Sunday, October 25, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 26th

Who is that masked man?
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'Halloween is also of course about disguise. Costumes, make-up and especially masks. They not only frighten, cover and trick, they also maybe more importantly, empower and protect. By protecting the identity of the underneath, the person behind the mask is free to act in a way, and to do many things, that without the mask ....would be truly terrifying.'


I don't follow wrestling, but I do however follow great looking and talented men and the WWE's Stardust certainly fits that bill. I first came to know the wrestler when the character became involved in a 'storyline' which pitted him, and eventually brought him together with, Arrow's Stephen Amell.

Doing a little research on Stardust uncovered the man behind the make-up mask was long time WWE wrester Cody Rhodes. I had seen images of Cody before and as you can tell from these images he fills out his Stardust costume, and his wrestling tights in a way begging for more research and attention. Cody has been wrestling for close to 10 years now but only brought out the character of Stardust, (a ring name also previously used by his father, Dusty Rhodes) last year.

Rhodes has teamed with fellow wrestlers Chris Jericho and John Cena to promote Gillette Fusion products. With Rhodes great looks and personality, I think he may join Jericho and Cena to become part of a group of wrestlers who become famous to the mainstream gaining fans beyond the ring.

Cody Rhodes, Stardust unmasked

Boy Wonder

'Holy Long John Silver!'

Burt Ward

At one time during my Halloween post planning, I thought their would be a day devoted to Superheroes. They have always been a favorite for costume wearers for Halloween as well as any time a costume might be required. Superheroes personify why so many like to dress up, to be not only something we're not, but something we can never be. Of course we are capable of being heroic, but having super strength, super vision or hearing and the ability to fly through the oceans or air are things we can only dream about.

When going through the images of heroes I had saved, it was Robin who I continued to come back to. Maybe partly because he's a side-kick, not the main hero, the supportive man by his side. Robin first appeared in print back in the 40's and has been a consistent, yet not constant, part of the Batman legacy ever since.

Robin has been a support, a friend and has also saved the Cape Crusader in many of the Batman stories. To some, Robin has also been a love interest, and Homosexuality in the Batman franchise even has it's own Wikipedia page based on certain themes and double entendre's within what has often been a very campy franchise, especially the television series.

Chris O'Donnell

Early incarnations of Robin were played by actors Douglas Croft and Johnny Duncan, but the most well known Robin was played by Burt Ward in the 1966–1968 Batman television series. Chris O'Donnell played the sidekick along side both Val Kilmer as Batman in 1995's Batman Forever and with George Clooney as Batman in 1997's Batman & Robin. One of the most interesting Robin's too me was the most recent. I loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake, an original interpretation of the character who appeared in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises. I would love to see this version with Gordon-Levitt brought back to the screen.

Robin Sightings

The Fusion of Geek & Kink

'Costumes don't have to be a way to hide — sometimes, they're extensions of who we are, a way to amplify our assets and flaunt our hidden talents.'

2 images above from Nark Magazine

Last Halloween, in my Costume Parade post I included an image of White Arrow. I didn't know who it was at the time, but made it a goal to rectify that for this year. A quick google search led me to the man behind the hood and mask, dancer and performer Tyler Rush.

Searching for images of Tyler proved a fun task as in the fetish community he is known as Pup Amp. Tyler has combined his loves of video games and superheroes turning his nerdy geek side into a erotic hero of fantasy for many. The dressing up, which started for anime conventions has turned to undressing at conventions and on dance floors for a totally different type of audience.