Friday, February 22, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 22nd

Eddy Barrena by Hans Fahrmeyer
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Happy Birthday today February 22nd

Happy 54th to actor Kyle MacLachlan (belwo in Blue Velvet, 1986). See more of Kyle HERE: and more of today's birthday boys HERE: & HERE:


When You Strut...You Fall!

I like watching the local news from time to time and when I am going to be on the road for work, especially like the local weather. This past week, I didn’t really catch any actual news shows, yet the networks version of what ‘news’ is still seemed to be shoved down my throat. During almost every commercial, every news break, every moment that was at their disposal, Oscar Pistorius and Robin Roberts were both equally shoved in my face.

Now, before the comments (laugh...) start flowing, I like Robin Roberts. I don’t watch GMA, but I have seen enough of her on other shows and in ‘the news’ to have great respect for her as journalist, and great compassion and respect for her as a human being. I also respected and admired Oscar until recently and posted about him a couple of times previously on FH. I am not sure what I think about him today, there is still so much of the story still untold.

Being labeled a hero is a tricky thing. Sometimes, people are able to rise to greet the title, but most often, as human beings, it is something almost impossible to maintain. I am not one who believes heroes are about any one skill or act of achievement. To me, true heroes should be granted their status only for how they treat and help their fellow man. I am not someone who thinks child molesters are not so because they are Kings of Pop, serial adulators should not be granted immunity because they can hit a ball in a hole. Dopers and repeat liars are not absolved because they have done good work for cancer. Life does not work this way, yet the title of hero, often has the public, and the hero themselves, questioning whether the laws of the land should really apply to those at the top of the mountain.

Of course I know there is a difference between a woman fighting her way back from cancer and an athlete shooting his model girlfriend. My question is whether television news does? Network News is in a transitional phase, not knowing whether to begin there nightly broadcasts with the atrocities of war, or the newest atrocities from the Kardashian family. I am not sure the ‘news’ knows there is a difference between Robin Roberts, Oscar Pistorius, Kim Kardashian or Anthony Wiener because regardless of story, their aim is to exploit it. CNN was so confused over what actual news was they had to start a CNN headline news in order to continue Kardashian coverage with the interruption of the pain of world strife.

Like the snow storm on the East Coast last week, anything titillating, stimulating or able to compete with the infighting between the (pick a State...) Housewives is worth reporting to death. This over reporting of everything has very few redeeming qualities. Sure, it quickened Paris Hilton’s face out of the spotlight, but only to replace it with Lindsay or some other talent challenged ‘celebrity’.

I suppose if I had to choose which story to have shoved down my throat, I would rather have the good news of Robin Roberts returning to work rather than Lohan’s recent dress borrowing incident covered from every vantage point. The point is, I would rather have neither. Although I do not live in Boston, my news stems from there and in Boston, they like to interrupt regular programming for every minor burp and fart they can possibly muster, I guess in order to justify all the salaries for the far too many faces they have covering the news.

You can’t really blame the subjects, many of them would just as soon not have all the attention. I read a quote from Robin Roberts earlier this week commenting on her hesitation with all the hoopla surrounding her return with a quote from her mother that ‘If you strut, you fall’. I loved Robin for this quote as it sums up exactly why the local news is currently so fucked. They have lost their ability to see, or care about the difference between a strut, and a fall. They stick a camera in front of the one strutting just waiting and hoping they will fall on their ass. They do the same with whomever is falling, hoping to catch whether they will rise to strut once again. They do this not because it is ‘news’, not because it is of any importance. They do this, because we, have taught them we will watch.

Deadly Sin: Eddy Barrena by Hans Fahrmeyer

'Music is my Religion. and Pop is my soul.'

It may not be Sunday, but why wait when you have such an incredible combination between the talent of photographer Hans Fahrmeyer and the raw sex appeal of model and singer Eddy Barrena.

Born from a Spaniard-Colombian family, Eddy oozes S.E.E.X.X from every pore of his incredible body. His background as a dancer enables him to literally slither and slide between bodies in his videos. You can check out his music and videos for S.E.E.X.X and Deadly Sin on his Youtube channel HERE:

At just 5 Eddy was strutting his stuff on stage as Danny Zuko in his school production of Grease. When he got a bit older Eddy joined a dance crew and for the next three years was able to perform at different festivals and events. With each show, his passion for performing grew and after graduating with honors, Filmaking began his focus of study.

Eddy's desire for the spotlight however could never quite be restrained. After graduation he began modeling, shooting with well known photographers such as Thomas Synnamon, Karl Giant, Thomas Evans, Carlos Arias and most recently, as you can see from these incredible shots, Hans Fahrmeyer.

Hans Fahrmeyer never fails to brilliantly capture not just the body, but also the sultry. Hans has knack for skillfully drilling to the inner core of sexuality within his subjects, and bringing it beautifully to the surface.

After appearing as a back up dancer for artists like Cazwell and Sherry Vine, the opportunity to record a single came alone, and with the help and support from closest friends “State of Grace” was born. Now, Eddy is decided it is his time to take the pop world by storm!

Check out more of Eddy's music and work as a model on his Youtube Channel HERE:
On ModelMayhem HERE:
& on Facebook HERE:

EDDY BARRENA, MODEL, SINGER & SONGWRITER from Hans Fahrmeyer on Vimeo.

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The Men Of SNL: Adam Sandler

Over the last few weeks, NBC has been airing Saturday Night Live retrospectives, first with the 80' and last Sunday the aired the 90's. I was still in my teens and addicted to SNL during the 90's. In re-watching many of the classic clips last week I was reminded how hot some of the guys were. I am not sure I saw it at the time, but sometimes looking back at something can mean looking at it differently.

Adam Sandler was always a favorite, an eccentric sense of humour and the ability to make huge laughs out of really nothing. Sandler was more a character driven comedian. Even when playing 'himself' on an update sketch, or singing a song, Sandler was usually funny because of the character he was playing more than the words he was saying or lyrics he was singing.

Schmitts Gay Beer

I followed Sandler to the movies after he left SNL and through my twenties laughed my head off at many of his films. It has been awhile however, since an Adam Sandler movie has drawn me to the theatre. His last few were better watched on television, with the FF button close at hand. Hopefully Sandler will go back to playing characters, and not resting on his popularity to hold our attention during a movie.

Below: Sandler with Alec Baldwin in the Canteen Boy sketches. Hilarious while still on the edge.

Chuck & Larry

'Don't Mess With Zohan'

With Milo Ventimiglia in 'That's My Boy'