Saturday, April 17, 2010

Favorites Of Favorites: Scott Herman

Scott Herman first came to my attention with his appearance on The Real World: Brooklyn. Many would be actors and models have come and gone on The Real World but there was something about Scott that had him stand out. Yes, Scott is hot, but it was his personality and winning smile that made him impossible not to love. After The Real World Scott returned to modeling and acting and became a regular on many sites and blogs.

Below: Scott 'Cosmo' appearance.

Why Scott is a Favorite:

First let me say that I post a lot of great looking guys on FH. So many in fact that looks are not what grabs my attention. I have said before that the Internet is full of sites that simply post beautiful pictures. In order to get my attention you need more. Scott most certainly has more.

Below: Scott in his late teens, already practicing his fitness beliefs.

That smile I already mentioned is just the beginning of why Scott Herman is a favorite. After my first post on Scott last year, he took the time to send me a thank you. A few actors and models have written to say thank you, but there was something about Scott's note that stood out. First he followed up the note with several more. He let me know what he was up to, and thanked me for posting. Scott, more than any other model or actor I have seen wisely knew the power of the Internet and how it, unlike tv and print, can create an interactive environment with fans. Many celebrities now use facebook and twitter to interact with their fans, but Scott does not just interact. Scott forms relationships. In doing so, Scott has gained a huge following not just of fans, but of loyal supporters who not only enjoy his work but respect it. They not only follow his projects, Scott has them apart of them. If you dare post rude remarks about Scott on the net, be sure there are going to be hundreds of supporters on your back.

I love Scott Herman because he is adorable, he is kind and he is giving. Most of all however I admire Scott Herman for what he has accomplished. Raised with his brother in Massachusetts by his supportive mother, Scott was thought by some as week. Scott Herman chose to handle this by working hard, overcoming obstacles and went on to be the first in the family to graduate in college. I love Scott because as I have said before, Scott not only embraces all his fans, (men, women, old, young, gay, straight), he understands their power and loyalty.

It was over a year ago that I first remember Scott talking about Scott Herman fitness. Now, Scott's fitness community has grown with over 3.3 million video views and over 21,000 subscribers. Scott's goal is not a small one, he wants to teach fitness to the world. Certainly not a goal for someone weak. This is the goal of someone not only strong, but smart, committed and passionate.

"I will never stop doing what I am doing. One man can make a difference, and I am happy to do the work!"
Scott Herman

Occupation: Getting the world fit!
Best Known For: Real World Brooklyn, Scott Herman Fitness
Can Be Seen Next: In LA this weekend for the GLAAD awards. His season of Real World is nominate.
Official Sites: Scott Herman Fitness
Scott Herman Fitness on Youtube
Scott Herman Fitness on Facebook

1. Favorite Site you check out daily on the net?

Scott Herman:
I enjoy checking Facebook. I love connecting with people and hearing from old friends. Also, I work on the computer a lot so it’s a nice break to connect with people when I am buried in cyberspace.

2. Favorite Meal?

Scott Herman:
My Mom’s Chicken Cutlets… I can eat them forever.

3. Favorite TV Show?

Scott Herman:
Dragon Ball Z…. you know you love it too.

4. Favorite guilty pleasure food?

Scott Herman:
Doritos and Mountain Dew!

5. First celebrity Crush?

Scott Herman:
Sandra Bullock… when I first saw her in Speed.. I was in love.

6. Celebrity you would go on a date with if you could?

Scott Herman:
Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls.. and if I could go on a date with another celebrity of my choosing it would be Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls… call me ;)

7. Favorite Thing to do when home alone for a day?

Scott Herman:
I like to wrestle with my dogs Bello and Tyson. The Maltese is small… but he is fierce!

8. Favorite Part of your job?

Scott Herman:
I get to help new people every day realize their full potential.

9. Favorite Project you have been a part of?

Scott Herman:
When we built the first Answer is Fitness in North Attleboro I was there from start to finish. Now I see people there every day reaching their goals

10. Favorite Body Part (yours or on another):

Scott Herman:
I am a stomach and boob guy for sure and a sucker for caramel colored skin. Hurry up and find me.. I’m hungry, hope you can cook! ;)

11. Favorite Piece of Clothing you own?

Scott Herman:
My 80’s style workout tank tops. You know.. the ones with the really thin shoulder straps.. They let you know who the boss is in the gym for sure.

