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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 26th

Richard by Bodytorium
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Seasonal Sightings

All Hands on Deck

Kevin McHale: Boy Younger

Actor and singer Kevin McHale gives a view of Artie's arse as he promotes his just released solo album Boy. Check out the video for Kevin's song James Dean below. The music video, directed by Justin Thorne, shows the Glee star along with actor Johnny Sibilly (Pose) showcasing the sweet moments of a relationship, which they improvised in the shower. Proceeds of the June sales of James Dean are also going to The Trevor Project.

James Dean

Kevin McHal: Boy


'The energy in the room of that many big men jumping and yelling and slapping you — nudity aside — I’m nothing like Nate, and it was so intense.'
Jacob Elordi

I went back and forth on whether to post about this past Sunday's episode of Euphoria.  There has been so much written about the 'locker room' scene, I almost didn't want to be a part of the sensationalism.  All that aside, it was one of the most hyped scenes of male nudity in awhile, and given the male form in the media is the focus of FH, I thought I might as well put in my two cents.

Just two episodes in, I haven't decided whether I like Euphoria yet.  It's incredibly well done, but for those who've watched, it's dark and depressing.  I guess that speaks to it's realism, but I tend to like my teen dramas with a bit of a Dawson's Creek soapy edge.   That being said, there are some fascinating characters developing in the HBO series, and some great performances.

At the forefront is Nate Jacobs, played by Jacob Elordi (who's celebrating his 22nd birthday today, June 26th) The Brisbane , Australia actor does a great job as the preppy jock on the surface, dark underneath Nate.  In addition to that locker room full of penis', Nate's dealing with his struggles with how he feels about women, and the toxic masculinity thrust upon him by his overly sexed father. (Eric Dane)

In this episode, you also have some intense sex scenes and a locker room scene where you're surrounded by naked men. How was that to shoot? And how did having an intimacy coordinator on set impact the situation?

Yeah, I think she had to review every single penis before putting it on the show. For me, it was interesting because that scene was actually very real, and the look on my face and the way that I was feeling was very real. The energy in the room of that many big men jumping and yelling and slapping you — nudity aside — I’m nothing like Nate, and it was so intense. I didn’t realize locker rooms could be so intense, but it was actually quite hilarious. I don’t care about that kind of stuff, and it’s funny reading all of the reviews now — everyone’s like, "There’s this many penises." But when you’re there, it was just hilarious. I think it’s a funny scene, and I’ll definitely never forget it.
The Hollywood Reporter

So... about all those penis's. They were fun to watch as they flashed by, and although there were some hot bodies, many of the penis's were on torso's without faces and I need a human face to truly appreciate a body as a whole. The scene was also filmed from Nate's perspective, and I found myself feeling a bit like Nate, semi interested, but at the same time, slightly distracted. Although I love me some nudity on TV, viewers want to see a shows regular characters sans clothes, not necessarily a series of extra's.  I'm not complaining, it was fun to watch, and was a stimulating introduction to Nate's journey through the episode.

 When Game of Thrones got criticized for not showing as much male nudity as they did female, they injected several scenes of male nudity featuring extra's we never saw before, nor after.  The nudity we remember were those scenes with the main cast members, those incredibly Stark brother buns, and Alfie Allen's season 1 frontal.  Although Euphoria's locker room scene may have hit a record for the number of different penis's shown in one episode of television, I found myself more interested in Jacob's shirtless scenes and two flashes of butt. 

A Plethora of Penis

A Break In The Clouds: Richard by Bodytorium

'We had nowhere to hide and Richard kept jumping in and out of his shorts.'

It seems this year, that no matter where you live in the world, much of Canada, the US , or in Bratislava, Slovakia, May was an unusually raw and rainy month.  For many of us, that meant more time spent inside  So.... for photographers who like to shoot outside, and those of us who love just being outside, any break in the rain, or hint of the sun, meant heading out to parks, lakes, rivers and outdoor places to enjoy.

This is exactly what happened on the day Phil was scheduled to shoot 21 athlete, student and model Richard.  With all the rain in Slovakia last month, the day of their shoot turned out to be the first warm sunny day in awhile.  It also happened to be a national holiday, so it seemed like almost everyone had headed outdoor.  Phil says that on a normal day, the location where they shot is empty, but on this particular day, there were people everywhere.

'Our photoshoot kept being interrupted by passer-by's --- cyclists, families, people walking their dogs, men cruising - you name it! 😄  It was a bit irritating and comical at the same time. We had nowhere to hide and Richard kept jumping in and out of his shorts.'

It's not difficult to understand why so many would stop, and why so many would gawk, at an incredibly hot bodybuilder posing naked down by the Danube river.  During most jaunts in the park, the main goals are to not run into another walker or runner, and to avoid all the piles of dog crap, their owners haven't cleaned up.  Running into Phil shooting Richard, would be a visually satisfying surprise.

As beautiful as the results of Richard's workouts are, bodybuilding wasn't the sport college student's first sport of choice. Richard originally trained to be a sprinter, but after tearing a few muscles in his legs, Richard had to stop.  It was then, that bodybuilding became his focus.

Phil met Richard through a mutual friend who's also a bodybuilder. They were sparring partners and Phil noticed they were always at the gym together.  Phil shares that Richard is very "religious" about bodybuilding , incredibly very disciplined, paying close attention to diet, sleep, rest and working out. For Richard, that means everything else is second priority.

'Photographing nudes somehow came up as a random topic and Richard answered "Yea, I've done that once." It didn't take much convincing and Richard was up for doing it again. Having posed once before, Richard was very comfortable posing nude. He's kind of an innocent "small town boy", but very open minded, curious, often smiling and very positive.'