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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 21st

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Happy Birthday today February 21st

Happy 57th to Christopher Atkins!

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Cruising for a Bruising

A peach hasn't been this destroyed since Timothée Chalamet in Call Me by Your Name.🍑

Coming Attractions: Harris Dickinson in Trust

Although Ryan Murphy had me turning off AHS: Cult last season, he redeemed himself with Feud, especially the masterful opening credits. I think I enjoyed Feud because , the focus was on character with dialogue driven scene reliant on good writing and acting, unlike the last few seasons of AHS which seemed more about how much blood and shock could be shoved every second scene.

Thankfully, The Assassination of Gianni Versace, the second season of Murphy's American Crime Story is also character driven with the a stellar cast, especially Darren Criss as serial killer Andrew Cunanan. Judith Light was wonderful as always, but I was more impressed with Mike Farrell, who I had really only known from his role of B.J. Hunnicutt on M*A*S*H, a show my parents used to watch endlessly in repeats.

FX may not be creating great TV, but has been doing a great job of developing 'must see' and newsworthy TV and it looks like they may have another one with Trust In between Criss's tormented turn as Versace's killer, FX has been heavily promoting Trust, it's new series about the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III. The series stars Donald Sutherland and Harris Dickinson, two actors I would not have guessed would end up working together.

Sutherland, who's turn in as the well meaning but emotionally limited father in Ordinary People was one of my favorite performances, and Dickinson was able to push beyond all the hype surrounding his on screen nudity to turn in a complex and memorable performance in last years Beach Rats. Dickinson had me intrigued from the first moment I saw the trailer for Beach Rats, and I look forward to seeing him and Sutherland together when Trust premieres next month.

Clique (2017)

Beach Rats (2017)

Glass House: Sergey by Richard Rothstein

'I’m loving this apartment series. I guess it’s sort of like christening a new ship….the Therapy experience has encouraged me to experiment with a limited location…and exploring different ways to tell a story in my apartment is stretching my creativity and my imagination.'

Since moving into his new apartment last September, photographer Richard Rothstein has enlisted an impressive bevy of task rabbits to help him pull everything together. From moving furniture, hanging pictures, planning his housewarming and Christmas prep, there are always things that require a naked body to help get done.

FH readers are keenly aware of my love the use of windows and doors with imagery of the male form and for this series, Richard became a little reflective while shooting the iridescently beautiful Sergey. Although Richard's goal may have been to have Sergey clean his mirrors and windows, the New York artist and model's sensual poses more likely just ended up fogging the glass, requiring even more cleaning. I just hope given all the skin on display that he was careful when spraying that Windex around...

Originally from Ukraine Sergey's shatteringly hot poses and moves come from his experiences as an actor and dancer. I love how Sergey moves around the space and on and over Richard's furniture. Sergey reminds me of a frisky feline, limber, rhythmic and despite the glass, undaunted by any eyes that may lay upon him. Sergey is one pet you definitely don't mind jumping up on the furniture.

I especially love the shots of Sergey pressing his body against the windows and the way Richard used light and show to silhouette the lines and curves of his body. This shoot pulls together images from Sergey's first visit to Richard's apartment, but this visit was just the start of he and Richard's work together. Look for the second part, and an additional element added to the shooting process, which is coming up shortly on FH.