during a models time in New York, or scheduled a shoot when traveling closer to a models location.

This set of images, from two separate shoots, took place during a visit to California.  Many FH readers will certainly recognize Andrew, whose images first appeared back in 2015 in two pieces showcasing his work with studioAtruong. (Perfetto: & Pump:)  Andrew appeared again the following year when I showed his work, and photo book, from StudioMGphotography. (Sight to Behold)

One of the things I liked best about Andrew's work were the subtle differences in his look between his work with Alain and Mark.  I remember when Mark first shared his images that I didn't instantly recognize Andrew from the previous piece that I'd worked on. There were subtle difference in both his body and hair, and his presence in front of the camera.  The images from Alain were all shot in studio, and Mark's shoot took place mostly outside.  I could almost feel Andrew's bohemian energy bursting through under the California sun.

The California sun also lit Andrew's magnificent skin and body in his work with New Manhattan Studios.  The first of the two sessions was actually shot at Mark (studioMGphotography) and Mike Tossy's home in the hills above Santa Cruz.  I'm guessing many of you may recognize the pool, patio and fence from previous pieces on the site.  Assisting that day was Wm Weyeneth, a west coast associate and photographer, who also shot as the second cameraman.

A year later the studio and model reunited for a second session in a secluded garden nestled on a hill in San Francisco's famed Castro District. This time, the assistant and second cameraman was model, photographer, and FH favorite, Alex Bustamante, . The two had met the summer before; when Wm and I were shooting with Andrew.  Alex was also at the first session, working as a third photographer.

Although this shoot took place a few years ago, we can thank the pandemic for inspiring not only this post, but a new photo essay featuring NMS's work with Andrew.  Given he had so much time on his hands, and no new shoots on the schedule, Wes had time to start tacking his vast piles of under-attended photo sessions.  Wes was initially looking for new material to share and post on his site and Instagram, but the treasures unearthed inspired even more.  Andrew's book (HERE:) is one of the studios' best, and one of the hottest photo essay's to date!

'In San Francisco, the photography gods had smiled and we were blessed with an ideal September afternoon. It's rare in San Francisco when you would want to shower outside, but this was just such a day and Andrew took his time bathing in the warm sprays of light and water. Direct sun piercing through cloudless blue skies bounced off the water, scattering diamonds in the air, but it cast harsh shadows, too.'

One of the advantages to having a second, and even third, photographers on his shoots, means that Wes has the opportunity to shoot many great behind the scenes shots.  Check out more of Andrew, being assisted, adjusted and incited by Alex on PAGE 2 HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 16th

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Happy Birthday today May 16th

Happy 67th to actor Pierce Brosnan!

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R.I.P Mr. Willard

I loved so much of what he did. Thanks for the laughs and the joy.
R.I.P Fred Willard

Bandana Boy

With so many people using bandanas as face masks these days, I couldn't help but think back to bandana boy.  Most of you have seen these images before, they've been around and posted for awhile.  I think I first I first saw them on Aussielicous and remember thinking how creative the guy was and how hot the look was.

I also was impressed with how the model kept his bandana wrap on, and was sure he must have had a few wardrobe malfunctions.  After remembering these shots, I went on the hunt to find out a little more about the body wrapped so tightly in the many colored bandanas he barely wore.

The hottie's name is Justyn, and these shots are form his time working as a dancer and stripper in Key West at the Bourbon Street Pub.  Justyn used to dance only wearing the bandana, which I'm sure led to some fun moments.  Although there are not too many shots of Justyn gyrating on stage, I love the shots of him posing with fans on the street after the show.

Behind the Scenes: Andrew by New Manhattan Studios

'As a matter of studio policy, there are always two persons present at each model's shoot. In addition to the lead photographer, a stylist/production assistant is on hand, often also shooting part-time with a second camera.'

Lucky for us that Wyn and Alex were along to assist Wes and Andrew during their time in Santa Cruz and San Francisco.  It's always nice when models and photographers connect, so it was fitting Alex chose a tight white speedo to compliment, and coordinate with, Andrew's tight white pants.  The pants eventually came off, but the speedo, sadly, although beautifully, stayed on.

Although he played a larger role on the second shoot, Alex also worked hard during the first shoot in Santa Cruz.  He definitely earned his salary getting wet by tracking the reflector to soften the shadows.  Wes shares that maybe more importantly, Alex's teasing banter appeared to inspire the Andrew to greater things...

Wes put together a video showcasing over 5 dozen shots from the studio's two shoots with Andrew which can viewed on the New Manhattan Studios website HERE:

'Together, the two sessions track this striking California model at the end of his teenage years. Andrew has since told me that he has retired from modeling and that the session in San Francisco was his last professional photo shoot. Given that, we are happy to put to good use the first of our pandemically-induced free time to finally finish processing and publishing the photos of his last session.'

Check out and preview Andrew's Photo Essay HERE: