Thursday, April 30, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 1st

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Happy Birthday today May 1st

Happy 38th to model and actor Jamie Dornan!

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Jayk: Entry Point

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Down Under, circa 1998

Check out more of Jason Boyd, Australian Women's Magazines 1998 Man of the Year on 

Suede Blue Eyes: Anthony by Stephen Kahrs

'You're always dancing down the street
With your suede blue eye-eyes
And every new boy that you meet
Doesn't know the real surprise.'

Whenever I'm featuring the work of photographer Stephen Kahrs, I'm always struck by the timeless quality of his imagery.  I'm confident it's more than just the model's look, but how Stephen views, and photographs them.  No matter who in front of his lens, nor what their appearance, Stephen's lens acts as a time travelling portal, pulling vintage elements and classic depictions of the male form into the present.

In the case of Anthony, the depiction is that of a classic American crooner from the 30's or 40's, pulled off the stage, right in the middle of his jazz song.  In addition to his skill and creative techniques, one of the ways Stephen's images achieve their look and feel is his focus.  No matter who he's shooting, no matter how much, or how little their wearing, Stephen's focus remains firm on his model's eyes.  Stephen captures not just their beauty, but on the past events they've both witnessed and seen.

'Suede Blue Eyes' is a term, well it’s actually a part of a lyric from a song by The Cars, that come to mind when I look into Anthony’s eyes.I remember first time seeing an image of Anthony on a fellow photographers Instagram and knew that I needed to shoot with Anthony, He has the cliché boy next door looks topped off with those gorgeous baby blue eyes which were begging to be photographed.

'These images are from our second shoot together which happened last fall. We tried a few different looks and pulled off a nice vintage crooner/singer look which we were both pleased with but by far my favorites were the shirtless images where he’s only wearing jeans. He was a perfect candidate for my style of what someone recently called an “Old Master’s Style”, inferring that my lighting style of my male portraiture has a distinctive look and feel to that of the old oil painting masters. Anthony and I have plans to shoot again this fall provided that Covid 19 is past us.'

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 30th

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Succulent Selfies

Simon Says...

Jayk: Mountains to Climb

'I love being outside!'

I love being outside as well, but am not sure I truly appreciated how much until the last month or so.  I used to regularly head to parks and the ocean for drives, runs and long walks.  With the current limitations place on most of us sitting in the backyard is a welcomed blessing.  Even though the temperatures are just barely creeping above the freezing point, the fresh air and sunlight are a gift.

Regular FH readers undoubtedly recognize the memorable curves and form of model, dancer and stripper Jayk.  Jayk made his debut on FH back in 2013, and over the last seven years we've seen beautiful backside, and equally stunning front, in studio shots, in swimming pools, in his living room, the gym, almost every where you can think of, including in and beside his kitchen sink. (see them all HERE:)

Now you might assume, and why wouldn't you, that Jayk is most comfortable at the bottom.  But as you can see from this series, he is equally comfortable and confident positioned at the top.  The top in this case is a mountain near his home, one with a entry point JayK couldn't help enter. I love this series of self-shots JayK captured, but as stunning as he is atop the mountain, I love the shots below in the cavern's opening with the sunlight illuminating his breathtaking behind.

Jayk on FH

Me, Shooting You, Shooting Him

FH readers are aware I love 'behind the scene' shots, and love to include them whenever I'm profiling a shoot.  FH is rooted in story, and the process of creating that story is as fascinating to me as the end results.  I recently came upon the image above, and began searching for others from the series.  My search however, wasn't successful.  I'm guessing it's promotional bts image from an adult site, but wasn't able to find any others.

Male ModelNL

It did however, have me going back through the FH archives, and enjoying once again, many of the incredible behind the scenes images that so many artists have generously shared.  There are several types of bts images, from outtakes to preparation shots. (applying body make-up/models dressing and undressing)  Some of my favorites however, feature photographers at work.

Shooting Chad White

In order to achieve this particular behind the scenes captures, there needs to be not one, but at least two photographers on set.  This makes this particular theme, often harder to find and share.  Thankfully, so many photographers I've featured shoot either with PA's, or with other photographers on group shoots.

Lime Street

Below: Jack Saul shooting Brian, (Qudos Photography)shooting Francesco

Haruehun Airry

Wes from New Manhattan Studios is frequently joined by Alex, and sometimes even a third photographer on set.  This enables not only great behind the scenes shots, but also a greater variety of shots and angle.  It's also been a saving grace, as there have been a few times, Wes has preferred the shots taken by others, and in at least one case with Bond, when Wes's images were accidentally deleted, Alex's images the only shots which resulted from the shoot.

