Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 24th

I often associate tan lines with growing up as it seems you see less and less of them in imagery today. Not sure if this image is vintage or not, but images like this will have to hold me over til summer roles around again in another 8 months.

Happy Birthday today July 24th

Above: Image by Lope Navo

What model turned photographer is blowing out candles today? Check him, and other of today's birthday boys, out HERE:

Actor & Role

Patrick Swayze as Dalton
Roadhouse 1989

Just Because: Stats?

Judd is growing on me...

One of the fun things to with Blogger is check out your stats. Blogger allows you to see what posts are drawing attention at any given moment. You can check how many views specific posts get by the day, the week, the month and all time. You also get to see what searches are drawing viewers to your blog at any given time.

Besides another excuse to post images of Max Emerson (sigh), last night, at 10:33pm to be specific, I went to check what searches were drawing in viewers. One result gave me a laugh, thought it might give you one as well. Besides wondering if people were searching for photos of Brody Jenner's ass, or simply saying, Brody Jenner- ass the most interesting to me was #9.

Brody Jenner

favoritehunks 17
angelo antonio 13
favorite hunks 11
max emerson naked 6
alexander koch shirtless 5
brody jenner ass 2
big brother naked images 2
adam by dylan rosser 1
amy farrah fowler nude 1
blackdogue 1

Now Mayim Bialik is a beautiful and talented actress, and I love me some Amy Farrah Fowler, but I had to wonder just who might be searching for nudies of the neurotic neurobiologist... To the guy or gal who was looking to pleasure themselves with a little Bialik Breast, the best I can offer is Amy as Snow White and as crew member in he tight red polyester Enterprise ensemble. Have at'er!

Max Emerson

Max with a Tired Old Queen

Favorite Ad Of The Day...

There is something hilarious about this Craigslist ad. Yes, it plays to serotypes for sure, but it is also in many ways brutally honest in the fantasy's of many. I admit it might have been mine when I was in my early 20's. Good luck buddy!

Straight guy here, 28 professional, athletic, masculine. Why I want a gay roommate, cause it works out to be a good arrangement for if we're both cool about it.

Things I like about having a gay roommate
1. you don't mind cleaning the place and picking up after us both. including our laundry
2. usually your pretty good cooks and don't mind cooking for straight guys
3. pretty good decorators and make the place look good

Things I can give you
1. Being around a hot straight guy that walks around a lot in his boxer briefs ;-)
2. Long as you can keep it discreet and not get all possessive, my dick to suck a few times a week. get really horny when been out drinking on weekends.
3. Let you massage me after work outs

The way it goes
1. Split rent 60/40. I'll pay more cause I have the bigger bedroom
2. Your masc guy, that keeps the details of this a secret
3. Your also cool to chill with, grab a beer, watch a game, play some 360 or whatever
4. Lots of beer, but no drugs except 420 but not looking for a pothead
5. You smoke, its outside
6. I am cool if you bring dudes back here, you're cool if I bring chick back. But can promise you, your the only dude getting my loads.
7. If your into working out, work-out partner