Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 30th

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Seasonal Sightings

Near the end of the Christmas Seasonal Sightings

The Hottie at the Checkout

'These are some lucky chips, cause they get to take a ride in that hot little mouth of yours'

Sometimes just a brief scene is all it takes for an actor to grab my attention.  In the case of Spencer Ralston it was his few seconds on screen as the 'male customer' on Superstore.  I wrote about just recently discovering Superstore last fall, and since then, have binged the shows first five seasons.

In the season five episode Zephra Cares episode, Ralston plays the cheap customer who doesn't want to round up to donate 11 cents to charity.  This despite some prodding from Jonah and Sandra.  I immediately took note of the hottie at the checkout and headed to IMDB for a credit.

Actor, writer and producer Spencer Ralston doesn't have a huge on-line presence, but along with 'male customer' also has a few impressive credits such as scrapbook person and flash mob dancer from an episode of 90210 on his resume.  Regardless of how long his IMDB page is, I suspect given the instant impression he made on me, the list is just beginning.  Ralston's role on Superstore have in part, come from sleeping with one of the show's leading ladies as Ralston is the boyfriend of actress Lauren Ash. (Dina)

Spencer with Lauren Ash

Pre-Party Pump! Jordan by Studio1x

'Who can be patient in extremes?' 
William Shakespeare

In the words, or maybe the lyrics, of Korn, Pink, Shirley Bassey and Davito, let's get this party started!  This is the first year, I really think I understand what it means to start the beginning of a new year.  Now for most of us, the celebration is will focus more on good riddance to the old, given what a shit house 2020 was.  Covid-10 was universal, impacting everyone in one way or another.  We all also had our personal struggles, many made worse as a result of pandemic.  My family experienced a loss, one we've yet to be able to really properly process or commemorate.

You'll understand then, the desire to get started with saying goodbye to 2020... a wee bit early.  The exceedingly hot Jordan actually began his celebrations about a month ago, when Jim from Studio1x asked if he'd be up for shooting a few themed shots at the end of his regular shoot.  I'm not sure when he said 'sure', that Jordan knew Jim was about to pull out party hats and whistle blowers, but as you can see, he was a champ, and easily got his groove on and into the spirit of New Year's Eve. 

Sure, Jordan's celebration may be a bit premature, but his preamy creamy is not only appreciated, but also incredibly hot.  Jim was first introduced to the Pacific Northwest based model by another local photographer who thought they might click creatively and enjoy working together.  At the time, Jordan had only done a couple of shoots, with the photographer who had introduced him to Jim.  Their first shoot, unfortunately had to be rescheduled, but Jordan was excited to reschedule and see what he and Jim might capture. 

Jim describes Jordan as a fun loving and easy going guy.  Given how how relaxed he was, even from the get to, they got along great.  The shoot began with  Jim and Jordan sitting and talking about what they each wanted from the shoot.  Given he was still fairly new to modeling, especially nude modeling, Jim wanted to discuss his style, and ensure Jordan understood, and was comfortable with the process and the concepts Jim hoped to capture.

Before Jim even finished talking, Jordan said he was ready to go.  Given it was a freezing cold day, Jim cranked up the heaters in his garage studio, turned up the music, and it was time to rock and rock.  The music and atmosphere that Jim set up ended up working well when they began shooting the New Year shots.

'I told Jordan that I want to have a party theme going.  I asked him just dance around and have fun. This is when I learned he doesn't dance,  so I had him just a moving and throwing his hands up around up in the air. We did have a lot of fun in capturing these photos and I can tell he is someone that I would want to invite to my New Years Eve Party. '

Ok, so maybe Jordan isn't the best dancers, but I still really enjoyed his moves.  I had to make a gif so that you all could enjoy them as well!

Binging Bridgerton

'It was heaven. Forget angels, forget St. Peter and glittering harpsichords. Heaven was a dance in the arms of one's true love.'

Like many of you, I've been spending some of my holiday binging Bridgerton on Netflix.  The period drama is addictively soapy with romance, sex, and period style backstabbing.  It's as if writer Julia Quinn sat down and decided to throw Downton Abbey and Gossip Girl into a blender and see what happened.  Although Bridgerton has aspects of both shows, the original books were actually written and published years before either television show as created. 

Jonathan Baily

I'm four episodes in and so far, really savoring each episode.  It's very good, but at the same time, I have to say it's maybe not quite as good as the on-line praise I've been reading.  I like it, very much, but it leans slightly more int he Gossip Girl direction at times.  

Although romance it's at the show's core, my favorite scenes involve the older female characters plotting and scheming. I'm not also not swooning over Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) as much as many of the male characters in the show.  As the heroine of the piece, she's also the weakest link in the cast.  I also won't get started on those bangs...

Dynevor aside, the rest of the cast are incredible.  Although I've had some struggles with some of  Shonda Rhimes projects, I've always been amazed with how she casts her shows.  Beyond diverse, Rhimes seems to always choose the right actor for each role.  I've never felt an actor was cast for any other reason than being the perfect for the part.  Although there are of course liberties take with casting, not to mention music and fashion, but it works beautifully due to the actors they hired.

Two of those actors are already getting a flurry of on-line attention for their roles, and of curse their butt baring scenes.  Jonathan Bailey as the eldest Bridgerton son had me at hello, and no one, except maybe Hugh Jackman, has made mutton chops so sexy.

Regé-Jean Page

The break out star of Bridgerton appears to be is Regé-Jean Page as Simon Basset.  Page in strikingly beautiful, but I was a little on the fence with his acting in the first episode.  By episode two however, he was fully committed to his role and like so many viewers, I was drawn to the delicious Duke of Hastings.