Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 2nd

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Happy Birthday today January 2nd

Happy 44th to actor Dax Shepard!

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When in Rome (2010)

This Is Where I Leave You (2014)

CHiPS (2017)

Seen in the Snow

My last Santa Hat pic for awhile, promise! 🤞

An Estepona Escape: Kike by Mount Photography

'He loves the camera and the camera loves him.'

Although the male form is definitely the focus of FH, setting and location is apart of my passion for the art form. It is why I often gravitate to, and am impacted by, images shot on location. FH readers know I love I love to explore not only the creative process of both artist and model, but the impact of the elements, especially light, temperature and weather.

It is for this reason I try to follow the seasons when choosing imagery. I like the visual symmetry between what I'm seeing and experiencing around me, and the visuals within the images I'm featuring. I also know that not everyone lives in a place with four so dramatically different seasons, and love the different feel, textures, color and light that each season provides. That being said, like most people who experience winter, vacations south, even just virtual vacations, are a must.

Today's trek is not only south, but about 3500 miles across the North Atlantic to Estepona, is a resort town on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. It has been far too long since I've featured the work of Gibraltar based photographer Mark Montovio from Mount Photography. Mark's images of Kike, along with surrounding ocean, rocks and sky, are a perfect way, and at the perfect time, to welcome his imagery back to FH.

I first noticed Mark's shots of Kike on Mark's Instagram early last Autumn. I loved Mark's images, and the variety of poses, looks and locations he and Kike utilized. I was immediately struck by Kike's beautiful eyes and gorgeous full lips. I also loved Kike's body, physically fit for sure, but also the beautifully curvaceous, creating great lines and curves with his poses.

'Kike is a from Venezuela and currently living in Madrid.  He has an incredible presence and the most amazing eyes and working with him is very easy I was able to connect with him very quickly and shot him three times in the space of a couple of months - happier with results each time!'

12 Days: Cameron Bancroft in A Midnight Kiss

How did I miss actor Cameron Bancroft transformation into an incredibly hot daddy! When I began FH, Bancroft had just turned 40, and I still thought of the him as a teen idol from his days on Beverly Hills 90210 and his appearances in 90's movies like Sleeping Together and Love & Human Remains. Of course the busy Canadian actor has be working steadily on TV and in film since the 90's, but last week was the fist time I'd seen him on screen in a while.

Usually my 12 Days feature ends on New Years, but with the success of their Holiday movies, Hallmark is expanding, adding not only a series of Hanukkah movies, but New Year movies and a a Winter themed series of films running throughout January and February. With Hallmark presenting new films, and hot hunks in the cast for me to check out, I'll have to expand the series though out the winter. I'll have to find a new name though, as I chose 12 Days to connect with the 12 Days of Christmas.

I caught of a few minutes of Cameron in the New Year's flick A Midnight Kiss last week, and although I didn't see the entire film (I have since DVR'd) it, I saw enough to want to see more of Cameron. Cameron was playing the hot daddy of the female lead and although there were a few younger male hotties in the cast, Cameron was the only one that got my attention.

It took me a few minutes to connect it was actually him. I recognized that handsome face, that jaw and sexy smile right away. The sexy grey hair however, threw me for a second. I had to get on IMDB to find out who this hottie I recognized actually was. Although I crushed over the younger Bancroft, the 51 year old Bancroft, is so much hotter.

Code Name: Eternity (1999)

Bancroft was 'naked' throughout most of the first of the first 15 minutes of the pilot to the 1999 TV series Code Name: Eternity. When Bancroft's character crashes to earth, he is completely naked. Although he runs around being chased, the editing makes it difficult to see much and pausing shows clearly he's wearing skin matching undies in most of the scenes.

Sleeping Together (1997)

Bancroft's character has A LOT of sex in 1997's Sleeping Together, but again, shows very little. There is a fair share of nudity, but only from the female cast members.

Love & Human Remains (1993)

We get our only real nude scene from Bancroft in the fascinating Love & Human Remains in 1993. I found a copy to cap, but will have to re-watch as I remember some interesting characters and relationships when I first saw the movie many years ago.

Bancroft with Thomas Gibson