Thursday, June 7, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 8th

Daniel by Gentlemen Only
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Happy Birthday today June 8th

Happy Birthday to gymnasts Kevin and Andrew Atherton!

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A little off the back...

FaVorite FiVe: Lane Hitt

When I started this piece, model Lane Hitt was building quite a following on Instagram. He has since deleted his page, but those lips, those bangs, still required a bit more attention! If Lane puts his page back up, I'll be sure to let you know!

Lane by Horacio Hamlet

Next shot by Brian Jamie

Next two shots from Karl Simone

Hell Raiser: Daniel by Gentlemen Only

'Despite his initial hesitation to do a nude shoot, Daniel seemed happiest when his clothes had come off.'

Given my love of story, and the process piece of putting a shoot together, it is always a pleasure to check in with David and Gentlemen Only. David's focus has always been on finding that everyday guy, the guy you pass on the street, notice and wonder what he might look like without his clothes. Guys with regular jobs who have never modeled before, let alone without a stitch of clothing!

I love that David presents his images along with the story of how the guy ended up in front of his lens. He also features 'casting' images, shots that models supplied, or images that first introduced him to the model he is shooting. In the case of 30 year old Daniel Hemsworth, it included a shot with Brien, (second image above) one of Daniel's buddies who had also previously shot with David.

Now before you can say (or type) it, Daniel is gorgeous I know, great face, body and smile. We could only be so lucky to have an 'everyday' guy like Daniel to pass on the street. I know I would be finding more excuses to run to the drugstore or any other errand that might lead to an encounter. Given most of the men David shoots have never modeled however, sometimes it takes a lot time, lighting set-ups and poses to get just a few really great images. As you can see with Daniel, David more than succeeded, with every shot a winner.

In addition to Brien, Daniel had a quite a few friends who posed nude for David's camera, and appeared on his site. When Daniel first contacted David about modeling however, he was a little hesitant. Daniel is well known power lifter and wasn't sure about a doing a nude photo shoot, and whether it would be good for his athletic reputation. He and David continued to talk over the course of a year, and David says that as the old saying goes, patience is a virtue.

'One day Daniel came knocking on my door with a wide smile, twinkling green eyes, and was ready to show off for the camera.'

David shares that the moment they began to shoot he knew Daniel was a natural and the camera just loved him. Throughout the shoot, and their conversation, David was not surprised to learn that this was not the Daniel's first time in the spotlight. As well as being known for his power lifting, Daniel also flirted with fame as a teen on a well known reality show on at the time.

With a reputation of being somewhat of a little hell raiser, including being expelled from numerous school, David was approached by a TV production company who were making a new documentary series aimed at helping troubled teens. Daniel signed up for the show, then untitled, which later became knows as series 1 of Brat Camp, on Channel 4 in the UK. .

Being a reality show, Daniel could feel the show was a bit exploitative of the kids and their issues for entertainment, Daniel does feel the show helped him to grow and move past his aggression and leave the troubled times behind him. Today, Daniel is not only a successful power lifter, but also a personal trainer and occasional removal man, and tries to be the best father he can be for his young daughter

'Daniel snapchatted his way through the shoot, showing pics of himself (some nude) to his mates (including Brien) and some to girls he's currently interested in. Despite his initial hesitation to do a nude shoot, Daniel seemed happiest when his clothes had come off. He claimed not be an extrovert, but I think if Daniel could live his live his in the nude he would! i found his openness and energy totally charming, he was entertaining as he was handsome to look at I really hope I can get him back in front of the camera for more shoots.'

Although I wasn't lucky enough to be on the receiving end of those snapchat shots... Daniel does share the Full Monty on David's site. The images in this piece are from their first shoot together, but David did get Daniel back for a second shoot and both sets are on Daniel's Gentlemen Only Site HERE: