Thursday, August 17, 2023

Lights On Studio: At the Bottom of the Stairs

'The shoot that was the most fun.... That's hard to narrow it down.  Maybe a session I had with Curran and another model I was shooting....' Curran is very outgoing and has a great sense of humor. The other model was a bit shyer and it was fun to see how Curran took charge in getting him to pose with him.'

Photographer Tom Nakielski from Lights On Studio had been wanting to shoot Curran for awhile, so was glad when they finally got together and were able to shoot.  Tom shares that Curran was ready from the get go, excited to perform and be a part of the creative process.  There were so many great places in the old home; so many rooms, a great glassed in shower and beautiful fireplace.  As you can see, Curran certainly made the most of the historic homes wooden staircase, both alone, and when joined by the other model was shooting that day.

'Give Curran a prop and sit back and watch him take it to the limit. On top of his creativity he exuded a fun and exuberant attitude. It was a 7 hours session and Curran never lost his eagerness and kept the session filled with high energy. What fun!' 

Some of you may have already guessed the second model Tom was shooting that day, and who joined Curran for the couples shoot was a model I've featured previously on the site.  If you click HERE:, you'll find several of Tom's shoots with the stunning Nas that I spotlighted between 2017 and 2021.  Although Nas may have been the shyer of the two, with Curran's encouragement, he got into the sensual spirit of the theme and shoot. 

'I had photographed Nas before and knew he would do great. (he is one of my favorite models!). This was a first with Curran. I picked him and Nas up and from the very start Curran showed he was ready. Talkative, humorous, outgoing and confident. We got to the home and Curran was ready to get naked before I was even ready to shoot. I knew this would be a fun session.' 

In addition to being one of Tom's favorite models to work with, Nas is also one of my favorites to feature on the site.  Despite his shyness, he really shines in front of Tom's lens.  Although I loved all of the previous pieces, I think this couples shoot is one of my favorites.  You can feel the heat and chemistry between Nas and Curran and I love how they look and pose so sensually together.  Nothing looks forced, but natural to the both the moment, and the natural chemistry they share.

In addition to posing on the staircase landing, Curran and Nas intertwined their beautiful bodes together in the living room, the bathroom, and the homes magnificent wooden fireplace.   Despite just meeting only a couple of hours before,  they look so natural together.  Although it was also their first time in the house, they look like they belong there, like they've lived there for year, intimately acquainted with every room, every corner, nook and cranny.

'Curran was born to be in front of the camera. He was at ease and very creative in posing; all the time making fun banter. Nas is fairly new at modeling and I don't think he ever posed with another model before. No problem! Curran took Nas under his wing and guided him throughout the session. '

'I did some shower photos of the two together. Both seemed to like that since they both had erections in the shower. After getting the shower shots I left them alone. What happened during their alone time is only what I can fantasize... '

'We finished up the session with Curran putting on a leather corset, black long gloves, and black net nylons. It wasn't until I got home and downloaded the images that I realized that Curran had the corset on backwards. LOL. I redeemed myself later when I had a session later with a second shoot with  Curran in Chicago. '