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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 11th

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Happy Birthday today May 11th

Happy 26th to Quarterback Cam Newton!

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Kudos to The Middle

Kudos to ABC for giving the relatively low rated, but well written, and brilliantly acted, The Middle a seventh season. I know not everyone loves the show, but to me, it is the best sit-com currently gracing network TV. I look forward to another season of The Hecks (Including hopefully Axel, if Charlie McDermott has to juggle his role on Super Clyde) as well as the hilarious Brad, for another school year, Halloween and Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentines Day with one of my favorite television families. The Middle may not be joke upon joke, but there is heart and hilarity that I relate to.

Free Like A Bee: Zach Clemens by NICKET

'This was a fun shoot, fa sho!'

When I saw an image of model Zach Clemens the other day, I didn't know at first it was Zach. The image, by California based photographer NICKET, was one of the nudes of Zach standing on the rocks with the waves crashing in around and behind him. I loved everything about the image, the model, the feel and the incredible beach backdrop and surroundings that Nicholas (NICKET) pulled in.

I referenced that I didn't initially know it was Zach because I really should have. I did a couple of posts last year featuring the Sunnyvale model's work with studioAtruong. (Spark) I loved Zach's look, his energy and attitude and especially his sense of play. I had been on the look out for more of Zach's work so that I could again feature his imagery. Although his incredible grin, and those sparkling green eyes remain beautifully intact, Zach's cool new hairstyle, depending on angle, both longer and shorter than before, and his lack facial scruff, gave him an entirely new, and incredibly sexy, new look!

I have also featured Nicholas's work before, and although a name change briefly stumped me, I recognized the sun drenched California feel from his previous images with models Andrew Carter. Nicholas and Zach make perfect collaborators as their style, and attitude toward their work, seems perfectly in sync.

As a teacher of photography, Nicholas knows the importance of enjoying the pursuit of your passion. His goal on any photo shoot is to both create beautiful portraits that captures of his subjects, but as well, to have a good time. This shoot definitely feels like it was fun, so much in fact, with it's easy going feel and California beach location, I had had to work hard to get The Beach Boys song Fun Fun Fun out of my head as I typed and pieced the story together.

Nicholas shares that working with Zach was a great experience, not only because of his incredible look but also his great attitude that made the shoot, and entire experience, so entertaining. 'Although relatively new to modeling, Zach needed very little direction during the shoot and has a good intuition of what works and what looks good.' Nicholas enjoys making his work a creative collaboration with input from the model and with this shoot, Zach had lots of idea's and was great at making sure they didn't miss any good shooting spots on the beach.

'Zach has a great spirit of adventure and is willing to expand his horizons, I look forward to working with Zach again and also seeing how he grows as a model and what he achieves.'

Zach's modeling goals are clear, cast his image out there, like a fisherman using bait, and see what comes back in. Make some money, have some fun and hopefully come up with not just artistic, but clever images that allow him to learn, experiment and take some risks. If that hook fails to catch the big one, and it's hard to imagine it won't get a few bites... If it doesn't work out, he'll fall back on his other talents and if he has to, says he'll live off the land. Zach's attitude is both realistic and refreshing and geared towards success, no matter how rough the waters may get.

'Nick was an awesome photographer. He was relaxed and silly, which allowed me to let loose, bringing about natural looks. I'm typically pretty tense during shoots since I try so hard to pose, but the combination of a great beach atmosphere and a rad photographer allowed me to be me, free like a bee!'
Zach Clemens

Mark Pellegrino: Returned

'If you’re an avid couch potato for the last two decades or even the last two years, you might be racking your inner DVR brain for the answer to the question, “I know that guy from somewhere, but what the hell is his name?” My guess is that you are a fan of this dark, sometimes sadistic, and quirky character who is so effortlessly dynamic in the near 100 television and film roles he’s played and that you may not even realize how many times you've been intrigued by his performance, not to mention his timeless face.'

It was his performance, and that face, that had me recently googling to find out who is that? Increasingly frustrated with the direction of Bates Motel, I found myself more and more intrigued with the ads for the show coming after it, The Returned. I was a little skittish about giving it a shot, ABC's Resurrection had a similar premise, but after the pilot, the show never lived up to the haunting feeling it's promos promised. I started The Returned last week, and three episodes in, I am hooked.

The Returned (2015)

That face of Jack Winship belongs to actor Mark Pellegrino. With the longer hair and facial scruff, for a brief second I thought it was Marc Blucas, but after googling was intrigued to find out it was an actor I have seen so many times, yet never really knew to much about. Mark Pellergino began his career in 1987 with a guest shot on L.A. LAW and has been apart of many television shows and movies we have all watched since. I guess the fact his name is not familiar may be frustrating to him, but it speaks to his talent and skill as an actor to inhabit so many roles and different characters.

Since his L.A. Law Stint, Pellegrino has been a regular on Supernatural, LOST, Being Human, The Tomorrow People, Revolution, The Closer, NYPD Blue and Dexter. The Los Angeles born actor has also been a guest on countless other TV shows and movies. Pellegrino has a penchant for playing the ass hole and bad guy but always finds away to give another perspective. 'The fun part about being the bad guy' is you get to explore parts of yourself that you could never do in real life. You could be that full-on narcissist in a sense without concern necessarily for the consequences of the actions, and [you] experience no consequences of your actions and that’s very liberating I think when you’re working. You can kind of go almost anywhere.' EW

Supernatural (2009-2012)

Lost In The Perishing Point Hotel (2000)

Word Of Mouth (1999)

2:13 (2009)