Monday, October 1, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 2nd

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Happy Birthday today October 2nd

Happy 56th to model turned Tarzan, Joe Lara!

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Seasonal Sightings


Welcome October! 🍁

Instagrams that Inspire: yec_1

New York real estate and sales manager yec_1 certainly has an Instagram that Inspires!  Not only does he have an inspiring asset, he skillfully knows how to best present it. I especially love images of yec_1 hanging out naked at home, looking for a good book on a high bookshelf or cleaning out his aquarium. 

Black & Yellow: Nas by Lights On Studio

'Nas is a natural in front of the camera and his body flows without effort. Even his fingers are fluid and graceful. I was sure he was a dancer but to my surprise he says he can't dance. I think it would be a thing of beauty to see him moving across the stage.'

The first time I featured Michigan photographer Tom Nakielski's (Lights On Studio) work with Nas, they were shooting in beautiful old Victoria Home. (A Victorian Life) Although Nas started out wearing a suit, but by the shoot's end, the Victorian furniture was adorned with the skin of his beautiful naked body.

When we caught up with Nas next, Tom shot a sexy set of shots with Nas wearing jeans and a white dress shirt. (The White Dress Shirt) Although the dress shirt stayed on, Nas's jeans slid down as the shoot went on, around his knees by the end.

When Tom sent on his shots of Nas in the jeans and white shirt, he also included this set with the stunning Nas in the black and yellow jock strap.  I loved the colors, and how they looked wrapped, and unwrapped around Nas's waist.  I thought the series needed a focus of their own!