Wes, shooting Alex, shooting Bond

The Utah trips, which feature 3 photographers, also generates another incredible perspective of the annual shoots.  Due to the pandemic, plans for this years trip are still up in the air, but fingers crossed things improve enough for their to be time to plan and find models for the September adventure.


Gordon Nebeker, Mike Tossy and StudioMGphotography shooting Gordon Nebeker, Mike Tossy and StudioMGphotography shooting dozens of incredible models in Lake Powell Utah

Utah on FH:

Jason Boyd: It All Adds Up

'Problems with arrears? Over drafted? No interest? Check out this gorgeous accountant and we'll send you an invoice for serves rendered.'

Over the past year, I've featured several models from Australian's Women's Forum Magazines. (HERE: & HERE:).  One of the hottest is certainly blonde Adonis Jason Boyd who was the magazines 1998 man of the year.

'In the flesh, Jason is even more divine than he is in these pics. At over six feet tall with broad shoulders, he towers over most people and he's also a nice bloke. He describes himself as 'down-to-earth, honest, straightforward and socially outgoing.' And his driving ambitions are refreshing. 'I'm happy to cruise along at the moment, you never know what can happen tomorrow. I just want to work hard and earn a living.'

'And how does Jason define a good sex session? 'Active and adventurous, a lot of sweat and a destroyed room. I like doing it in different places and spicing things up a bit. The bizarre place I've done it was in a nightclub. I'm very adventurous, I'd like to do it on Centrepoint Tower. '

Monday, April 27, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 28th

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Now & Then

I knew when I watched Survivor: Philippines that Jonathan Penner was also an actor.  I didn't actually think I'd seen him in anything until watching a recent fundraiser for the pandemic.  Check out more of Jonathan's onscreen past on PAGE 2 HERE: 


Take Me To The World

Although it got off to a bumpy (and very late) start, last night's 90th birthday party, and celebration of the music of Stephen Sondheim was an incredible two plus hours of music and entertainment. The show was a fundraiser to benefit ASTEP (Artists Striving to End Poverty). Although much of the post show press went (deservedly) to Christine Baranski, Meryl Streep, and Audra McDonald's 'Ladies Who Lunch', the entire show was outstanding.

I especially enjoyed seeing, and hearing, Lea Salonga and Elizabeth Stanley and it was also wonderful seeing Chip Zien singing 'No More' from Into The Woods.  I also loved Chip's not so subtle comparison of the show;s giant, ( who destroys the kingdom) to a certain orange haired ogre like douche bag.

My favorite performance of the night though had to be Josh Groban singing both 'Children Will Listen' and 'Not While I'm Around.'  There is nothing hotter than talent, and Josh's voice always hits me in a variety of places.  I also love the beard he's been rocking of late.  I could listen to his smooth, powerful instrument all night long.  If you missed the show, the entire show featuring so many Broadway greats is on Youtube HERE:

No Tell Motel: Naked Ambition by Brady James Photo

'There's a sign on the wall
'Lovin' At Your Own Risk'
If it don't have what you want
Love what you wish'

Hotels and motels have always had romantic, or maybe more raunchy, reputations.  Honeymoons, and romantic rendezvous,  intimate and illicit encounters and wild sex with nameless strangers.  In all of those scenarios however,  the visual illustrations are usually of a couple, at least two individuals, though maybe more....  But... what if you're alone.  Motels can still provide a sensuous experience even if it the illicit encounter.. is with yourself. 

Even before we had forced physical distancing, a night alone in a motel can provide the unique opportunity to explore areas of one's sexuality not normally delved into at home.  A deep dive maybe, somewhere you don't usually go on your own....  These intimate, and often individual encounters were what came to mind when enjoying this series from art model George from Naked Ambition.

Many of you have enjoyed George's work previously on FH, both in front of, and behind the camera. For this series, George worked photographer Brady James, a photographer he had previously worked with on a clothed, outdoor shoot.  At the end of that shoot, George let Brady know that when they got together next, he like to do a nude shoot if that was OK with him.

It obviously was.  When Brady visited Fresno earlier this year, they met up at Brady's motel for a more sensual shooting experience than their previous fashion focused shoot allowed.  69 George is used to being naked, he often poses for photographers and art classes.  When posing in front of a group of students however, his goal is usually to avoid an erection.  For this shoot, he wanted to ensure he had one, so in addition to usual prep work, he made a point of popping of an E.D pill an hour before the shoot.  Best to be prepared!