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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 27th

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Seasonal Sightings:

Final Check-Up?

This past summer, FH has taken a few trips to the ER.  After doing a piece featuring actor Robert Carradine, (HERE:) and his only nude scene, I followed it up with a piece on his Revenge of the Nerds co-star, actor Anthony Edwards. (HERE:)  After the post on Anthony, I dove into a binge of the first season of ER.

Paul McCrane

That binge inspired a post featuring the few nude scenes from the shows first few seasons. (HERE:)  In the mid-nineties, network television was experimenting with flashes of skin, and although it didn't last long, we did get a handful of male butt shots in those first few years.

Michael Ironside

Although they didn't appear nude on the show, there were several other actors who appeared in principal roles who caught my interest.  Although not nude on ER, each had at least one interesting nude scene in another project. 

Tom Everett Scott

ER also marked the professional acting debut of Chris Pine, who played a patient with just a line or two in a scene with Maura Tierney and Sally Field.  Pine's episode was in season 9, which also featured another actor who Pine would later end up in bed with in a 2005 film.

Chris Pine

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Au Revoir Riverdale

'I don’t know how to do this… to just pretend like everything’s the same as it was before.'
Archie Andrews

I didn't watch the finale of Riverdale this week, in fact I haven't watched in years, but I still felt  a farewell piece was definitely in order.   I was so excited when I first heard about the new show back in 2016.  So excited, I did post about the casting months before the show even hit the air. (HERE:

As a kid, I loved me some Archie double digests, especially during the summer.  When I saw some of the actors cast, and especially after seeing those promotional on-set shots of Archie's abs, I was counting down until the 2017 January premiere. 

KJ Apa

I wasn't disappointed, those who remember the pilot know it was very well done.  It began with a great mystery, and introduced a talented cast of talented, and incredibly hot, upcoming stars.  Led by the delicious KJ Apa as Archie, I also especially liked Lili Reinhart as Betty and Casey Cott as Kevin.  One of the executive producers was also Greg Berlanti, who was responsible for many shows I previously enjoyed.  My favorite projects from Berlanti included; Dawson's Creek, Brothers & Sisters and the short-lived Political Animals

Charles Melton

Early into season 2 however, my interest quickly began to wane  There seemed to be no long term direction, and the stories were starting to get confusing and silly.  The show was set in high school, yet less and less of the show was taking place there.  My biggest issue however, was the problem with Kevin.

Cole Sprouse

With Berlanti as a producer, I expected more.  he had a part in so many gay characters I previously loved. Fully fledged out characters like Jack from Dawson's Creek, and another Kevin, the middle brother from Brothers & Sisters.   Given Riverdale was also created by, produced by, and often written by the also openly gay Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, their treatment of the character of Kevin was really inexcusable. 

Casey Cott

In season one, Kevin was part of the core cast, involved with all of the other main cast members.  In season two, the producers clearly wanted to focus on the core four, and Kevin, and most of the supporting cast members, were pushed to the side.  It was more however, than Kevin's role being diminished, the writing for Kevin was both bad, and even offensive at times.  One of his main stories included making tickle videos on-line, a silly story, that wasn't even really given any attention, other than a C story to fill time.

Cott & Drew Ray Tanner

I would have criticized the writing of Kevin no matter who was running the show, but with Aguirre-Sacasa and Berlanti at the helm, it was even harder to stomach.  I still watched for awhile, but by the end of season two, I was pretty much out.  I watched a few season 3 episodes, and a handful after that, but was basically out.  Although the show still attempted to lure in a gay audience, with lots of skin, much like a David DeCoteau film, even when the DVD case was hot, inside, there wasn't really much interesting going on.

Still, I followed the show, even hate watching for awhile.  I think I followed the actors more on social media, than the show itself. They all, led by Apa, had shirtless shots and magazine covers, and promos eye candy filled promos for the show.  Eventually however, I lost interest even in those.  But oh, did I enjoy them for awhile.  FH was filled for a few years with posts on the show, hot images the cast, and my thoughts on the show.  

I do feel the need however, to take a look back, have some closure.  One day, maybe give it a go on Netflix.  The show hit the air with a bang, but sputtered out with little to no fanfare.  I'll keep my eye on the cast though, especially Apa, Melton and Cott who all impressed me at different times during the shows run.  Au Revoir Riverdale!

Under the Boardwalk: Noah White by Michael von Redlich

Under the boardwalk, down by the sea, yeah 
On a blanket with my baby is where I'll be

If you've checked out FH over the last few months, you know I featured photographer Michael von Redlich, and his work with model and adult film star Noah White to mark the changing high points of the summer season.  Although officially, summer goes from June 21st through September 23rd, the meteorological summer runs from the first of June through August's end. 

Michael's work with Noah helped FH kick off the month of June, (HERE:) and also celebrate the official first day of the summer season. (HERE:)  It's fitting then, that on the last weekend of August, we again feature their creative collaboration with the last set of images from their time shooting on Playalinda Beach.

Although many are still dealing with wildfires and stiffing heat and humidity, for some,  signs of fall are starting to surface.  One of my favorite signs of Autumn is that slight chill felt in the late August air.  No matter how hot the sun still may be, and how warm that ocean may feel, that chill can still be felt.

I have so many memories of late August and early September days on the beach.  I loved those days, even with that nagging melancholy feeling that school would soon be starting and summer was coming to an end. I'm sure I'm not the only one who enjoyed lying on the beach, fresh out of the water.  Although the sun was still hot on your body, there was that cool layer of air just hovering above the surface of your skin.

On those days, you tended to spend just a little less time in the water, and a little more time soaking up the remaining rays of the summer sun.  As welcome as that cool air might be, it was still a little jolting when you ascended from the ocean.  Noah decided he move from the beating waves of the beach, to the slightly warmer temperatures of the water beneath the boardwalk.  

The ocean temperature was actually not really any warmer, but there was a little less wind and it felt more tolerable was he frolicked and played in the surf.  I love how all of the posts from the wharf look visually, with Noah at an aqua entryway.  I also love the visual contrast of Noah's smooth skin with the rough wood of the posts full of barnacles and algae marking the height of the waves.

With it getting cooler in the water, Noah soon gets out, and his makes his way up, onto the boardwalk for one last series of images.  Check out more of Michael and Noah's beach day on the NEXT PAGE HERE: