Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 4th

Jon by Cmwathen
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Measuring Up

Thumbs Down: Entertainment Weekly

I am a magazine freak, at one time having subscriptions to close to a dozen magazines. The only magazine I current subscribe to is Entertainment Weekly. I had been thinking about cancelling, as I often end up reading the stories on-line, but out of loyalty, recently continued for another 6 months. I sort of regret after their most recent mistake of not including John Wesley Shipp and Mary Margaret Humes in their Dawson's Creek reunion photo shoot.

Mistakes happen, but this omission just wasn't a mistake, it was a cruel one. Clearly they included older cast members as the wonderful Mary Beth Peil is in the pic, but according to Mary Margaret, she and John were thought of, and called for interviews, but ignored when it came to the shoot. I LOVED Dawson's Creek and both actors played an important roles in the show, especially in the earlier seasons. The inclusion of Meredith Monroe, and especially Busy Philipps indicates the shoot was more about bringing together friends rather than actually reuniting a cast. I would be curious if the magazine ever gives the real reason, but it was an oversight which clouds the entire event. Somewhere Nina Repeta is either smiling, or silently weeping.

Welcome to Genoa City!

Genoa City hasn't had much luck keeping Kyle Abbott in town. The Young & the Restless has gone through many Kyle's since first introducing the character back in 2010. Model and actor Michael Mealor recently made his debut as the fifth actor to take on the role and let's hope this time, it sticks!. .

Image above by Bruce Weber

Mealor is not only incredibly gorgeous, but also appears to have some considerable acting chops beyond his handsome face. I think Mealor's a keeper and the shows new writers seem invested in the character, something the last few actors in the role didn't have to back them up

Mealor by Beau Jones for BelloMag

Creative Couplings: Jon by Cmwathen

'I picked up a camera one day and started shooting.'
Mark, Cmwathen

On that day when Mark started shooting, he wasn't focused on shooting in particular subject or theme, he just wanted to capture all that he saw around him. When Mark saw the finished images however, he was hooked. It began back in 2010 when Mark's husband Todd got him a camera for Christmas. He began shooting outdoor scenes, landscapes, seascapes, flowers and architecture. With his husbands encouragement, Mark entered some of his photos on Pixoto.com and won several awards.

Mark believes that photos are an important part of our history, and wants to do his part to conserve the past. Mark had heard that people are forgotten after three generations, and one of his's goals is document his family, and those around him to ensure they are never forgotten.

Although Mark continued to shoot occasionally as a hobby, he took a break from photography in 2012 to focus on his day job and taking his master's in Occupation Safety and Health. Mark picked up his camera again in the fall of 2017. Mark had been encouraged by his family and friends to focus on shooting people. Initially he was hesitant, Mark had always considered himself an amateur photographer and was unsure if he trusted his talent enough to seek out human model to shoot.

'My husband encouraged me move forward and to put an ad on Craigslist, advertising for models. Several people responded to the add and we narrowed it down to one. He showed up with his girlfriend, and I surprised myself with how good the photos turned out. I thought I would be nervous, but once I started shooting, I was in a zone and everything came naturally.'

Mark interviewed his first subject, a beautiful long haired Hispanic model (on his MM page HERE:) for about a half hour.  Mark wanted to get to know a little about him,  and find out what he wanted out of the shoot. Mark's husband acted as his assistant and helped pick out the wardrobe for the shoot. Mark was so pleased with the results, he was motivated to sign up for Model Mayhem and post the images online.

'My goal was not to be a male model photographer, however, I know what makes a man look good and sexy in-front of a camera. Even though I have very little experience shooting people, with every shoot, I learn a little bit more which helps my abilities as a photographer grow. Without the love and support of my husband Todd, I do not think I would have picked up my camera last fall.'

It was through starting his Model Mayhem page that allowed Mark connected with Jon. Although Jon was going to be his third shoot, he was the first model Mark was going to shoot nude. Mark wanted to do more than just shoot and nude body, and wanted to find a focus to help guide the shoot. He'd always had an interest in doing a 'sports themed' shoot, and thought Jon's physique would be perfect for the shots he was hoping to capture.

Given it was his first nude shirt, Mark was understandably nervous, but he ended up having more support that he expected. First off, Jon is an experienced model and photographer himself which helped immensely during the shoot. Secondly, Jon arrived with his wife, and both were eager to help out with lighting, backdrops and poses, anything that Mark needed, they were both eager to offer support and assist.

As with his previous shoots, Mark began with a conversation, this time not only with his model, but also his wife. Mark says the conversation not only got things off to a positive start, it also completely calmed his nerves before shooting his first nude model. Jon and his wife weren't the only couple present, Mark's husband also popped in to offer encouragement. With the support and assistance of two couples working together, the four hour shoot, just flew by.

They helped make it so easy! Throughout the shoot, we talked and got to know each other. Jon taught me a lot during the 4 hours he worked with me. Jon's wife was his assistant when he photographed and Todd, my husband was mine. I remember Jon was very comfortable between shots being nude and declined a robe. John appeared to be semi hard throughout the shoot and I was impressed he was able to keep it that way throughout the entire four hours!'

For a first nude shoot, I was impressed with how well Mark captured Jon's incredible body with a wide variety of looks and poses. I think it was smart of Mark to focus on a sports theme, this provided Jon with props to help showcase different parts of physique. I love Jon's blue eyes and the shots in which he's smiling. I also love how Mark used wardrobe, especially the plaid shirt below, which looks so incredibly hot, and along with his leather boots, are the only pieces of wardrobe.

I love Mark's comments of the two couples coming together creatively. Mark says the four of them became friends after the shoot and have stayed connected. Mark continues to seek out Jon's expertise, sending him questions about lighting and posing. Jon responded by inviting Mark and his husband to his home for a training shoot to focus on lighting. This time, it was Jon shooting Mark and Todd. The evening ended with dinner and wind and Mark says he values his feedback and experience as both a photographer and a friend.