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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 14th

California or bust by Jerry Buteyn
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Kinda new, kinda WOW, Charlie

Although all the guys left on The Glee Project are hot, (love me some Blake) the judges got rid of the most talented guy this week by booting Charlie Lubeck. As soon as I saw the bottom three I knew Charlie was a goner. The judges were not ready to chuck Aylin and although my gut tells me she's going to be second, Nellie is my pick to win.

The judges, Zach in particular, struggled to get beyond Charlie's idiosyncrasies, and let his behavior get in the way of seeing how special he was. Ryan saw it, but still went predictable by pushing him out. The only bright spot in him being in the bottom 3 so often was there were many opportunities for him to perform. Charlie has what most of the greats had, an unpredictability, and always on the edge making him fascinatingly watchable.

Wanderlust by Jerry Buteyn

'What can I say... photography is my passion.'

Together, the two images above sum up for me what it is I love so much about Jerry Buteyn's photography. When viewing Jerry's work, it is impossible not to be visually transported to The Golden State. Jerry's images don't just connect the viewer visually, but equally as strong, emotionally.

There are two specific experiences both very real, as well as often storied and even fabled, when my mind wanders to dreaming about California. Firstly, the surf culture, so well documented in movies and through the music of The Beach Boys and others. A culture of community, spirituality and sport all tied directly to sand and surf. The lifestyle is in much of Jerry's work. Even when the ocean is not directly seen, it can still be felt, even heard, as the viewer knows no matter what they are looking at, the water is close by.

Chris:'Chris (above)is always a blast to shoot with. He exudes confidence and fearlessness in everything that he does. We've shot so many times together that I've honestly lost count, but every time is an adventure.'
Jerry Buteyn

Part of the make-up of the surf culture also seems organically linked to not just lifestyle but pace. Although clearly Jerry shoots with beautifully planned intent, you can feel a calmness and ease, presented maybe most clearly in the first two images at the top. The model walking the train tracks, and the model watching the sunset seem in no way encumbered by time. Both men clearly heading somewhere, but more a mysterious adventure rather than an end destination.

California is also known as the land of dreams. Since the birth of Hollywood, young men and women have boarded planes, trains or buses to head west in search of fame. Some, without many choices, simply raised their thumb on highways as the only option open to them. Some were running towards a dream, others running away from a life in need of escaping. Whether running towards or away from something, all arrive in Los Angeles on equal ground. Having money might help you stay longer, but it's no guarantee of achieving success.

If, like the model on the train tracks in the first image, you find yourself wandering around LA in search of fame, you would be lucky to find yourself in front of Jerry Buteyn's lens. Jerry was born and raised around the Los Angeles area and has been working in the entertainment business for close to 25 years. Starting as an actor, Jerry appeared on Who's The Boss, Saved By The Bell: The New Class and Knots Landing. Although still acting, Buteyn's talents extend to creating, writing, producing and directing projects of his own.

'One of the things I enjoy most about shooting is getting to know my subjects. I like to find out what makes them who they are and then bring that out in the shoot. I've had the good fortune of working with a lot of amazing models. Some have come to me through agencies and recommendations while others I have discovered in the most ordinary situations, such as the gym, waiting tables, walking down the street, etc. In many cases, I was their first professional shoot and have had the pleasure of shooting with them multiple times. There is something really wonderful about watching them grow and come into their own as we progress through the shoots.'
Jerry Buteyn

'Pat Seller was a real pleasure to work with. We shot together twice while he was out here in LA and had a great time on each shoot. This kid is one to watch. His energy, professionalism and drive are all inspiring. He recently co-founded Vox Populi Magazine and I'm certain will be a great success in anything he does.'

California, both it's beauty and essence, are intrinsic to Jerry's work and even when not seen directly continues to be felt. To see more of the work of Jerry Buteyn, check out his ModelMayhem page HERE: and on Facebook HERE:

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Count Down to the Olympics: Jake Dalton

University of Oklahoma's Jake Dalton is definitely one to watch in London. Dalton was the U.S. National Vault champion in 2009 and 2011, and the Floor Champion in 2011and the All-Around Gold medallist of the Winter Cup Challenge in 2011.