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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 17th


Happy Birthday today December 17th

Happy 70th to actor Bill Pullman!

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The Serpent and the Rainbow (1998)



Unwrapped in Red: Brock by Essence Photography

'Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.'
Bill Blass

No matter what else you're wearing, or if you're wearing nothing at all, red is always a stand out.  Red goes with everything, yet goes with nothing, it's an independent color that stands alone without requiring the support of other hues.   

The first shots of Brock that I saw were from Essence Photography and they certainly stood out.  So much so, I got in touch with the NC based photographer and featured his work with Brock earlier this year. (HERE:)  These images were also included in the series Essence Photography sent on, so I tucked them away until Christmas.   Often, I forget some of the things I tuck away, but these holiday bondage shots were cemented in my memory. 

The color red has so many meanings, so many more than any other color.  Depending on your mood, run can go from meaning love, lust, joy and passion, to reflecting danger, anger and rage.  Over the course of Christmas week, many of us feel each of these emotions at different times.  Even conflicting emotions can be weaved together which is why so many people like to mix a little passionate risk with their holiday joy.

In addition to turkey, stuffing, and after church and Christmas dinner, a little unwrapping is always in order.  Sure you can unwrap boxes and open gift bags, but I'd much untie the rope, and then rip off the plaid and yank off the big bow from a hot redhead.

Retro Briefs:

'Underwear is everything because we all know that if we have on the wrong pair of underwear it ruins your day.'

Although our attitude about our underwear changes, the quote about for me, is a truth that still holds true.  I've always had a favorite pair underwear in my bureau drawer, one's that fit perfectly and appear to hold some sort of cotton induced magic.  I of course know it's not true or possible, yet I still believe my day will be a little bit better, and a little luckier, if I have that specific pair. 

It was never a specific brand, or a particular color, it was just something that was difficult to put into words.  If I had a job interview, a date, or a party I was going to, I always wanted to wear the same pair.  I don't know how many times I washed those quickly and put them on still a little damp, just to ensure my luckier briefs were ready for any big events.

Of course we wear our favorite, and 'lucky' pair of undies, long past their 'best by' date.  I still have a two of my lucky undies in my drawer that I no longer wear.  Even though I don't slip them on any longer, there seems something dangerous about throwing them out.  Of course I will, I always end up doing so, but not without holding on to them for far too long.

I know there are a lot of hot underwear ads, but I chose these retro ads as they all look like they were produced before the year 2000.  Most of these are classic ads that didn't appear just in adult publications, but could also be seen in catalogues, and main stream magazines.  I also sprinkled in a few favorites that I'm sure never appeared in the Wish Book.

It's interesting that so many of the older ads were 'generational', putting fathers and sons, and even grandfathers together in the campaign images.  I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, I didn't want the same underwear that my father had.  I know we model after those we love and respect, and I loved and respected my dad, but I hated his white Hanes briefs, and still mostly avoid them.

I was however, influenced by hot male models in magazines, and guys at school I had a crush on.  There was this one guy at school who always wore tight, pale blue, bikini briefs that I often got to check out when we changed into our shorts for gym class.  

I bugged my mother to buy me some, but she thought they were impractical, and not warm enough to wear on cold days. I eventually had to buy them for myself.  Thankfully, I had a Godmother who gave me money every Christmas, so bought myself three pairs at Sears.  They were more expensive than the other packages, but I never regretted the purchase.