Saturday, December 26, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 26th

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Happy Birthday today December 26th

Happy 29th to actor Kit Harington!

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Just Because:

Boxing Day Sales

On The Road Again:

Image from Gordon Nebeker

9 Days, 2400 Miles

Christmas might be over, but the holiday's are just beginning on FH! Count down the last few days of 2015 by joining photographers Gordon Nebeker, Mike Tossy and StudioMGphotography, on a visual vacation to the city of Moab, in Grand County, Eastern Utah. Three Photographers, along with three models, (guess which three get naked....) in Muscles & Mountains, this week on FH.

Bonus Gift: Brad by Carl Proctor

Bonus: Something given in addition to what is usual or expected.

Every December 26th, my mother would ask how I liked my gifts. She would go down her list and ask how I liked my new clothes, my new toys, my new books and movies. Inevitably, she would ask about a gift that I never received. Every year, like clockwork, there was certain gift that she had had forgotten to put under the tree. Some gift, so well hidden in her closet, in the attic, in the basement furnace room, that she did not come upon while placing gifts under the tree on Christmas eve.

Because this happened pretty much every year, we began to call that forgotten present, our bonus gift. No matter what it was, it became an instant favorite as it was a gift that was given without the pressure of being opened with the other gifts under the tree. Usually it was something small, something near the bottom of my Christmas list and something easy to forget or overlook.

There is nothing small or forgetful about model Brad Canali, in fact the images I used as pic of the day is one of my all time favorite images. A hot ginger with a truly amazing butt. All of those sexy freckles only add to Carl Proctor's hot capture. But.... I do consider Carl's images of Brad a bonus gift because as FH heads towards the end of another year, I was looking for something special to post on Boxing Day.

I instantly thought of studio shots of Brad that I didn't include when I featured his work with Carl the first piece I did of their work together. (Cabin In The Woods) I hope you all had a great Christmas, and hope not all of you are running out to spend your money at Boxing Day sales. I feel lucky to live in a place where the stores are not legally allowed to open until the 27th. Makes the holiday last a little bit longer, and makes discovering my bonus gift, all the more special.