Monday, July 12, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 12th

Love this shot of Arnaud by Jonathan Bayley. Jonathan has a selection of 'Men Around The House' shots like this in the calendar section of his site.

Happy Birthday today July 12th to:

Topher Grace turns 32 today.

Steve Howey turns 33 today.

Broadways Cheyenne Jackson turns 35 today. (check out the blog for more on Cheyenne).

Gabriel Garko turns 36 today.

Christian Vieri turns 37 today.

Kevin McDermott Update:

One of my favorite photographers Kevin McDermott will be showcasing his incredible work with exhibition of Nudes in Provincetown. The exhibit opens August 20th and runs through September 1st. Be sure to stop by Kevin's blog to see more of his work.

Big Brother: Prospects Good...

Two shots above of Hayden

Watching Big Brother has always been hit or miss for me. Some years I loved, some years I hated and several years I skipped watching all together.

It is early but this year is shaping up to be one that might be enjoyable. There are some players I am enjoying and a nice dose of eye candy. Like all eye candy though the more we get to know some of them the less appealing they become. Hayden is a hottie as is Brendon but neither one seem likely to have ever won a science fair. In fact Brendon becomes less hot the more he tries to talk science. Andrew, a cutie is actually giving me the creeps and Enzo thinks every conversation is an audition for a Soprano's remake. Matt though has gone from dorky to cutie.

We shall see what the summer brings. I will tell you one thing, Brendon's pants coming down through that competition last night, (even though blurred), was one of the hottest teases I have ever seen on the show.

Below Brendon.

Below: Matt

Below: Matt and Hayden

Thanks to DaveID for some of the caps above!

Speaking of Imperfections....

I try not to judge, truly but seriously Mel, seriously...

I so loved many of your movies but your DVD's are heading to the trash. I will keep 'Signs' because I so love the work of M Knight Shyamalan and that movie truly spoke to me. As they say on Total Bastard Airlines... "Buh-bye"