Sunday, June 25, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 26th

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Happy Birthday today June 26th

Happy 20th Aniversary to Batman and Robin and Happy 47th to Chris O'Donnell

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Scene-Stealers: Liam Hemsworth in The Dressmaker

I love discovering movies I really should have known existed. I love Kate Winslet, I love Judy Davis and I love me some Liam Hemsworth. Yet, despite loving these three actors, I overlooked 2015's The Dressmaker. Thanks to my On Demand, and a summer flu bug, I had the chance to watch last week.

Having just seen Davis in Feud, it was great to see the talented actress in a role that couldn't be further than her turn as Hedda Hopper. It was also great to see Winslet in a great role worthy of her talent. Although I don't begrudge her the big budget salary, she is wasted in movies like Divergent. Liam is as hot as ever, but he also again brings in another winning performance.

The Hemsworth's get most of their attention due to their looks, well deserved, but Liam has also been choosing some roles in some interesting films. The Dressmaker is certainly an interesting, and entertaining film. Of course a gratuitous shirtless scene always helps, especially one where Tilly (Winslet) is measuring Teddy (Hemsworth) for a suit for an upcoming wedding.

Let The Weekend Begin! Yorgen by StudioMGPhotography

'Yorgen came to stay for a weekend. It was a spur of the moment trip squeezed in before his impending move from Arizona to Washington the following week...'

Yorgen's spur of the moment trip resulted in a weekend shoot which StudioMGPhotography has turned into a photo story documenting Yorgen's weekend visit to California. Most FH readers will vividly remember that I previewed a sampling of Yorgen's wet, wild and wondrous weekend with his naked car wash, which also featured images by photographer Mike Tossy, earlier this month. (Scrub Down)

'I had no trouble spotting this young stunner as he exited the airport terminal in a tight T-shirt and fashionably snug jeans. Standing nearly 6 feet tall, with a shock of blond hair and the most amazing eyes, he turns heads everywhere he goes, including the airport at 7am.'

Yorgen's Weekend Visit is available in both regular and deluxe hard-over versions HERE: as well as digital download found HERE:. Preview more on Blurb HERE:

The entire weekend was an adventure for Yorgen, who had previously mostly worked in studio. Shooting on the beach was an exciting experience as the waves pounded the shore. Studio MG's Mark didn't actually shoot for long with Yorgen on the beach, this was Mike Tossy's time to work with the Alaskan born model. But Mark stepped in and snapped some shots when Mike wasn't shooting, and Mike captured a few moments of them both hard at work. Thanks Mike for sharing the video!

IMG_6058 from TrevorB on Vimeo.