Saturday, July 2, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 3rd

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A Vintage Vantage:

✨ Colt model Rick Wolfmier 

FH Flashback: Draped by Nathan Scott

Holidays are a time for looking forward, and looking back.  For FH, looking back means checking out my previous Impendence Day posts, I wanted to again spotlight the work of Nathan Scott.  I loved featuring Nathan's work and especially loved these patriot themed images that I featured back in 2015.

There was such emotion in the shots, erotic yes, but also patriot and sad. To truly look back you have to remember both the good and the bad.  Our history is mixed with both, and the pain and loss of history and war is held and felt within each of Nathan's shots.  You can check out more images from the series in the post HERE:

Tom Nakielski : A Mighty Flame


'From a simple spark, may burst a mighty flame.'


Most don't think of National Anthems as being orgasmic, but yet the Star-Spangled Banner lyrics certainly give it their best shot. I'm not sure there's really anything more phallic than the lyrics'the rocket's red glare, The bombs bursting in air.' as written by John Stafford Smith.

It's appropriate then, that over the years of creating holiday posts for the 4th, photographer Tom Nakielski (Lights On Studio) with a combustive conclusion.  Now I'm told, (shhhh) some of these 'bursts' were not exactly planned, but you never know how a male model's going to choose to celebrate the end of a successful shoot.


Now for those planned eruptions, Tom fully prepares, ensuring a fire extinguisher is handy, and all safety protocols are followed.  That doesn't mean however, that Tom hasn't had his fair share of messy clean-ups once the crackle and fizzing has subsided once the model is finished. 

A 4th of July isn't really complete without fireworks at the end of the night and Kyle is the 5th model who has ended his Independence Day shoot with Tom with a burst of beauty, light and energy.  Tom is known for his attention to lighting, color and detail, and this is certainly evident in each of these firework themed shots.


Like most children, I loved fireworks and went every time I was able.  When I got older, and had pets, I learned to HATE them, and with a passion.  Most of dogs, and a couple of my hates, were petrified at the noise and vibrations, and given they were set off near my home, I used to leave for the night to spare them the trauma.  

As we all know though, official town or city fireworks are not really the worst for pets, those we can plan around.  What's more frustrating is all the neighbourhood idiots who light them off in their backyards for a week before, and days after, the actual celebration.  These days however, I'm temporarily without a pet, so I'm enjoying them again until another furry friend moves.


12 Days: David Marshall Grant in American Flyers

'Two brothers challenge the road. And life itself'

As stated, there isn't really  much nudity in American Flyers, but for me, the nudity is notable.  Actor David Marshall Grant has a brief butt flash at the very beginning of the film.  The scene is notable, as not only is it Grant's only credit nude scene, there are many, who swear there's a frontal.  I included caps and clips from the scene, and you'll have to judge for yourself.  I'm not really sure, but there is something there... just not exactly sure what.

The film also includes a few seconds of the top of Kevin Costner's ass.  After winning a race, with two cowboys on horses, David, (Grant) yanks down his brothers cycling pants as Sarah and Becky, (Rae Dawn Chong & Alexandra Paul) driving behind them, look on and laugh.

I was familiar with Grant's career from the 80's and 90's from his roles on Thirtysomething, Dallas: The Early Years and Air America, Forever Young and And The Band Plays On.  I was also interested in his stage work which included starring along side Richard Gere in the 1985 production of Bent.  Bent revolves around the persecution of gays in Nazi Germany.  Grant also appeared on Broadway in productions of Angels In America in the 1990's

Given his resume featured gay themed projects, it's not surprising that Grant is openly gay and is married to actor KC Reischerl.  The two were married in 2009 and have one child.  Grant continued to work on television and in film throughout the 2000's and 2010's including roles on Dawson's Creek, Law & Order, Alias as well as playing the father of Anne Hathaway's character 2006' s The Devil Wears Prada.

What do you think....   Do you see anything below???

In the late 90's however, Grant began a career as both a writer and producer.  Grant's first play Snakebit, premiered at NYC's Grove Street Playhouse and subsequently transferred to the Century Theatre. The play was nominated for the 1999 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Play and was also nominated for an Outer Critics Circle Award.  

Grant continued to write for the stage and also for television, including writing episodes of the NBC musical Smash and over 20 episodes of ABC's Brothers & Sisters.  More recently, Grant both wrote and produced for Nashville, Code Black and A Million Little Things.