Friday, July 2, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 3rd

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Over the past year, Max has worn many hats on FH.  He's donned a cowboy hat, a graduation cap and now a 4th of July shimmering blue starred broad brimmed.  Thanks to RMark Photography, whether Max is with, or without a hat, he always otherwise completely naked!  You can check out more of RMark's work with Max on FH HERE:

Murica! Lester by takeapic4u

'Nudity for Lester was completely a non-issue...and frankly...look at him...he has NO reason to be shy.'

Earlier this year, I featured Dave's (takeapic4u) work with the stunningly hot Lester.  (HERE:) Given Lester and Dave spent an entire day working together, there were quite a few themes, locations and fashions used throughout the day. Some of my favorites were of Lester in the large water bucket on the farm.

'We worked and shot all day until was the single longest I have shot a model with only a couple of short breaks...most don't have the stamina for it...Lester did, and his last shots are as good if not better than the morning shots. He is a machine!'

Given Lester was wearing a pair of American Flag Murica Merica boxer briefs, I thought this set would be perfect to save for the 4th.  I say wearing, but as you can see Lester quickly peeled them off to cool off in the water bucket.  Lester's beautiful skin and incredible body looks especially impressive, and even more seductive, glistening in the sunlight.  Although the water may have cooled Lester off, Dave's images have the rest of us heating up.

Bottle Rockets: Tony by Lights on Studio

'From a simple spark
May burst a mighty flame'

For those who celebrate the holiday, the 4th of July usually ends with a bang.  A dazzling burst of light and color high in the air.  You don't need a holiday to pull out the sparklers, you just need a reason to celebrate.  FH viewers know the work of Tom Nakielski (Lights On Studio) has been a regular part of FH since 2015, especially around the holidays. My first post featuring Tom's work was a Christmas themed post, and in the 60+ features since, over half of those features have been holiday themed.  

Tom's original holiday work has covered not only Independence Day and Christmas, but New Year's Eve, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentines, St. Paddy's Day and even Groundhog Day.  I am always grateful for the hard work Tom puts into his elaborate set-ups and the many unique characters, costumes and props he weaves in.  I'm especially thankful these recent shoots, especially given that after a recent accident, Tom wondered if he'd be able to shoot again.  Thanks Tom!

Joshua Buscher in Washington Crossing the Delaware

'The 21st incarnation of this fleshfest benefiting Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. This time out, the chorus boys and girls are portraying famous works of art—only nakeder.'

In 2012, Broadway Bares presented Masterpiece.  The goal, to take famous paintings and turn them into seductive works of art on the stage.  One of my favorite numbers from the show was actor Joshua Buscher headlining Washington Crossing the Delaware.  Joshua made his Broadway debut in 2009 in the role of Diesel in West Side Story and went on to appear in Priscilla Queen of the Desert , Kinky Boots and Big Fish.

Washington Crossing the Delaware are three 1851 oil-on-canvas paintings by the German-American artist Emanuel Leutze.  The paintings commemorate General George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River with the Continental Army on the night of December 25–26, 1776, during the American Revolutionary War. That action was the first move in a surprise attack and victory against Hessian forces at the Battle of Trenton in New Jersey on the morning of December 26. 

For Broadway Bares, Buscher took on the role of the famous President and during this particular crossing, his hot Continental Army was determined to strip his naked along the way.  Although I haven't had the pleasure of seeing Buscher live, I first became a fan of his work, and his incredible body, two years earlier.  I believe I was first introduced to Buscher beautiful backside in The Bank, a number from 2010's Broadway Bares. (HERE:)

'I have had the privilege of being the first strip, the lead strip twice.  Basically it sets the mood of the show, the energy of that first number is always crazy and we always want to push the boundary a little bit more. '

'The great thing about Bares is that it's all for one cause, and always so supportive. The cast is supportive of each other, all 200 dancers, the audience is there to have a good time, so we as performers just turn it up a notch.'

'There's a moment in George Washington where my shirt gets ripped off by two of the guys that were beside me and the way my costume was rigged, the pants were very high waisted for the period. and the pants actually ripped with the shirt. I'm turned upstage and I'm looking over my shoulder and it's just my ass.'

Special thanks to David Asset for the video below!