Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 25th

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Happy Birthday today February 25th

Happy 24th to actor singer and songwriter Tony Oller

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Tony's beautiful cover of Adele's Someone Like You

On The CatWalk

And I'm too sexy for Milan
Too sexy for Milan,
New York and Japan

Blonde bombshell Charles Lelievre is incredibly sexy, but not too sexy to strut down the runway during fashion week in New York last week. Charles walked in the MT Costello show and is much more appealing than that last set of nude runway models that got so much attention...

The Boy Who Smells Like Fish

Blog stats are an interesting thing, sometimes posts that I think will be popular, fall flat. Other times, a post I don't give much thought to, becomes highly popular. Back in 2009, I did a post featuring images of actor Douglas Smith and his work on Big Love. I was not a huge fan of the show, but was not immune to the appeal of Mr. Smith.

I have not seen the 2013 film, The Boy Who Smells Like Fish (Treading Water) but after seeing the caps, and smiling at the title, I might have to search it out!

Off To The Races: Rwingert by Stephen Kahrs

The work of Stephen Kahrs is one of the reasons I love that I have favorite in the blogs title. There are some photographers whose work I love to return to over and over. Every time I feature and spend time with Stephen's images, I am continually reminded of how visually nurturing his images are. Always elegant, always tasteful, always capturing stunning, stand out images of those he shoots.

Stunning is a word that certainly fits his work with model Rwingert. Richard (R) connected through ModelMayhem and after Richard checked out Stephen's portfolio could clearly see his great vision and messaged him about collaborating on a shoot. Stephen was extremely busy at the time, after checking out Richard's port, found time to fit a shoot into his schedule.

'Richie turned out to be a pleasure to work with! He took right to my style of shooting and we were able to grab quite a variety of images for our portfolios. He's got a great classic 'All American Boy' face with a well proportioned physique that is a perfect match for my style of shooting. I'm looking forward to working with Richie again. in fact he's on my short list of models I have in mind for concept that I've had in my head for some time now.'

Richard was looking for images that would contribute to his portfolio, being an actor, great images are often the first thing casting agents and directors see. I love the variety of looks and settings Richard and Stephen captured displaying the various sides of Richard's personality just waiting for the right character to inhabit. The images run the visual spectrum from dashing studio images through the sexy, rugged shots with the cowboy hat shot outside.

'Stephen and I spoke for about 45 minutes just to get comfortable and soon enough we were "off to the races." Stephen's calm and focus helped me work at my finest. I was comfortable with his experience and expertise, his direction alone paid dividends. He wanted me to interchange my absent thoughts with passion that is evident through our resulting photos. We went outside and worked with the backdrop of the somewhat cloudy sky but found the brilliance shining in each shot.'