Monday, April 13, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 14th

Domingos by Mark Leighton
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Seasonal Sightings

The Dreamer: Kubo by Bodytorium

'Kubo may look innocent, and in some ways he is, but he’s got a good head on his shoulders and is very mature and independent for his age.'

Last Friday certainly was a good one with the debut of Kubo on Bodytorium.  Kubo belongs to the same 'wolf pack' as models Lukas N, Lukas K, Andrew and Robert.  They're all friends and hang out, and work out together.  Phil reports that the long and lean 18 year old is so tall that sometimes he just barely fit into the camera frame!  Check out much more, including over 200 new shots of Kubo on Bodytorium HERE:

Neon Dreams: Sergey by Richard Rothstein

'A painted surface is a real, living form.'
Kazimir Severinovich Malevich

Although Easter is officially over, I couldn't help but connect this series of images to the holiday. The lines and curves of Sergey's incredible body are of course more visually stunning than that of an egg. They provide a sensual canvas for the vibrant colors and brilliant designs which instantly and powerfully grab the viewers focus and attention.

'A great collaboration with two geniuses.'

The two genius' Sergey is referencing are photographer,friend and frequent collaborator Richard Rothstein, and artist Charles Zambrano.  I have been fortunate to have featured Charles' body painting previously, but this time, the canvas of Sergey' beautiful body is covered by UV Neon Black Light fluorescent acrylic paint.

Currently, Sergey is spending a lot time behind the lens, but thankfully for us, has continued to model, especially when there's a unique concept to be captured.  Richard Rothstein is never one to waste time on anything concept or theme that's not unique and worthy of his time and energy.

Whenever I feature a series involving body painting, I always enjoy the process piece with behind the scenes shots of the creative painting process.  Check out some BTS shots on PAGE 2 HERE:

See More of Sergey, and much more of Richard's work on his 

Parental Guidance Suggested: Domingos by Mark Leighton

'The whole experience of "working" with Domingos (and well, it never felt like work) from meeting him to editing the final results was one of the most rewarding of my experiences as a photographer.'

Last month, I featured photographer Mark Leighton's work with Bartek. (Window Seat) Mark had recently revamped his website, including adding new galleries featuring models from his recent shoots. Included in that list of new models and galleries was stunningly beautiful Domingos.

In addition to being incredibly sexy, there is something almost uniquely enchanting about Domingos.  His incredible body photographs beautifully, but there is also something magical that emanates through his eyes and his smile. Mark perfectly captures Domingos gorgeous lines and curves as well as exuberant and joyful personality.

I  was eager to feature Domingos after seeing his gallery on Mark's site.  I was even more impressed, and even more motivated after reading the story of how the 20 year old ice server ended up in front of Mark's lens.  This was not only Domingos first time taking it all off for the the camera, it was his first ever professional photo shoot.  Domingos modeling debut wasn't without a few stumbling blocks... Thanks to Mark's patience and persistence, not to mention a love of organic ice cream and a little parental guidance, everything eventually fell into place.

'I was at the shopping center in a neighbouring city in early July of last year. There was a new ice cream wagon selling organic ice creams. Now that is enough for me to head on over there, but there was an additional motivation - the young man serving them was exceptionally good looking and as he served me, he seemed to exude a gentleness and happiness.'

'Having that closer look at his face helped me to overcome my usual reticence to approach a prospective model and I asked him if he would consider posing for me. He seemed very flattered, took my card and said he would think about it.'

'A few weeks passed and I had not heard from him, so I presumed he had decided it was not for him. In August I was back in the shopping center and he was there again, this time without a queue so I had a bit longer to chat to him. He said he actually wanted to do it but he was not sure his parents would approve (he was 20 but lived at home and listened to his parents advice still).'

'I suggested we at least meet to discuss it and for him to see more of my work. That we did and he was then very keen to try a shoot. After a week of him persuading his parents, they relented and he came over to my house for a trial shoot.'

'Almost immediately I could see that he was comfortable with the camera and although not a "showy" model he again exuded that gentleness - this time with some humour or sensuality. I was very pleased with the results and wanted to do a full, location shoot with him. Eventually we did that and over the next couple of months I shot him a total of 4 times before he left Portugal to go to study in the UK.'

'Each time we shot, Domingos had improved his body and he became gradually more out going in his posing, without ever loosing that modesty and gentleness that first impressed me. I am hoping that when Domingos returns to visit his family, when travelling restrictions are eased, he will have time to fit in another shoot with me. '

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