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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 16th

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Happy Birthday today May 16th

Happy 42nd to actor Joseph Morgan!

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Morgan in Ben Hur (2010)

Seasonal Sightings:

12 Days: James O'Halloran in When Love Springs

' A junior PR professional arrives at a quaint B&B for her parents' vow renewals and runs into a former flame who broke her heart. Panicked and afraid of humiliation, she pretends the B&B owner is her new boyfriend.'

I have a few ways to watch a Hallmark movie.  The first, and the most common for me, it to have it on as background.   There have been many Hallmark movies that I've really enjoyed, but because of how formulaic they can be, most can be watched without really watching or paying too much attention. 

If a Hallmark movie doesn't pull me in right away, I either don't watch at all, or turn the volume down, and do other things while it quietly plays.  When Love Springs hooked me from the get go.  Don't get me wrong, it started out as formulaic as most, a career driven woman leaves the big city for a week at a Bed and Breakfast in a beautiful rural small town.

Within the first few scenes of When Love Springs however, we were introduced to Noah, who was chopping wood in his perfectly put together rural hunk ensemble.  I instantly feel in love, (lust) with Noah, and his spectacular wardrobe.  Noah was played by actor James O'Halloran and in addition to getting my heart and part beating, was a incredibly engaging actor who had me sitting and paying attention to the movie and the story.

Now the story wasn't especially unique, it followed the usual Hallmark patterns and pulled int he usual Hallmark tropes.  But... O'Halloran and co-star Rhiannon Fish were both engaging and likable, and had me quickly invested in the trajectory of their romance.  There were no surprises, none except how invested I was in the story.  Usually, when a Hallmark movie finishes, I'm done with the story, but with this duo, I would have loved to have seen more.

Although I was hoping for a shirtless scene from O'Halloran, the movie kept Noah in his catalogue clothing the entire movie.  Not that he didn't look incredibly hot in his tight sweaters.  As soon as the film finished however, a quick Google search provided shirtless shots galore of the talented and incredibly hot Australian actor. 

I haven't watched the daytime game show in years, but some of you might recognize O'Halloran and his handsome face from his time as model/host on The Price is Right.  O'Halloran has appeared on a variety of TV shows and films, some of which I've watched.  I don't know know I missed him during his turns on The Mindy Project and Superstore, but somehow I did. 

O'Halloran's appearance in this film however, was certainly a role that had me take notice, and look forward to seeing more of his work.  Maybe it was because his incredible looks were not the primary part of his role.  Of course, looks are always part of the appeal in the fantasy element of Hallmark films, but O'Halloran was also given scenes, and the time, to develop a character beyond just his appearance.

Deadly Crush (2018)

Although the actor seems incredibly comfortable with his body, and shares many shirtless shots on social media, his only on-screen nudity is from the 2018 horror film Deadly Crush.  Although he plays a Hallmark hero, he's far more sinister in this thriller. 

I don't like including videos of sexual assault, so I'll stick with caps.  The sexual assault was actually stopped short by a ghost who came to the rescue.  The movie wasn't great, but if you want to check it out, you can watch the entire film for free on Tubi.  

Thighway to Heaven: Zak by Male Beauty by bengie

'I liked his look straight away.'

Me too bengie, I loved his look straight away as well!  When I first saw bengie's (Male Beauty by bengie) shots of Zak, I was initially first drawn to his great face. Zak has beautiful eyes, and a great set of lips, all framed by a great head of hair.  As I continued to visually take him in, bengie's image forcefully lured lower, to Zak's incredible lower extremities, especially his incredible legs and thighs.

For health reasons, many of us have learned to choose breasts and wings, but deep down, we all know the juiciest and tastiest meat, is on the legs and thighs.  It's clear the Milton Keynes based model never skips leg day at the gym.  Taking in his incredible body from head to day, I don't think Zak misses any days working out to bulk up and maintain his impressive physique. 

When I last featured the work of Chester, England based model bengie, the focus was on the man behind the camera. (Homebodies) Today, the focus is on the man in front.  bengie first spotted Zak on a model/photographer website and loved his look straight away.  Originally from Switzerland, Zak now lives about 50 miles north-west of England in the city of Milton Keynes. 

Although he'd seen his images on-line and they'd chatted several times, bengie first met Zak when he picked him up at the Chester train studio.  After a long train ride alone, Zak enjoyed chatting with bengie on the way to his home studio and the drive provided them a great opportunity to chat and get to know each  other prior to the shoot.  Zak shared a little about his previous modeling experience including his time modeling in Germany.

'Our drive from train station to my home, not only gave us time to get to know one another, I think that helped to put him at ease, and as you can see, he looks Fantastic!   I hope to photograph him again in the future.'

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