12. Favorite Holiday

Scott Herman:
Valentine’s Day. I enjoy doing nice things for someone I care about. But last Valentine’s Day was the best for sure. Bought the EX a dog.. and now he is mine. J

13. Favorite movie you saw as a child.

Scott Herman:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1, 2, and 3!!!

14. Music that was blaring when you were a kid, when you closed your bedroom, grabbed something as a mike, and pretended to be a rock star.

Scott Herman:
KORN!!! Limp Bizkit!!! Nirvana!! Metallica!! All the good stuff!

Philip Fusco by Hans Fahrmeyer

-Sundays With Hans-
-Phil Fusco-

School is done for the year which means Phil Fusco is back in front of the camera for the season. Except for his work with Paragon Men we have not had much new work from Phil in the past while. First up for Phil, stepping once again in front of the talented lens of Hans Fahrmeyer. Phil and Hans create magic. Hans first shoot with Phil a couple of years ago brought us some Phil's best work and certainly some of my favorite shots of Phil and by Hans. Phil is showcasing his new shots on his site Phil's Spot which you can check out HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 17th

New shot of one of the hottest men on the planet, Leonardo Corredor by one of the most talented men on the planet, David Vance. Just Beautiful!

Actors I Love: CCH Pounder

I am not sure when I first saw actress CCH Pounder on screen. It could have been walking the halls on ER as Dr. Angela Hicks. It could have been appearances on The Practice, The X Files, L.A Law or one of the many other guest shots she has nailed on various shows over the past 3 decades. I do know though that it was renting 1987's Out of Rosenheim (Bagdad Cafe) that cemented for me this was one amazing actress. Flipping the channels the other night I caught a few minutes of CCH on Celebrity Jeopardy. She did not win, in fact she came in third. CCH often comes in third or forth in the projects she appears in. Yet, like on Jeopardy she usually leaves a more lasting and impactful impression than those in first or second. Quite the feat... Whether it be guest shots on ER, The Shield or in last years blockbuster Avatar, CCH stands out. In fact in many instances she rises above the material. There is something special about her, I think most people see it the second they first lay eyes on her. I am not sure how to describe it, part earth mother, somewhat mystical but however you choose to put it, she is 'a part of' yet somehow ' a step above' the projects she is a part of. Pure and simple, CCH Pounder is extraordinary. As one of the founders of 'Artists for a New South Africa', Pounder has energized awareness of post-apartheid and HIV/AIDS issues. "I call it my little engine that could. It is a remarkable, tiny organization with a huge outreach. We use actors and artists with the biggest voices so they can use every opportunity to talk about AIDS." CCH Pounder CCH Pounder: An Actor I Love.

Sean Patrick Flanery & Norman Reedus in 'The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day'

"The MacManus brothers are living a quiet life in Ireland with their father, but when they learn their beloved priest has been killed by mob forces, the duo return to Boston to bring justice to those responsible"

Sean Patrick Flanery & Norman Reedus in
'The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day' (2009)

Norman Reedus:

Sean Patrick Flanery:

Thanks to Braxnis for the caps!

Favorite Face of the Day: David Pullman

Valentine Baby David Pullman is a Manhattan based actor and model. David, currently with Click NY began his modelling career with fitness work but has recently moved more into fashion and editorial. David, also an actor, had a featured role in 2008's Lockjaw: Rise of the Kulev Serpent which also featured DMX. He has also appeared on As The World Turns. (Check out David's acting reel below).

David has a great face and beautiful body. David has appeared in numerous print ads, and magazines. His hazel eyes and facial features are perfect for the screen and the camera obviously loves him.

David Pullman

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 165 lbs
Measurements: 40-32-32
Shoe size: 11
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Hazel
Skin color: Olive
Experience: Experienced

Below: David by the wonderful Joseph Bleu. See the complete shoot at Oh La La.

Below: David by Rick Day.

Below: David in 'Lockjaw: Rise of the Kulev Serpent' (2008)