Friday, December 21, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 21st

Jason Rafael by Carl Proctor
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Happy Birthday today December 21st

Dancer, actor, model and former Chippendale dancer Charles Dera turns 34 today.

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Polysemous: Jason Rafael by Carl Proctor

Polysemous refers to a word or phrase with different, but related meanings. The theme, of same - yet different, certainly applied to the beginnings of my putting together a post featuring Carl Proctor's work with Ohio model Jason Rafael.

If your a regular reader of FH you know Carl Proctor's work is a favorite of mine to feature. One of the things I love so much about working with Carl's images is how extensive the selection of poses, concepts and looks he creates with each individual model that he shoots. The large selection of images Carl sent on of Jason was so diverse I had to divide the images into two posts to insure I captured all of my favorite's.

I love so many of the images Carl and Jason created! Carl is of course known for his exceptional nudes and captures of the male form. With this shoot, I love the so many of the body shots. Through lines and pose, through the photographers lens, the 20 year old physics student turns into Baryshnikov with strong dramatic results. I also especially love Carl's portrait shots of Jason. Whether smiling or more serious, Jason expresses such emotion through his face and eyes.

What is exceptional about Jason as a model is how seamlessly he moves in front of the lens; from dancer, to boxer from light hearted to more serious. At the time Carl sent on Jason's images I was working on a piece featuring ClearEye photography. It was not until I finished that piece and went back to the images from Carl that I realized the model in both sets of images were of Jason.

It was not that Jason looked so very different, it was more a distinctly different mood and fee within his work with each of the two photographers. In the piece with ClearEye, I loved the feel created with the use of darkness darkness and of course location. Contemplative and very precise. With Carl, there was brightness, smiles and more freedom of expression. Both sets had a different take and focus on body and use of nudity. It was a testiment to the skill of botth model and artists to discover the man in focus in both shoots, although conveying very different emotions, was one in the same.

'Working with Carl was a delightful privilege. His kindheartedness was easy to see even before meeting him, which really put me at ease throughout the entire day's worth of shooting, and his sense of humor had me laughing all the while. I hope I get to work with him again soon!'

Favorite Click Of The Day: KEVIN MOORE – Arteo Photo

'I would like my work to be a feast for the eyes. A smörgåsbord that can be savoured and visually tasted. There is a Chinese saying that "one eats with the eyes first". You need to pay particular attention to how a meal is presented: it should contain a range of textures and colors as well as flavors.'
Kevin Moore

Last December, I featured the work of Italy's Kevin Moore (Smörgåsbord)To further his goal of proving viewers with feasts for the eyes, Kevin has combined just the right ingredients to capture the aesthetic beauty of the human form and the physical world around him in his new blog, KEVIN MOORE – Arteo Photo: COOKING UP GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY. One of my favorite recent posts featured athlete and model Thierry Jean-Bart.

'I had the pleasure of shooting Haitian-American Model Thierry Jean-Bart in New York. Prefect physique and all 100% natural. This star track and field athlete is truly a beauty in motion. I’ve never seen so much perfection as in this incredible representation of the male physique. Definitely a model that I hope we will be seeing a lot more of…on the track and in print.'

KEVIN MOORE – Arteo Photo
Thierry Jean-Bart

Winter's Anatomy:

In September I posted Autumn's Anatomy, my take on some of the men I was looking forward to heating up the fall. Some sadly have already been pushed off the schedule (Brandon Routh and Justin Hartley) but some, like the gut wrenching hot Stephen Amell (Arrow), are still holding their own. Here are a few men for fall, some I have been enjoying on the tube, others I am hoping to check out over the Christmas holiday.

Jason Mraz

I love Jason Mraz and seeing him promoting his new album on tv has rekindled my passion for his music.

The Young And The Restless:

I have not watched Y & R for awhile, but sometimes get caught up over the holidays. I read the show has new writers and a slew of hunks, including Max Ehrich (above). Max isn't your typical soap hunk so will be interesting to see how they are writing him. I hope the show brings back some old favorites over the holidays, Jack Abbott seems a mess and the only cure I see is a long Christmas visit from sister Traci!


It has been hard, but I am still hanging on (but barely) to Nashville. Connie Britton is incredible, I love me some Eric Close, but so far have been annoyed by almost everything about Hayden Panettiere. The saving grace for her character, and the show has been Charles Esten. He is watchable, complex, and watching him weave between the sheets of the two female leads is the shows most interesting dynamic.


Glee finally decided to get one of their hottest new cast members, Jacob Artist shirtless. Sadly, they weaved it into one of the shows lamest Christmas (or any) episodes to date. This hour of ho ho seemed thrown together with little thought or caring. Really, giving Burt Hummel yet another health scare simply to again try to drag the audience to feel for Kurt. Enough! Burt is not that old, his health has been toyed with enough. If you want us to feel for Kurt, write the character as less self centred and will take care of itself. Rachael and Kurt are two teens seeking stardom, being self absorbed sort of goes hand in hand. Writers my sympathy goes to Amber Riley who is one of the shows most talented assets and who has barely been seen on all season. Not one solo song for her half way through the season is a true crime!

Speaking of Glee, Just Jared unveiled an incredible shot of Chord Overstreet, shot by Christian Rios for Dreamers NYC which you can check out HERE: